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The Smackdown Breakdown - Big Show Delivers A Knockout

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Welcome to another instalment of the Smackdown Breakdown, which is a little later than I would have liked but I've been so busy this weekend cleaning up the house we moved out of I literally had no time earlier to watch Smackdown before now. So for the first time ever I'm watching through my TV via the Hulu Plus app and typing this up while laying in bed. I feel like I've just been in the ring with Brock Lesnar, who gave me about twenty German Suplexes. Lucky me I've got it all to do again tomorrow. For that reason the Breakdown is going to take on a slightly different form to how I would do it normally, however I think this may well be beneficial to the blog.

I don't really have much to say about WWE this week as while I thought Night of Champions was a pretty good show there wasn't really anything on there to wow me and then Raw was just hard to watch at times. It feels like WWE is going through a weak period right now but I remain hopeful things will improve sooner rather than later. Lets head straight on into this weeks Breakdown and see what I thought about the show.

The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose - 4 Stars

Wow I really think WWE must hate it's audience after having Miz drop his Intercontinental Championship back to Dolph Ziggler on Raw, only 24 hours after he had beaten Ziggler for that very title at Night of Champions. That just kills any momentum and prestige that title has and almost made their Night of Champions match totally meaningless. On the upside Dean Ambrose is making WWE TV worth watch lately as he is really coming into his own right now. He has that crazy style similar to Brian Pillman and has so much going for him in wrestling ability.

I liked the physicality shown by both men in this match and thought Miz looked really good. When Miz is in the ring with someone who can make him look good like Ambrose does then that's always going to help his case for him stepping back up to the main event scene. When you watch Dean Ambrose in this match, or any of his matches you believe the guy is legit crazy. His facial expressions really do make his character so believable. It was great back and forth action throughout the match with momentum switching at the right moments. Ambrose picked up the win to continue his momentum and he did a great job of looking like he might struggle in the two on one beat down from Rollins and Kane after the match. It's interesting Ambrose stole Seth's briefcase as I have a feeling this is the direction WWE could well be going.

Number One Contenders Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal - 2.5 Stars

Lets be honest, I think there was probably a collective groan amongst the WWE Universe when this one was announced. After the blatant disregard for the championships integrity shown in the last week does anyone really care about this match? The winner gets to face Dolph later in the night but I get the feeling it's not going to matter too much as surely WWE wouldn't do another title change on Smackdown right?

Most of the men in this match are not even in relevant roles on TV right now so even before the match started I could feel the final two were going to be Cesaro and Swagger but I didn't see Kofi being there and I did not see that elimination by Cesaro to win coming. Kofi Kingston eliminated Justin Gabriel with a nice monkey flip to get his standard stunt into the match but other than that I just didn't really care about this match too much although it was a little better than I first thought thanks to that ending.

The Usos vs. Goldust and Stardust - 3.5 Stars

I really like The Usos as a tag team but I can't help but feel they should have dropped the tag titles before Night of Champions. However given the way Harper and Rowan have been booked since feuding with the Usos I've got to say I'm glad Goldust and Stardust were the team to take the titles as they deserve the chance as they are very quickly becoming one of my favourite tag teams in WWE right now.

This match was just as good as their Night of Champions encounter and I thought it was enjoyable viewing. The Dusts made the Usos look like they had a real chance of regaining their titles at times but like any good team they took control at the right moments of the match. The Doomsday Device hit by the Usos was a great watch but no one can hot that move like Legion of Doom. The disqualification ending felt cheap but I understand it was used to generate more heat on the Rhodes brothers.

Natayla and Rosa Mendes vs. Summer Rae and Layla - 2.5 Stars

If one thing is clear from the way WWE has portrayed their relationship on Total Divas I think it's safe to say Natalya and Summer Rae are not on each others Christmas gift lists. Summer and Rosa just irritate the hell out of me in the ring and I wonder why on earth either have jobs but I guess there is a reason I don't see. Summer and Layla did work well as a team but I did feel somewhat confused when they constantly tagged each other for a period of the match. Rosa just looked awful off that hot tag by Natalya, and while I want to be supportive of the Divas I do find it difficult when the ones clearly have no place in the ring are getting the attention and focus over talented Divas like Natalya. Layla thankfully rolled up Rosa for the win but I wasn't really that impressed with this one.

Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler - 4 Stars

While this looks like a good match on paper it really had an inevitable outcome that I couldn't look past; there was no way WWE were going to be stupid enough to book three title changes in five days. These two are great in the ring and put on a really entertaining match filled with wrestling and some great individual spots that it almost seems unbelievable that neither of these men can get into the main event scene of WWE even with the lack of top stars in the company right now. Maybe the whole point of being in WWE is not about how talented a wrestler you are but when has WWE ever really wanted to push anyone because of their in-ring ability right? Cesaro is by far right now probably the best in ring wrestler WWE has and Dolph is not far behind him. I like the controversially booked ending which will allow these two to face off again down the road which is something I can't wait to see.

Big Show vs. Rusev - 3.5 Stars

I'm calling that Henry is going to turn on Big Show at some point in the near future. Why not even go down the line of Henry becoming a Russian sympathiser? It would generate instant heat and be believable given the amount of times Henry has just so easily turned on the fans. I'm not so sure I'm keen on this match being this weeks main event as it feels like WWE trying to force the whole patriotism stuff on it's audience like it did with Lex Luger back in 1993. People got bored with that one back then and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before people stop caring about this story too. Rusev has so far faced, Swagger, Henry, and now Big Show, who all portrayed the American hero but given none of them can beat Rusev I don't see people wanting to keep seeing their national pride destroyed every week.

On another note did I really see Big Show do a sunset flip on Rusev? He seems to be getting more daring and athletic in the advancing years of his career. Rusev has grown on me over the last number of months and I can now see a future for him at the top of the card. I don't see him becoming a WWE World Heavyweight Champion at this point as he's far from the finished product but he has all the tools to be developed. I liked how Rusev worked on Big Shows legs to really give himself a chance. It's doing small things like that which will help make you believable in the ring. Big Show ending Rusev's streak was not going to ever happen but I couldn't see how Rusev would lock in the Accolade either. Despite the DQ finish the crowd really ate up seeing Big Show give the KO Punch to Rusev and it gives that hope that maybe Big Show will be the one to end Rusev's undefeated streak.

Overall Show Rating - 3.5 Stars

It kind of felt this weeks show was up and down in quality. There wasn't really a lot on the show to grab my attention in terms of what was announced but I would at least say half the matches were of a pretty good standard. My favourite match this week goes to Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler. Getting to see Cesaro twice in one night is a treat and both these superstars proved why they are two of the companies most talented wrestlers (Yes I said wrestlers, not sports entertainers) who deserve more than they are getting. Hopefully in time the philosophy of the company will change but I somehow doubt that will be any time soon.

That wraps it up for this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. As always if you have anything to say about the show or my thoughts on the show then please feel free to leave your comments below. I will of course be putting out new content later this week on so I encourage you to check out not only my pieces but the content from the other great writers on the site too. And of course please don't forget to keep visiting WNW for the latest wrestling news and views throughout the week. Until next week thanks for reading and I'll see you down the road.

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