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The Smackdown Breakdown: Dean “F******G” Ambrose!!!

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Hello, WNW people, and welcome to The Smackdown Breakdown. I’m your old mate Mitch “Big M” Adams, and it's a pleasure to be writing this once again.

Well WNW people, while last week's show was amazing, and scored Smackdown Live its first of what will hopefully be many ratings wins over Raw. This week's show quite frankly sucked in comparison! Maybe my expectations were too high; I don’t know. But the amount of talking segments and short matches left a bad taste in my mouth if I'm honest.

But, there were a few high spots in this show that made it more than enjoyable. And even if this week's show wasn’t as good as last week's, it was still better than the show Raw put on this week.

Just a quick FYI, I am writing this while I’m waiting for NJPW’s Werstlekingdom show to start. So I may not go into each segment or match with as much detail as I usually do. But who knows, you may wind up liking a shorter Breakdown.

So, let’s dive into what happened on this week's edition of Smackdown Live, shall we?

In-Ring Segment: Miz, Maryse & Dean Ambrose > B
I have mixed feelings about this storyline with Dean and Miz as it pertains to Renee Young’s involvement. I don’t think announcers should be involved in storylines in any way shape or form quite frankly. But, this storyline does have people talking I guess. So I’m willing to see it through before casting any judgments.

Miz is an amazing heat magnet whenever he is on the microphone! He just has an innate ability to make thousands of people packed into a building hate his guts.

Some people on the open thread complained we didn’t get to hear Dean cut a wicked promo back at the Miz. But I think it was the right call storyline wise for Miz to hide behind his wife’s skirt.

Still, Dean did get one good line in after Maryse slapped him!

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler > D
Oh great, now Smackdown is beginning to repeat itself! I’m a big fan of Corbin, but he needs to be kept away from glorified jobbers like Ziggler. A loss to someone like that would feel like a step-down, and a win really wouldn’t be a step up.

This match really wasn’t all that enthralling either! It felt like both Corbin and Ziggler were phoning it in a bit.
Winner: Corbin

Post Match Shenanigans: Ziggler Attacks Kalisto & Turns Heel > C
Well, this is interesting! Almost makes me want to see what they do with Ziggler next…almost! A heel turn could be what Ziggler needs to finally be given the ball to run with. But how many times have we said things like that only to be disappointed again and again? So I’m not going to hold my breath!

Backstage Segment: James Ellsworth & Carmella > D
I still don’t think this storyline makes any sense whatsoever! It’s obvious Carmella is just using Ellsworth, but what on earth does she have to gain from it? It just feels like very lazy writing from WWE’s creative team. But it is kind of funny to see Ellsworth tongue tied around a pretty girl.

Backstage Segment: Ziggler Goes Nuts In The Locker Room > A
This segment doesn’t get an A because Ziggler looked good in it (he didn’t). But it does get an A for how good Mojo, Rhyno and especially Apollo looked for calling out Ziggler during his hissy fit!

Becky Lynch vs “La Luchadora” > F
I was afraid that WWE creative having to write “Diva” storylines for Nikki Bella would leach into the writing for the rest of Smackdown’s Women’s Division. And after watching this dreck of a match between Becky and whoever is under the mask as “La Luchadora”…my fears have been realised.

Alexa pulling a Bella move with Twin Magic was a huge eye roll moment for me. Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss deserve better storylines than this from WWE creative. And the beatdown added nothing to it whatsoever!
Winner: Becky Lynch

Contract Signing: Bryan, Styles, Cena & Corbin > A
Daniel Bryan’s dress sense seems to get dorkier and dorkier every week. I guess he’s embracing fatherhood early by wearing the worst “Dad clothes” he can find.

I’m really digging this new aggressive streak Cena has on the microphone. It really does feel like he is trying to address his critics every week. Which would probably be the closest we ever see him being a heel.

But honestly, I think Styles outclassed Cena as far as promo work goes in this segment! Even Cena’s usual “Your nothing compared to me!” schtick he does in these type of segments could not dampen the strength of AJ’s delivery.

Corbin coming out to lay his claim to the Royal Rumble Match, and warning both Cena and Styles was a nice surprise. And I think it goes a long way towards building him up as a future Main Eventer. Although, I hope WWE take their time with him!

Contract signings are usually predictable and boring, but this one was thoroughly entertaining. Even the segment “shockingly” breaking down into a brawl and Cena getting laid out was fun. All in all, this segment was a lot of fun to watch!

Backstage Segment: Maryse & Renee Young > B
Man Alive Maryse didn’t hold back with that slap, did she? I wish to reiterate that I don’t think announcers should be involved in storylines! But, I am honestly curious to see if Renne Young gets in the ring to face off with Maryse. So, like I said, I am willing to give this storyline a chance.

Carmella vs Aliyah > C
I like the idea of having NXT stars coming out to put over the main roster stars before they are called up. It’s a great way to introduce them to fans who don’t have the WWE Network. But with that being said, this match did nothing for Aliyah or Carmella quite frankly. And Ellsworth just seemed to distract from both women in the ring.
Winner: Carmella

American Alpha vs Breezango > D
Seriously…THIRTY SECONDS! American Alpha win the Smackdown Tag Team Titles for the first time and their first match after lasts thirty bloody seconds! WWE may have started the Bring It To The Table show on the WWE Network to shut down any and all fan criticism of the product! But if this is the crap you give us on TV every week, then they can expect to be trying to shut down criticism for years and years to come.
Winner’s: American Alpha

Wyatt Family Promo > D
Can Orton just turn on the Wyatt’s already? The in-fighting is getting old (not that the storyline was all that fresh, to begin with). But at least Bray’s promo’s are still good.

In-Ring Total Divas Crap: Nikki Bella & Natalya > F ALL DAY!!!
Was this an In-ring segment or an episode of Total Divas? I mean my goodness, can WWE’s higher-ups really not see this catty bulls**t sets back women’s wrestling!

I know “Diva” stuff is all Nikki knows and she could never possibly hang with people like Sasha or Becky in the ring or the mic, but Natalya can hang with the likes of Sasha and Becky in every way. But when she works with Nikki she has to do this tired old Diva crap to put Cena’s girlfriend over!

Not only does Natalya deserve better, but the entire women’s division deserves better. This storyline they have been running with Nikki that acknowledges that she is the Nikki Bella of WWE might as well be a shoot! Because all the comments about Nikki only being where she is today due to her looks and her relationship with John Cena.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant, but as an outspoken supporter of WWE’s women’s revolution, I feel very strongly that every aspect of the archaic Divas Division needs to be put to bed once and for all. And that starts first and foremost with Nikki Bella and her reality TV shows that few WWE fans actually watch coming going away for good.

Backstage Interview: Dean Ambrose > B+
Short, sweet, effective and to the point. Dean Ambrose at his best on the microphone. Also, kudos go to him for salvaging the segment after Dasha flubbed her lines once again.

Backstage Interview: Jack Gallagher > B+
Gallagher has fast become my favourite member of the Cruiserweight Division. I hope people have the good sense to stick around to watch him perform every week on 205 Live.

Intercontinental Title Match: Miz (c) w/ Maryse vs Dean Ambrose > A
Just when I was about to give Smackdown an overall negative grade, they put on a great main event like this. As Werstlekingdom is literally just about to start, I’ll be brief. This match was awesome! And now Dean F******g Ambrose is now a two-time Intercontinental Champion. Does it feel like a step down considering Ambrose just came off a WWE World Title run? Maybe, but the fact is Smackdown’s mid-card is a little thin, and they need main event stars to fill the void now and then.

Overall Grade: B-
This weeks show was a bit of a letdown compared to last week's epic edition of Smackdown. But, as usual, a letdown Smackdown is still better than the same crap we get on Raw every week!

And that ladies and gents was the Smackdown Breakdown. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheBigM91
And please feel free to check out 205 Live Vibes tomorrow right here on WNW!

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