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The Smackdown Breakdown - Where Was Beaker? A Night Of Double Trouble

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Another week has passed which means it can be only time for one thing; the Smackdown Breakdown. Obviously the hottest news right now off the press is the emergency surgery of Roman Reigns on an incarcerated hernia. I had to look up what that meant in plain English and it means some herniated tissue became trapped in the hernial sack. If the blood supply to an incarcerated hernia is cut off, the hernia becomes strangulated. Strangulated hernias are very dangerous, because the tissue can die, causing gangrene to develop. The good news for Reigns is the surgery was a success and he now faces a spell out of anywhere between four and six weeks but at most he could be out up to three months. This is a major set back and blow for WWE given Reigns had a match with Seth Rollins Sunday night at the Night of Champions show as the company now faces the prospect of losing another baby face. The only upside is it isn't a long term issue.

The other news I saw today was a tweet coming from 'the Icon' Sting, which simply reads “It’s Showtime. 9.22.14″. Now the majority of the internet is probably blowing up right now speculating Sting is going to arrive in WWE this Monday. While Sting showing up on Raw is a possibility the chances are the tweet relates in some way to the WWE 2K15 video game. It's a blow that the release of the game has been delayed but equally I would rather 2K get it right and at it's best rather than rush out an inferior product. If we see Sting on Raw Monday I will be very surprised but as they always say in this business, never say never as I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the Stinger gets in that squared circle.

With that in mind lets head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and get some analysis on the show.

Jimmy Uso vs. Stardust - 3.5 Stars

These two teams are going to hopefully have one heck of a match at Night of Champions. The good news in the story is that Jey Uso now has his knee back at 100% but I can't help but feel his knee is going to be a big factor in the outcome of this match. Goldust and Stardust had a promo shown prior to the match starting that was just darn right weird but I love the development of the Stardust character. Stardust was pretty vicious at times during this match and seemed to have the control of the match. Jimmy managed to pick up the victory over Stardust with a super kick out of nowhere for the win and put an end to a decent opening match. As for their match Sunday I expect to see new WWE Tag Team champions.

The Miz and Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus - 4 Stars

I'm so glad we didn't have to go through the whole stunt double stupidity during this match. That part of the storyline is just getting on my nerves because it's just so unbelievable. It was funny at first but now it's just groan worthy. I thought all four men in this one put on a solid display especially Miz who showed some real aggression throughout this match. Miz has so much potential and I'm disappointed we haven't seen him back in the main event scene. There was a DDT spot by Dolph on Cesaro that looked stunning to watch before Sheamus got the hot tag and came in to clean house. Cesaro took a bit of an awkward looking landing outside the ring toward the end of the match but he didn't look like he was hurt in any way. Sheamus and Dolph picked up the win in the end in what was a physical and entertaining match. As for Night of Champions I believe both Dolph and Sheamus will retain their respective titles.

Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose - 3.5 Stars

There really wasn't much to say about this one as it was pretty much over before it started. Rose dominated the early stages of the match which just meant Heath couldn't get going. We saw the bunny get involved in the match again to cause a distraction which meant Rose picked up the win in a match that didn't do anything for either man. I wouldn't be surprised of the bunny does end up being revealed as Darren Young, but that would seem pretty obvious to everyone.

Los Matadors and Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family - 3.5 Stars

I hope WWE can find something for Bray out of this possible feud with Big Show as they really need more than ever to try and either keep him relevant or turn him baby face. Bray is very much in danger of fading into obscurity if WWE isn't careful and that would be a crying shame. I feel Harper and Rowan as a tag team have already faded and are almost now of no relevance which is a great shame as they were such a great team. The Wyatt's actually worked really well as a team with lots of frequent tags throughout this match. Los Matadors also looked really sharp during this match which was great to see. However it wasn't enough and the Wyatt Family picked up the win.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella - 3.5 Stars

Another week of AJ Lee on commentary during a Paige match. I thought it was strange making Nikki face off against Paige just before the triple threat match but I guess it doesn't hurt the match at Night of Champions too much. I really hope the match on Sunday gets enough time so these three talented ladies can put on a good match. Paige was dominant throughout the majority of this match but Nikki deserves some props for the way she actually wrestled efficiently during this one, although there were some moves that did look a little sloppy on her part. Paige picked up the win headed into Sunday and that's exactly the result I expect to see again as I can't see her dropping the Divas championship any time soon. We saw another AJ and Paige moment as they fought over who would hold the title, which AJ treated quite amusingly like a baby before Nikki came in and took out both Divas and ended the segment standing tall with the Divas title. You better frame that shot Nikki, as that's the nearest you'll probably ever get to holding the Divas title.

Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas - 3 Stars

Another pretty short affair. Swagger's push has taken a serious step down as he's gone from a fairly middle of the road program with Rusev to now feuding with Bo Dallas. Bo picked up a pretty quick victory with the Bo Dog but it was Swagger who would have the last laugh as he almost caught Dallas out as he was giving a pretty decent post match promo. Could their be a hint that Zeb maybe breaks away from Swagger in there? Who knows but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev - 3.5 Stars

Rusev gets to be in the final segment of Smackdown as well as Raw? Either WWE is trying to push him as a monster slowly again or it's just a coincidence. This was a match of two big guns going up against one another where both men looked intense throughout. Both men were fairly evenly matched during this one but both looked strong when they were both on top at their respective times. It was only inevitable for me that Seth Rollins would get involved during this match and it was his interference that caused the disqualification finish that was the only way this one could have ended as WWE were not going to have either Reigns or Rusev lose by pin or submission, especially not Rusev as him losing before his big match at Night of Champions would have been such a momentum killer.

As Reigns and Rollins fought out into the crowd Rusev stood in the ring looking victorious. Naturally Mark Henry was expected to come out and boy did he make an impact. Just as you expected the Russian flag to drop behind Rusev we saw the American flag drop down instead and the stars and stripes song playing which I thought was a really nicely booked piece. Rusev and Henry had a little exchange that would see Henry take down Rusev with a World's Strongest Slam and stand tall to end the show. As for Night of Champions I expect Rusev to pick up another victory but I don't expect it to be easy for him as I just can't see how the match is going to end with a pin fall or submission victory without it being booked to be a dirty finish.

Overall Show Rating - 3.5 Stars

This wasn't a bad edition of Smackdown but it wasn't a great one either and felt again like WWE going through the motions. I think it's clear that the product is suffering with a lack of top talent with the amount of stars out injured and I think it's time again for WWE to review it's philosophy on the amount of dates a year talents work but for some reason I doubt anything is going to change. My favourite match of the show was the tag match between Miz and Cesaro against Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus as I felt these four men really put on a strong showing and if anything right now it wouldn't hurt WWE to give these guys a shot at stepping up to the main event scene just to help cover them as they all have experience bar Cesaro, but it's clear from the way he performs Cesaro would nicely fit in. How WWE handles the main event scene with the latest injury to Roman Reigns remains to be seen but I get the feeling Seth Rollins will still be having a match Sunday, just against a returning Dean Ambrose.

That wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. As always I hope you have enjoyed reading and if you have anything to say about the show or my thoughts on the show then please leave them in the comments section below. I will be back again with another edition next week. Until then don't forget to join us in the live blog for Night of Champions where the WNW team will be giving their thoughts on the show as it is broadcast live. It's going to be a cracking night Sunday at Night of Champions, and don't forget to keep an eye out for the WNW predictions for Night of Champions which will be done in a different style to how they have been in the past.

Until next week so long everybody and thanks for your support and for reading the Smackdown Breakdown.

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