The Smackdown Breakdown - I Don't Like Your Chocolate

Welcome once again wrestling fans to the Smackdown Breakdown, exclusively here on WNW. It's been an interesting week in WWE to say the least with what can probably only be described as a very hit and miss Raw. While the show had it's highlights with Kane's eulogy for Dean Ambrose, and the continued superb work between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Kane, we saw some serious low points which included the poor acting by both Nikki and Brie Bella, although lets be fair to them as they aren't trained actors so it was never going to be Oscar award winning, and the worst part about the show was the destruction of Bray Wyatt at the hands of Super John Cena, who looked like an animal in his first match back since being destroyed by Brock Lesnar, but equally showed that he could easily have matched Lesnar with the display he gave in this match.

Some troubling news this week also came in the form of Hall of Famer Jake Roberts being hospitalised with double pneumonia, which is fairly treatable but more of a concern was the mass that has been found on his brain. While we can only hope the mass is malignant and Jake will make a full recovery I think it's fair to say this is a concern for everyone especially given the hard road to recovery Jake Roberts has been on since he met DDP. I think I speak for not only all wrestling fans but all the readers and writers here on WNW when I say we hope that Jake makes a full and speedy recovery.

And with that in mind lets head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and assess what I can only describe as an average show.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt - 3.5 Stars

While it's clear that Bray Wyatt's booking is suffering from the lack of top level heels in WWE right now he doesn't seem to have let this phase him one bit during his in ring performances. This match still came with a buzz feel for me similar to when the Wyatt Family and the Shield first squared off but I think overall both men could have given much more during this contest. While Bray controlled the early stages of the match Roman Reigns very slowly built up his momentum before taking control of the match. Just as it looked like Reigns would take another victory he was attacked by Harper and Rowan, which led to their original opponents for the night Mark Henry and Big Show making their way to the ring to save Reigns. This would of course set up for a six man tag team match main event later in the show.

Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins - 3.5 Stars

I think it's safe to say we can all agree that Rob Van Dam hasn't had the best run since his return to the company and I'm sure RVD would even admit he hasn't been at his best. But despite this I am a big fan of RVD and think he really still can bring something to WWE. I just hope if he comes back for another run he improves and shows what a useful talent he can be. Seth Rollins goes from strength to strength with every week that passes and I'm so glad he's getting the opportunity of a push as part of the Authority. I felt RVD and Rollins both had good performance sin this one with Rollins showing his aggression early on. The match was pretty back and forth until the end when Rollins hit the Turnbuckle Power Bomb into a Curb Stomp, which looks a really nice combination.

Emma vs. Paige - 3.5 Stars

I'm so thrilled to see Paige getting a second chance at a run with the Divas Championship, and it seems the 22 year old from Norwich is living up to expectation this time around. Paige looks more comfortable and confident for me than she did in her first run and I look forward to seeing where her feud with AJ goes as if Raw is anything to go by there are going to be some serious mind games between these two and some actions that will leave a lot of fans second guessing some of their actions. The kiss we saw by AJ Lee to Paige's hand on Raw is an example of that as it came across as creepy, as if AJ was playing mind games with Paige, and there was also the sexuality question involved. These two women really can go on to have a great feud that I believe can rival that of Trish Stratus and Lita if it is booked right.

Moving onto the match with Emma and Paige, it wasn't exactly a long affair and I think the time constraints really ruined the match as it was over no sooner than it had started. Emma and Paige were known for their classic encounters down in NXT but this really didn't give either Diva a chance to showcase their talents on a wider scale. Of course as soon as the match was over out came AJ with a box of chocolates for Paige, because AJ wanted to give her 'best friend' a present, and also because of Paige saying to AJ previously "I love you". I like the tones WWE are displaying with this one and I think it's the first AJ segment in a long time I haven't heard any CM Punk chants either. I loved the way the segment ended with Paige spitting the chocolate back at AJ in disgust. This feud just gets better each week and I really wish WWE would give them more TV time to show what they can do.

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev - 3.5 Stars

This was a match between two men who were sporting injured ribs and an injured ankle but this just added to the fact the only way to win was submission. Things seemed to get more intense when they took their match out of the ring as prior to that it seemed the match was slow and not heading anywhere fast. I enjoyed the Ankle Lock reversals both men did at one point in the match and in all honesty the way the match was going I thought Swagger never looked like losing. However he did end up losing thanks to a Bo Dallas distraction from throwing in the towel and Rusev locking in the Accolade. It seems pretty clear to me that Bo and Swagger is a go as a feud especially after Bo told Jack he needed to Bolieve before nailing a Bodog.

Jimmy Uso vs. Stardust - 3.5 Stars

I loved the heel turn we saw this week on Raw from Goldust and Stardust. I really enjoy seeing Goldust working as a heel and it seems to fit Cody just as well. Even though Goldust apologised for their actions before the match you knew something was going to happen. I liked the fact both men seemed to work stiff during this one which made the match feel much more real. Jimmy stole the win with a roll up out of nowhere which led to Goldust and Stardust assaulting the Usos viciously once again. A good match and I look forward to seeing where this feud heads.

Damien Mizdow vs. Sheamus - 3 Stars

Sandow may well have finally settled on a gimmick for a while in now being the stunt double for Miz, although I thought the point of a stunt double was to at least look like the person your portraying. Sadly for Sandow his new found persona hasn't helped him find that winning formula as he ended up losing to Sheamus. Miz tried to escape before Sheaums could get to him and he was soon returned to the ring by Dolph Ziggler, but Miz somehow managed to escape and Mizdow took the Brogue Kick instead. I like this change in the Miz as the more he avoids getting hit in the money maker the more I want to see someone give him a good taste of first or boot and Sheamus is definitely the man for that.

The Wyatt Family vs. Mark Henry, The Big Show, and Roman Reigns - 3.5 Stars

The stare down between all six men in this one before the match started was really intense and I loved to see it. The control of the match started early on with Show, Henry and Reigns, and as a team they never looked like losing this one. While the Wyatts did eventually take some control it didn't last long and I think the Wyatts don't look as strong as they were several months ago. As soon as Roman Reigns received the hot tag toward the end of the match he came in and cleaned house and made the scene look more like a scene from a demolition derby. Harper looked like he might steal victory for the Wyatts, but he could only get a two count which would ultimately lead to Roman Reigns hitting the Spear and picking up the win for his team to end the show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.5 Stars

The show this week felt pretty average but I will at least say I felt the quality of matches was consistent. While some of the matches were longer than others I didn't feel that this really harmed the show too much. My favourite segment from the show was actually the AJ and Paige segment after the Emma and Paige match. Despite the fact it wasn't a long segment and it didn't feature any physical contact I felt both Divas really made the segment work and I like the undertones of not quite knowing where this one is going. I just hope they both get enough time to really showcase this feud and make it work as I think this can be something big for both Divas.

That just about wraps it up for this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. If you want to continue the conversation then please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I don't have exactly reliable internet at the minute but I am able to access the internet during the week when I'm at work so I will be able to respond to any comments you leave. Until next week thanks for checking out the Smackdown Breakdown and don't forget to tell your friends about us here on WNW.com. So long everybody.

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