The Smackdown Breakdown: “Karma Is The Name Of A Female Dog”


Hello WNW people, Mitch “Big M” Adams here welcoming you to the Smackdown Breakdown. Since I have been writing the Breakdown, I have gotten into the habit of recording Smackdown so after I watch it live and write the Breakdown I can re-watch it to see if I missed anything. I also do this in case what I wind up writing is too negative and needs to be a little more objective. However, on this occasion, I could have re-watched Smackdown a hundred times, and I wouldn’t have changed a word of what I originally wrote.

Last week's Smackdown was near perfect, but this week was very far from it. So don’t expect a Breakdown brimming with praise this week.

Now, with all that being said let's get into what happened on Smackdown this week shall we?

Backstage Segment: Ambrose & Ellsworth > B
Ambrose discussing police procedure to a producer backstage is somehow hilarious. Is there anything this man can’t turn into pure gold? Ellsworth coming in and offering to be in Dean’s corner was to be expected really. As is Dean saying thanks, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Dean honestly came off as a bit of a jerk here towards Ellsworth, and maybe that was the idea. It’s been suggested Ellsworth may turn on Dean at some point down the line, and this certainly sows the seeds for that. I hope that is not the case, though! James Ellsworth’s story in WWE should continue on its current trek. There is ZERO need to deviate from it just yet.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane > F
Have I ever mentioned how much I love watching Bray Wyatt? If so forgive me for saying it over and over again. From his entrance to his promos and ring work, everything about him simply screams main event superstar. It frustrates me to no end that he has been booked as a glorified jobber for most of his WWE career! And it speaks to Vince McMahon’s failure to invest in the next generation of superstars he has.
Instead, he prefers to protect guys like Cena and Lesner at the expense of everyone else on the roster. And use nostalgia in the form of past superstars returning to generate buzz for WWE.

This match was a lousy way to open Smackdown really. While Kane can still work at a decent level even though he is now pushing 50! His efforts in this match honestly left me cold. Not that Bray looked any better really all things considered.

Was this match no DQ? If so I missed the announcement. Harper’s interference was predictable as anything and added nothing to this storyline. But I do hope he and Kane get to run a program of their own soon. I would love to see that personally.

Look, I know Randy is the Viper! I know he has no friends! I know you can’t trust him! But why would he RKO Kane and give the match to Bray Wyatt? That simply makes no sense. That isn’t the same as Orton giving an RKO to a tag partner after they’ve won a match or something.
That kind of thing has a purpose behind it creatively. Orton giving Kane an RKO and handing Bray the match serves no purpose creatively what so ever. This match gets a big fat F for so many reasons!
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Backstage Segment: AJ Styles > B+
I don’t know who the new girl who has been doing backstage interviews on Smackdown the last few weeks is, but she keeps flubbing her lines every week. I haven’t mentioned it until now because she’s new and they were not that obvious. But this week it was painfully obvious!

AJ, as usual, was very strong on the mic here. His line about Ellsworth looking like a melted down action figure was particularly effective I think. When AJ first turned heel a few months back, I was honestly against it. But he’s proven to be one of the most effective heels in WWE today.

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss > A
Before we get into this segment, there are two things I want to run through. Firstly, I just want to say Dean Ambrose is a very lucky man to be dating Renee Young. And I feel very strongly that Renee should replace David Otunga on Smackdown’s commentary team.

And secondly, there was a rumour floating around this past week regarding the undisclosed medical procedure that kept Becky off TV for the last few weeks. Now, as the procedure Becky is rumoured to have had is still one of the most contentiously debated subjects in society, I’m not going mention it by name. And I don’t want any arguments about it in the comments section either.

However, I feel the strong need to point out two things out about the rumour. 1. If it’s true (and I don’t think it is), it’s really nobodies business but her’s! And it should not be up for discussion on dirt sheets or social media. 2. It doesn’t matter if the rumour is or isn’t true, it should never have been circulated in the first place. A person’s medical history should only be available to said person and the Doctor’s they go to for treatment.

Ok now that that’s over with let's get into this segment. Becky Lynch is so bloody over as Smackdown Women’s champion. Maybe the even more over than Sasha Banks and Bayley over on Raw. (Not that Raw matters compared to Smackdown huh, Kendra?). And I firmly believe Alexa Bliss is the best female heel in WWE right now bar none.

Now while mistakes are still being made, the current Women’s Divisions in WWE have become one of the main reasons I watch WWE every week. And to think about three years ago, I used not to pay any attention to Women's Wrestling. Although considering WWE pushed mostly models and bimbos instead of actual women’s wrestlers for so long, you can’t really blame me for not caring about them for so long.

The beatdown Alexa delivered to Becky was bloody stiff! And it definitely helped sell their upcoming match in Glasgow. Alexa painting a yellow streak on Becky’s neck was a very nice touch. All in all, I can’t wait to these two go at it!

Tag Team Match: The Ascension vs The Hype Bros > F
Considering this matches was to determine who will be on Smackdown’s Tag Team Division Survivor Series Team, I was a little worried about the caliber of the superstars involved. And I began to feel concerned about Smackdown’s chances of beating Raw…for about two seconds! Because that’s all the time I needed to remember the state of Raw’s Tag Team Division! Who will be the first members of Team Raw, Kendra? The Shining Stars? BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!

In all honesty, though this match really wasn’t all that good. The Ascension flopped on the main roster since day one. And I simply refused to “get hyped” for Zack Ryder or Mojo Rawly.

Winner’s: The Hype Bros

Backstage Interview: Randy Orton > F
If you can’t beat them, join them? WHAT!!! Are they seriously teasing Orton joining the Wyatt Family? How dumb do we they think we are honestly? Big fat F, all day long for this turd of a segment. And to think, this storyline once had so much promise.

Backstage Segment: Daniel Bryan & Natalya > F
I don’t know what is going on with Natalya’s booking lately. A poorly thought out heel turn one week. A babyface turn with a comedy gimmick the next. And now this week she’s…I don’t know what she is!

Daniel Bryan’s announcement about Natalya’s match stipulation made my heart sink. A. Because it gave away the ending. And B. it gave away who will be the captain of Smackdown’s Women Division Team at Survivor Series. Suffice it to say; I am not happy about that choice!

Nikki Bella vs Natalya > F
Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the Smackdown Women’s Champion be Smackdown’s Team Captain for the Women’s Survivor Series Tag Team Match?

I know Becky and Alexa are in the middle of a storyline. But Nikki is in the middle of an ongoing storyline with Carmella as well. Hmm, I wonder why WWE went with Nikki? “cough Cena’s girlfriend cough.”
Creative really doesn’t have to work too hard to write promos for Carmella to cut on Nikki. The problem is fans would probably consider them babyface promos rather than heel ones all things considered.

Anyway, the match itself…what a stinker! I know I give Nikki a hard time, but this match was honestly garbage. But Natalya, shockingly was just as bad in this match as Nikki was! I don’t know if it’s laziness or if she can’t do much in the ring with someone like Nikki, but she just looked awful in there. Which is a crying shame since we all know she can do so much better?

Nikki got the win using an STF submission that actually looked better than John Cena’s. So I’ll give Nikki a little praise on that front.
Winner: Nikki Bella

Post Match Shenanigans: Carmella attacking Nikki > B
Thank goodness Carmella came out and made me forget about what an awful match I just saw. Even though this storyline is your typical over written work from WWE, for a lot of fans it’s so truthful it might as well be a shoot. I know Carmella is getting booed now, but it wouldn’t shock me if the audience turned on Nikki before this feud ends. We all know WWE trying to address and silence Nikki Bella’s critics with this storyline. But it may well prove to just give those criticisms even more credence.

Backstage Interview: Dean Ambrose > C
Dean is usually pure gold on the mic, but this felt a little flat to me.
Maybe I was still trying to get over that awful Women’s match.

In-Ring Segment: Miz & The Spirit Squad > D
Why is the Spirit Squad still on Smackdown? Why is this storyline still going? Miz did everything possible to make this segment work, but he just couldn’t save it. Dolph, as usual, registered little to no reaction from me what so ever. However, Heath Slater was simply brilliant out there. He is so bloody over with the crowd it’s amazing. I don’t see the need for Slater and Rhino to defend their titles against Mondo and Dykstra. But that is what this segment was setting up apparently.

I don’t know what happened to Smackdown this week, but I am not enjoying this show very much.

Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: Slater & Rhino vs The Spirit Squad > D
The only parts of this match that were even remotely entertaining was Miz and Dolph on commentary and Rhino goring the crap out of Mike Mondo.
Winner’s: Slater and Rhino

Backstage Segment: Ambrose & Ellsworth > C
I guess Ambrose can’t stand to see a man with no chin sulk. I know they are building up to something here, but whatever it is, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea.

Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles > B+
I don’t think it’s possible for these two to have a bad match! Everything they do together in the ring is pitch bloody perfect. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem as into this match as they should have been. But considering how many awful segments this week's Smackdown had, I’d say the crowd was dead before Dean and AJ even came out to the ring.

I mean if AJ performing a springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT doesn’t get much of a reaction from a live audience nothing will.

Now, some people may have disliked the finish of this match. But honestly, I liked it! Why may you ask? Simple, because it is something different from the usual WWE fare. Ellsworth costing Ambrose the match by losing his temper and hitting AJ with “No Chin Music” after taking one too many shots from him is something people wouldn’t normally see coming. We all knew creative was setting something up, but I don’t think many people would correctly predict what happened here.

That is why it’s creative! That is why it’s different! And that is what WWE needs a lot more of.
Winner: AJ Styles By DQ

Overall Grade > C+
I don’t know what the bloody hell happened in the last seven days.
But after how perfectly booked Smackdown was last week, I can not understand how it could have gone so downhill this week.

Thank goodness for Becky Lunch and Alexa Bliss. Thank goodness for Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, and James Ellsworth. Because if it were not for them, I would’ve had to state the unthinkable. I would have had to have stated that Smackdown was worse than Raw this week!

And that ladies and gents was the Smackdown Breakdown; I hope you have enjoyed it. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheBigM91

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