The Smackdown Breakdown: They Are Not Divas Anymore JBL!!!

Baron Corbin

Hello, WNW people, and welcome to The Smackdown Breakdown. I’m your old mate Mitch “Big M” Adams, and it's a pleasure to be writing this once again.

No, before we get into the Breakdown for this week, there is something I need to get off my chest. As you know, I am a passionate supporter of women’s wrestling in WWE as well as an outspoken critic of the remaining elements of the Divas Division. And this week, I thought Smackdown had set women’s wrestling back a great deal.

Firstly we had Nikki Bella’s usual Diva booking of her storylines because she couldn’t possibly hang with any women wrestler on the mic or in the ring. Her storyline with Natalya continues to feel like an episode of Total Divas. So much so even the commentary team were referring to both her and Natalya as Divas instead of Superstars non-stop.

Secondly, we had Carmella having the unfortunate distinction of being part of one of the worst moments in the history of WWE television in her match with a local jobber. It saddens me so much to see such a talented performer having to put over someone like Nikki Bella after carrying their entire feud be reduced to crap like that.

And thirdly we had a monumental announcement of an epic match between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss that will happen next week under a special stipulation fall completely flat with the crowd. Why did it fall flat you may ask? It’s because even after all the incredible work of women like Becky, Alexia, Carmella, Natalya and Naomi have put in to build up the division…It’s still seen as a joke by fans due to all the Diva bullshit! Raw has eliminated almost every trace of Diva booking, and yet Smackdown retains so much. It is truly mind boggling!

I know I keep harping on this subject, but I firmly believe it is a serious problem that is only going to get worse. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get into what happened on Smackdown Live this week, shall we?

Ambrose Asylum: Ambrose, Miz & Maryse > B+
I will never stop singing the praises of these two men! Ambrose is one of the most entertaining characters in WWE bar none. The alligator head really had me chuckling (is that morbid?). The Miz has benefitted from the brand split more than anyone, and it shows every week. The man is a pure heat magnet! But honestly, I’m still unsure about this storyline which is including Dean’s and Miz’s respective other halves.

But if the storyline keeps producing segments like this I’m willing to give it a chance.

Backstage Segment: Natalya Attacks Nikki > B
I honestly don’t think Natalya has it in her to play a convincing heel quite frankly. But I have to hand it to her; this beatdown looked pretty vicious. If she can keep this intensity up on screen, I’ll happily eat my words and say I was wrong.

Cat Fight: Natalya & Nikki > F
Welcome to another edition of Total Divas on Smackdown! This is the stuff that drives me nuts about Smackdown Women’s Division. Several people on the open thread discussion were even cracking jokes about how the blue brand's women’s division always means cat fights.

It doesn’t matter that Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss have been tearing it up for months, that is still the perception fans have of the whole division on Smackdown! And it’s further proof that what I said in the intro about Nikki Bella is 100% true! The women’s revolution will only really happen when the last remnants of the Divas Division are gone for good.

Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler > B+
Man alive, Kalisto really is an underrated talent in WWE who deserves a lot better. This was the best match of this week's show bar none as far as I am concerned. Both Kalisto and Ziggler looked like a million bucks even though they were not given a lot of TV time. I hope Kalsito gets a push in 2017! He has more than earned it.
Winner: Kalisto

Post Match Shenanigans > C
I know I am harsh on poor old Ziggy (it’s not his fault he’s been turned into a glorified jobber in WWE) but this heel turn honestly just makes him look like a crybaby. Maybe that is the point; I don’t know. But what I do know is it’s probably not going to work. I hope I am wrong though as the one saving grace in this segment was Ziggler’s intensity during the steel chair beatdown of Kalisto and Apollo!

Backstage Interview: American Alpha > B
Neither Jordan or Gable are all that strong on the microphone quite frankly. But they got their points across pretty well here.

Backstage Interview: John Cena > C
I am honestly loving this more aggressive John Cena we have been seeing in recent weeks. But I dislike how he goes from praising the younger talents to running them down in the same breath. I hope that since he is now a part-timer, Cena will be booked to put a few new people over. It’s now LONG overdue for WWE to look towards building up the next generation.

Wyatt Family Promo > C
I will never get tired of Bray Wyatt’s promo’s, but I wish Randy would just turn on the Bray already. We all know he’s just pulling a Daniel Bryan with joining the Wyatt Family, so just pull the trigger already!

Tag Team Title Match: American Alpha (c) vs Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton w/ Luke Harper > B
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, American Alpha is the best Tag Team in WWE today. Tag Team Wrestling as a whole is a real lost art, and I am so happy to see workers like Jordan and Gable doing their best to bring it back to the forefront.

I have, to be honest, though, Bray and Orton honestly looked like there were phoning it in during this match. Both could have done a lot better in this match I think. Plus, the finish involving Luke Harper just made me roll my eyes. I have no problem saying that I think this storyline has flopped completely.
Winners: American Alpha

Backstage Segment: Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss & Daniel Bryan > A
Thank goodness for Becky and Alexa! Without them, Smackdown’s Women’s Division would be a tragedy. Bryan always looks so flustered when dealing with these two, and it's quite amusing. But what I really want to talk about is the monumental match we will see next week on the blue brand. A Steel Cage Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship equals wrestling heaven as far as I am concerned.
I can not wait to see this match!

Carmella w/ James Ellsworth vs Local Jobber > F-
This was some of the most horrible television I have ever watched in my entire life! The Carmella/ Ellsworth storyline that makes no sense whatsoever. The local jobber who botched more than one spot pretty badly. JBL making fun of the local jobber's appearance non-stop on commentary (Be A Star campaign anyone). All of this added up to one of the worst three minutes in the history of WWE television in my opinion!
Winner: Carmella

Backstage Segment: Ellsworth & Carmella > F
I feel so badly for Carmella and Ellsworth! It wasn’t too long ago these two were both involved in red hot storylines that made them both look like a million bucks. And now they are stuck with selling a storyline like this.

John Cena vs Baron Corbin > B+
Wow, how good did Baron Corbin look in this match? Very few people can work a match with the likes of John Cena with only a few years of experience under their belt and look like they belong. I expect big things for Baron Corbin in 2017, big things indeed. However, I hope WWE’s higher-ups show more patience with his push than they did with Roman Reigns!

While I do wish Cena had gone under here as it would have done him no harm going into the Rumble, it doesn’t exactly hurt Baron either. All, in all an excellent main event match, that this week's show definitely needed to finish strong.
Winner: John Cena

Overall Grade > C+
This weeks show was a pure 50/50 split between great highpoint and horrible low points. It pains me to say this, but I think Raw put on the better show this week.

And that ladies and gents was the Smackdown Breakdown. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheBigM91
And please feel free to check out 205 Live Vibes tomorrow right here on WNW!

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