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The Smackdown Breakdown: If You Don’t Shut Up, You're Going To Look Like Ellsworth

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Hello WNW People! Mitch “Big M” Adams here welcoming you to another edition of…The Smackdown Breakdown. Which is, of course, an opinion based review of Smackdown Live each week if you did not know that before! So without further ado, let’s get stuck into what happened on Smackdown Live this week, shall we?

In-Ring Promo: Carmella & James Ellsworth > A
I give Carmella all the credit in the world here! She took something akin to chicken crap and somehow turned into chicken salad with this magnificent promo. I have been a fan of her promo style since her program with Nikki Bella (The matches in that feud were not great, but that’s more a reflection on Nikki than her). Making reference to internet backlash in the manner that she did was pitch perfect, and I thought the line “I’m not here for girl power” was not just a great heat magnet, but a perfect statement on her character. She's not here to advance all women; she’s here to advance herself!

I have no idea if WWE changed booking plans due to the well-deserved backlash to the finish at MITB, or if this was the plan all along. But what I do know is, no matter the outcome, Carmella being Miss MITB is something I can really get into

Backstage Segment: Charlotte & Daniel Bryan > B+
How good is it to see Daniel Bryan back from paternity leave? I think we have all missed his presence of Smackdown. Charlotte didn’t really add much here but who cares. D-Bry is back!!!

In-Ring Promo: The New Day > C
You all know how I feel about The New Day! Individually, I am massive fans of all three of them. But together, I CAN NOT STAND THEM. I have just never been able to connect with their childish gimmick, so I find their promos at best grating! But I will admit the nightstick line was kind of funny!

Big E vs Jimmy Uso > B
As I said, I am big fans of the individual members of the New Day, and Big E is honestly someone I could see being a main eventer some day! Jimmy Uso honestly dragged this match down a bit, but E put on a great showing with Kofi playing backup on the outside.
Winner: Big E

Backstage Segment: Daniel Bryan, Natalya & Tamina > B
Why was Bryan talking about Natalya’s shoulder when Tamina was sporting a massive bruise on her arm? Tamina is one tough Fijian chick I would never want to mess with that’s for sure! Natalya’s annoying heel thing has gotten seriously old, but Bryan and Tamina made this segment worthwhile.

Randy Orton Interview > C
This was supposed to be a segment which showed how angry and driven Orton was after being beaten by Jinder again (man alive, that hurt to write) and The Singh Brothers attacking his father. But honestly, Orton lacked the passion for selling this!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler > A
Can you say instant classic? I mean, holy sh*t man that was something extraordinary. Some fans may have been bored by this match in parts. But personally, this is the style of pro wrestling I prefer. The technical, artistic style, and it’s something we don’t see anywhere near enough of in WWE.
Winner: Nakamura

Backstage Segment: Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch > B
Can I just say how cool it was to see three sexy gingers in a segment on WWE TV? I know Becky dyes her’s, but I’m still counting it!

U.S. In-Ring Segment: Kevin Owens, AJ Styles & Chad Gable > B
You have got to give Kevin Owens a lot of credit! He is got a broken thumb and a hurt leg, but he still comes out to cut a great promo and work a great match afterward. Old school dedication to pro wrestling right there!

I still don’t understand why AJ Styles is working a mid-card title program. But I guess he has to do something before having another inevitable run with the WWE World Title and eventually rocking the house with Nakamura in WWE after doing so before in New Japan. (Seriously, go to NJPW’s Youtube page and watch their match at WrestleKingdom 10.)

While we may not know where on earth The Perfect Ten has disappeared to, at least American Alpha is back on TV. Although I wish Jason Jordan had stayed at ringside and Chad Gable was given more mic time!

U.S. Title Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs Chad Gable > A
Wonderful little match! Chad Gable is a serious talent, and KO is someone everyone should respect for not only working while hurt but working at this high a level while hurting!
Winner: Kevin Owens

In-Ring Segment: Daniel Bryan Makes His Decision Regarding The Women’s MITB Contract > A
How cool was it to see Bryan go off at Ellsworth? How cool was it to see all these women hold their own on the microphone? How cool was it to have the announcement of WWE redoing the Women’s MITB match next week on Smackdown? How cool was the brawl between these women afterward? This is why I am WNW’s biggest supporter of The Women’s Revolution. So many wonderful moments each week on WWE TV!

Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper > F
I am trying so very hard to keep an open mind to Jinder Mahal being WWE World Champion even though it makes zero sense for someone win the biggest title in the industry a month after being booked as a career jobber. I understand why (WWE expanding in India) but still, zero logic in this booking wise! As far as this match goes, not even Luke Harper could have saved the disaster it became.
Winner: Jinder Mahal

Post-Match Shenanigans: RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!! > A
Thank you, Randy Orton, for putting us out of our misery. Although I’m not sure if I want to see this program continue!

Overall Grade > B+
Apart from the dismal main event, this week’s Smackdown was a terrific show that went a long way towards fixing the damage MITB did to Smackdown’s Women’s Division.

And that ladies and gents was the Smackdown Breakdown. I hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to follow me on twitter @WNWBigM and make sure to join in the fun and discussion that is WNW’s Facebook group created by Richard Gray and administrated by yours truly! The group URL is, and it’s all about pro wrestling and MMA discussion. I hope to see you there!

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