Ryan's Smackdown Cut (12/05/17)

Smackdown Live

Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW! Let's get to Cutting this week's Smackdown Live!


SAMI ZAYN VS RANDY ORTON: A decent main event for Smackdown, and it was comical to see Owens handcuffed to the rope, though Shane could have just banned him from ringside. I do understand it was to set up for a Nakamura save to set up the upcoming match at Clash of Champions. Nonetheless, the four will work hard and it should be a fun match.

MOJO RAWLEY: A good, logic heel promo. Explaining why he turned on Ryder. I'm not sure Mojo can rise for a main event push, but then again, maybe another Jinder Experiment?


OPENING SEGMENT: The only reason I am giving this a down is because of Shane McMahon. It was awesome to see Shane come back, and his match with Undertaker was a spectacle to see, but I am tiresome of it now. I don't want him to consistently be in a story line, nonetheless with the talent.

SMACKDOWN'S WOMEN DIVISION: Honestly, this is a mess. Everyone is in the same story line, and it is all just eh to me.

DOLPH ZIGGLER, BOBBY ROODE, AND BARON CORBIN: I'm assuming Ziggler was added to the U.S. Championship just to take the loss. Hopefully Roode becomes a winner out this feud, and bring prestige to the title. Corbon has done nothing for me as champion.

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