Ryan's Smackdown Cut (12/12/17)

Smackdown Live

Welcome everyone back to this week's Smackdown Cut here on WNW! Shall we get to cutting?


KEVIN OWENS VS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA: A strong main event, which showed a bit of this Sunday as Daniel Bryan added himself to be the referee as the referee was bumped. This story leaves me intrigued, so we will find out on Sunday.

BLUDGEON BROTHERS: I know I am probably not like most people, but I like this new gimmick for Harper and Rowan. They are taken serious as of now, and hopefully it will lead to some tag team gold. Also, I am a sucker for some squash matches.

YEP MOVEMENT: A great parody from Zayn and Owens. These two together have constantly been the best part of Smackdown over the past two months. Even though they are stuck in a program with Shane, which is crazy, they have made the best of it. With Daniel Bryan adding himself as a second special referee to the tag team match at Clashof Champions, it seems likely that he will help Owens and Zayn to a victory.

RUSEV AND ENGLISH VS THE USO'S: A short match, but entertaining. I wasn't expecting a win for Rusev Day, but definitely good to see. A happy Rusev is a happy Ryan.


 AJ STYLES, JINDER MAHAL AND THE SINGH BROTHERS: The opening to the show is always good to see AJ Styles, but I have grown tired of the feud with Jinder. I honestly do not see Jinder being in the main event, especially with the Singh Brothers. They come across as too scripted and cartoonish in my opinion.

WOMEN'S DIVISION: Let me get something straight, the story on Raw with their women, is the same as Smackdown's? Why did WWE do that? It looks ridiculous. Miss.

DOLPH ZIGGLER VS BARON CORBIN: Not much of a match with Bobby Roode taking out both men for it to end. I think this is just a filler feud to give Roode the U.S. Title, bringing prestige to it. Dolph is just there to take the loss.

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