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Ryan's Smackdown Live Cut (11/8/17)

Smackdown Live

Hello and welcome back to this week's Smackdown Live's Hits and Misses here at WNW! Lets get right into things, shall we?


NEW DAY AND KEVIN OWENS AND SAMI ZAYN: I want to give this a hit because everyone involved are entertaining acts. I love Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn together. I also love New Day. The match between Zayn and Kingston was good but the ending is questionable for me. Why is Sami losing all these matches after turning heel? He needs to be on a roll. I hope all works out after hearing Sami and Kevin were reportedly sent home.

BARON CORBIN VS SIN CARA FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT WEEK: I was on the fence with putting this on the hit column or the miss column. I ultimately put this in the hit column because with all these title changes ocurring before Survivor Series, it will be interesting to see how this will be affected as well. On one side, I don't really care to see Miz vs Corbin but at the same time, I don't see Sin Cara as a main threat. He has been a jobber for the longest time so I really don't care which direction they go with here.

AJ STYLES WINS WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: It is about time. I can never complain about AJ Styles winning the WWE Championship. The Jinder Mahal experiment just didn't cut it and I didn't care for it. AJ is a much bigger draw and the match between Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles will truly be phenomenal.


Rusev vs Randy Orton: Poor Rusev. He deserves so much better than the position he currently is in. If only he could be Happy Rusev and then I would be Happy Ryan.

James Ellsworth vs Becky Lynch: Are we back in the Attitude Era again? It was odd to see WWE advertise this match to begin with and to watch it play out. Carmella attacking Ellsworth was odd as well. Without her, where does Ellsworth go from here?

US'S VS SHELTON BENJIMIN AND CHAD GABLE: This is getting a down because I didn't like the finish of the match. The Usos didn't lose anything from the count out because Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin used heel tactics but I just did not care for this. Survivor Series is just around the corner so you would think WWE would focus more on the Raw vs Smackdown Live matches.

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