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Ryan’s Smackdown Cut (1/9/18)

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Smackdown Live

Welcome back everyone to this week’s Smackdown Cut, here on WNW! Let’s get down to the Hits and Misses, shall we? 


AJ STYLES, RANDY ORTON, SHINSUKE NAKAMURA VS KEVIN OWENS AND SAMI ZAYN: A fun main event, with the handicap stipulation. It made sense for the heels to try to run, being counted out, and disqualified as well. Shane restarting the match twice was fun as Kevin and Sami got a taste of their own medicine.

DANIEL BRYAN AND SHANE MCMAHON: I’ve been giving these two downs here on the Smackdown Cut, because I don’t feel like authority figures should be involved in the main storylines. Yet, I am becoming intrigued with how this will turn out. Shane and Bryan are not on the same page, and I’m expecting a Bryan heel turn for sure. All the matches he’s made, he’s done it alone and on edge.

BECKY LYNCH VS RUBY RIOTT: a good match between the two women. My only concern on both brands is that WWE is focusing on more so groups, the faces and heels, but in the Rumble Match, it’s going to be every woman for herself.


OVERALL SHOW: I have gotten to the point to where the past few weeks of Smackdown have been a repeat of each other. Take for example, Harper and Rowan are doing nothing but squash matches. The WWE title picture is producing the same type of matches, with all the same people. The woman aren’t in the same matches week in and week out. Everyone else’s has no direction. It’s just all the same for me. I can’t be the only one who feels like this.

RUSEV DAY: Please WWE, explain to me why you all are making one of your most over tag teams, lose to Breezango. I have nothing against Breeze and Fandango, but Rusev and English deserve jet packs, and get that push ready!

UNITED STATES TOURNAMENT: I just have to give this a miss. Everyone put it in the tournament had no direction, and it seems like it’s staying that way. By the looks of it, Roode will face Jinder in the end to determine the US Champion. Too predictable.

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