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Ryan’s Smackdown Cut (01/02/18)

Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW! Here on the Smackdown Cut we go over the hits and Misses! Shall we get to cutting? 


THE USO’S VS CHAD GABLE AND SHELTON BENJAMIN: A good opening tag team match as expected. I can’t express enough of how well the Uso’s have been working in the ring, as they are being praised within managment. This year they will continue to impress, I’m sure of it. As for Gable and Benjamin, soon they will be champs. The false title change was cool, but it turned out better as the match was restarted.

RUSEV DAY AND THE NEW DAY: Rusev Day and the New Day have great chemistry, and that’s why this is a hit. It’s fun comedy between the teams, and the crowd eat it up. It’s unbelievable how over Rusev is. Get this man a championship opportunity he deserves WWE!

AJ STYLES VS SAMI ZAYN: Moving all the extra items out of the way, the match AJ and Sami has was pleasant to watch. I love AJ, and I love Sami being a heel. Both work great, as work well together. The other extra items involved in this feud, you can find in the miss section.


BREEZANGO VS BLUNGEON BROTHERS: They once had the popular Fashion Files, now they’re stuck in a feud with Harper and Rowan, with the mix of the Ascension. With Harper and Rowan repackaged, I thought they’d jump straight into serious contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

WOMEN’S DIVISION: Another week, another miss for the women. The Riott Squad are just in filler tag team matches, and they should be built strong. Even everyone else, it seems like they have nothing going but the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. It’s all a bit of a mess in min opinion.

DANIEL BRYAN AND SHANE MCMAHON: I honestly cannot stand authority figures in feuds. WWE is making Shane and Daniel the main focus. Daniel Bryan is retired at the moment, and Shane barely wrestles. So for them to be the main ones in the WWE Title Feud, it’s obscure. I’m sure the match between AJ vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will be fun to watch as it’s a handicap match for the Title, but the ending will probably lead to controversy. Let’s see how things play out.

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