Ryan’s Smackdown Live Cut (12/19/17)

Smackdown Live

Welcome back everyone here on WNW! Let’s get straight into this week’s Smackdown with some cutting!


DANIEL BRYAN/ SHANE MCMAHON: A good opening segment, with a logical explanation from Bryan. I heard reports of Bryan being the one to turn heel, but it if it came down to it, he won’t be booed. If someone is to turn heel, it should be Shane. Anyways, good start to the show.

RANDY ORTON AND SHINSUKE NAKAMURA VS KEVIN OWENS AND SAMI ZAYN: A strong tag team match, though there was not much story building to it due to the time of the year. But I can’t complain having Zayn and Nakamura together in the ring together. Owens is simply amazing in himself. As for Orton, changes are need to be made. He can’t be seen as someone to drop a RKO out of nowhere all the time.

DOLPH ZIGGLER: This has definitely been the most intriguing part of the night, with so many questions left unanswered. Is Dolph leaving? If that’s the case, he deserves to build himself up in independents like many others before coming back as a major player. Though, this could to lead to a major push for the man. Possibly keep Ziggler off TV until the Royal Rumble, and enter at #30 to win it all.

USO’S VS GABLE AND BENJAMIN: The tag team division stays on their roll with the great matches their producing. All four men worked hard, and it’s clear that Gable and Benjamin are next in line for gold after their win over the Uso’s.

RUSEV AND AIDEN ENGLISH VS NEW DAY: WWE management have to be seeing how over Rusev and English are together, and it’s time to put that jet pack on them. Rusev Day is the best thing to happen to Rusev, and it genernally looks like Rusev is having a good time. As for the match, it’s almost Christmas time, meaning the goofiness from the New Day, Rusev, and English will be okay with week.

CHARLOTEE AND NAOMI VS RIOTT SQUAD: I’m only giving this match a hit due to match quality. As it seems the Riott Squad are going to become lost in the shuffle very soon.


NONE: Overall, this week of Smackdown left me filled with Joy. Good match quality, and just enough holiday silliness to be watchable for me.

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