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Welcome once again fellow wrestling fans to the Smackdown Breakdown here on WNW. It's been an interesting week in WWE with last Sunday at Money in the Bank seeing Seth Rollins crowned Mr. Money in the Bank and John Cena becoming an amazing 15 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Pay Per View wasn't half bad overall, I found it to be really enjoyable despite the rushed build up to most of the matches. Monday saw some big name returns to WWE with The Miz, AJ Lee coming back and defeating Paige for the Divas Championship, and of course the return of Y2J Chris Jericho to WWE.

This week was also notable for the wrong reasons too with the arrest, bail, release, and then rehiring of Emma, all happening in a 48 hour period for theft at a Walmart store. Now whether she is guilty or not we can only guess but I wrote in an article on the issue for WWENews.Net which you can read by clicking on the link that WWE releasing her were being far too harsh on her when they have the likes of Jack Swagger, Rob Van Dam, and Cameron who have been arrested for things like drugs and DUI who kept their jobs. I guess WWE realized that, as well as what happened backstage with the talent, they needed to bring Emma back to save a potentially messy situation.

You can definitely say that life in the world of WWE is never dull that's for sure. With that being said lets head on down into this weeks Smackdown Breakdown and talk about what happened on this weeks show.

Seth Rollins Promo - 4 Stars

It was almost inevitable going into last Sunday that Seth was going to end up being Mr. Money in the Bank by the end of the night. The question on everyone's minds right now is of course when will he cash in? I can't honestly say I see it being for a while. If WWE are going to go in the direction of having Lesnar as champion after Summerslam then Seth won't be cashing in until next year after Wrestlemania. They are not gonna put him over Lesnar at any point as it's going to kill Lesnar's momentum from the Streak if they do and unless they are likely to make Lesnar face then that is going to mean we have to wait. There will be plenty of teases along the way though and Seth knows he will have Dean Ambrose breathing down his neck the whole way. We saw a replay of Ambrose stopping Rollins cash in attempt Monday and I expect these two men to feud going into and probably beyond Summerslam.

Seth talked in this promo about how Cena's time as champion is ticking and sooner rather than later he is going to cash in on him. Ambrose came out and told Seth that he was talking crazy and that any attempt to cash in he is going to stop him. The two men ended up in a brawl until Randy Orton came out to try and back up Rollins. Out of nowhere Roman Reigns came out to save Ambrose. Triple H then came out and made a match between Ambrose and Orton later that night. The key to this match; Roman Reigns is banned from ringside during the match. People criticize Rollins for his mic skills. I have seen some people claim he is one of the worst talkers in the history of WWE but I feel that's a harsh criticism and he did a pretty solid job opening up the show tonight with Ambrose being equally as sharp.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio - 3.5 Stars

This was a meeting of the two Money in the Bank championship participants who had no real momentum going into Sunday in the way they were booked and it seems that now Money in the Bank is over the pair are back to doing nothing again. Sheamus took early control in this fairly physical encounter but Del Rio soon took back some control. Both men looked intense throughout the match and it was a brawl but there was just something about this match that didn't really grab my attention or much of my interest. Sure there were some good spots like Sheamus doing ten Beats of the Bodhrán on the top rope, and Del Rio reversing into the Cross Arm Breaker from Sheamus looking like he would hit White Noise but I just didn't care much for it. Nothing against either man as I like them both but it felt like an insignificant match for me.

There is one spot that happened in the match that saw one of my pet peeves in a wrestling match hit me square on in the face. Outside the ring Del Rio whipped Sheamus into the ring steps and Sheamus took the bump with his shoulder. Now I understand why guys do that to a point but it just looks stupid as it's not like they get whipped with any more momentum from their opponent. John Cena is one of the worst for it and it's one of those things that bugs me. If your gonna do a spot like that then it needs to look proper like when Mick Foley used to take the bump with his legs. I suppose it's easy for me to be critical though cause it isn't me taking the bump but I'm sure I'm not the only one who is left scratching my head when they see a guy take the steps shoulder first.

Stardust and Goldust Promo - 4 Stars

I don't know why but I love how Cody Rhodes has reinvented himself with the Stardust character. It's like a whole new breath of fresh air for him and while I don't expect to see this as his gimmick forever I see it going as a long way for it to keep Cody interesting. I love how Goldust is just mesmerized with everything Stardust does as it really does almost make Goldust seem normal whenever the two are on screen together. I was entertained by this promo and I look forward to seeing where these two go as a team in the future.

Roman Reigns Segment - 3.5 Stars

Reigns showed some intensity in this promo where he talked about the fact he may be banned from ringside during the Orton and Ambrose match but he isn't going to risk his spot in the title match at Battleground for it as Reigns believes he will win the title at Battleground. While Reigns was intense I felt the promo was a little flat for his usual standard but ultimately I know this isn't going t be the last time we see Roman tonight. He is currently the biggest threat to Cena's World Heavyweight Championship of all the contenders in the Fatal Four Way match at Battleground but I still feel it's too early to put the title on him as I want to see Reigns built up properly before he wins the big one.

Bo Dallas vs. Diego - 3.5 Stars

Just when I thought it was weird hearing people cheer Jack Swagger on Raw I now hear people cheering Bo Dallas. And the thing is I know I should hate the character but I find myself being drawn into it more and more. Bo cut a great promo in response to Daniel Bryan's injury and said he was going to win the battle royal at Battleground for Little Daniel and become the new Intercontinental Champion. Michael Cole briefly mentioned the injury to Fernando but didn't elaborate much on it at the time and if anything I thought Cole sounded like he was taking a jab at Fernando for getting injured. This was another pretty quick match which saw Bo pick up a win and go 12 and B0. I would like to see Bo go a little bit longer in his matches as we haven't seen him go in a long match since moving up from NXT but I guess that will come in time. I saw him have some great matches in NXT so I know he can do longer matches and hopefully everyone will see that soon. What I did like at the end of the match is how Bo drew heat for himself by slamming El Torito which was good to see as that can be something heels struggle to do these days.

Chris Jericho Segment - 4 Stars

He's back people, our savior has come home! Chris Jericho has been away from WWE the best part of a year now doing work with his band Fozzy, his podcast Talk is Jericho, and his web series But I'm Chris Jericho, and now he has decided the time is right to return to WWE. He kept his return a secret which made it all the more special as he received an amazing reaction from the fans Monday night on Raw and from the Smackdown crowd. In this day and age where news about wrestlers signing or returning spreads like wildfire it was a great achievement by all parties concerned keeping this from leaking.

His first feud back looks like it could potentially be with Bray Wyatt, which is such a please take my money now feud and something I salivate at the thought of watching. There seems to be some tie in with Miz just as a way to reintroduce both men to the audience but it looks like Bray will be his main work to start. Jericho showed why he is Mr. Charisma on the mic and that he really is a showman with a great piece of talking. He talked about thanking the Wyatt's for their attack on him Monday and how it reminded him that WWE is about survival. He mentioned how he is the Best in the World at what he does, which I'm amazed didn't draw any CM Punk chants but that's the respect the fans have for Jericho.

The Wyatts then came on the tron and Bray cut a promo to formally introduce himself to Jericho, telling him to save himself. Jericho called out the Wyatt's which is something we have seen no one do so far but instead his challenge was answered by Miz who wanted revenge for Jericho interrupting him on Monday. Miz now has that Hollywood style entrance that Rock had back around 2003 time and I have to say I have missed seeing Miz on the screen to. Fans give him a lot of stick for even being a WWE Champion but I loved his run and think he is a great heel. Unfortunately for Miz he ended up taking a Code Breaker for his troubles and will rue the day he interrupted Y2J. This was entertaining and I am glad to see Jericho back in a WWE ring.

Big E vs. Cesaro - 4 Stars

This was meant to be a match but it never even got started as right from the off Cesaro decided to attack Big E with a brutal beating outside the ring. However it ended up being a little back and forth early on before Cesaro took control by throwing Big E over the announcers table and then into the steel steps. This was a great little battle to watch and I look forward to seeing these two go at it in the battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground.

AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie - 3.5 Stars

We saw the return of AJ on Raw and she picked up where she left off before her exit from WWE after Wrestlemania by regaining the Divas Championship. It's a great shame for Paige that she had to drop the title but these two are going to have a great series of future matches and I liked the double turn tease for Paige to go heel. We saw Paige out on commentary for this match and she was just there as a spectator. What I want to know is how on earth did Eva get a title match? She managed to control the match for the majority but she lost out when AJ locked in the Black Widow. Paige came into the ring after the match to shake AJ's hand and then walked away applauding her. These two could potentially have one of the best feuds of the Divas division since the days of Trish and Lita. I can't wait to see them have a match that goes longer than two minutes.

Jack Swagger and Rusev Segment - 4 Stars

This started out with Damien Sandow being dressed as Bruce Springsteen in the ring which is kind of a weird course into what would happen but whatever floats your boat I guess. I don't know who Sandow angered for him to be stuck in this Charlie Haas style gimmick but the good thing is he is getting a great reaction from the fans out of it all. Rusev and Lana would come out and Rusev would quickly take out Sandow before Lana but a promo talking down the USA and talking down the 4th July. She got serious heat from this but that was soon forgotten about as soon as Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out to a great reaction. Zeb and Lana battled well on the mic and in all fairness they were probably the bigger stars of this segment. The two had a great back and forth exchange but Zeb won it for me when he said the only useful thing Russia invented was Vodka, although I hate it personally. Rusev and Lana retreated from the ring to a chorus of fans shouting out "we the people!"

Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose - 4.5 Stars

This one started out with the introduction of Seth Rollins on commentary, who for the observant among us would notice he was not banned from ringside earlier that night by Triple H so it was obvious at this point he was going to get involved in this match in some way. This was a fairly back and forth encounter but I feel overall Orton probably had the slight advantage early on. Both men put on a great performance in this one and Ambrose showed that he not only has a great future but will be a future main event star. As a group I have to say Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose are one of the biggest success stories in WWE history.

Orton focused his attack throughout on Ambrose' shoulder which I liked. Sometimes a great match is all about doing the simple things and focusing on your opponents injury is something I like to see played up. Ambrose sold the pain from the shoulder well which made this even better. It's another pet hate of mine when guys forget to go after the right injured body part or a guy sells the wrong part of his body being injured and it's something that happens more often than you think.

Ambrose did a great job of holding his own in this one against Orton. Ambrose would eventually focus his his attack on Seth Rollins when he jumped across the announce table and attacked him in his seat. Unfortunately that would lead to Rollins hitting Ambrose in the injured shoulder with his briefcase to cause a disqualification as Ambrose would try to suicide dive out the ring onto Orton. Orton and Rollins would focus their attack on Ambrose' shoulder before Roman Reigns came out to make the post match save by spearing Orton. This was a really enjoyable match and a great way to end this weeks show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.5 Stars

There were some good matches and segments worth watching on this weeks show and I was really pleased overall with the return of Chris Jericho as well as the microphone work of Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have also showed this week why they are certainly the future of the company in the ring. My favorite segment this week was definitely the main event match between Orton and Ambrose but it was close to being piped by the Chris Jericho segment as you had two of the greatest talkers in wrestling with Jericho and Wyatt in the same building. When these two start a war of words it is going to be a classic worth watching.

That just about does it for this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. To continue the conversation or debate anything I have said please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below as I love interacting with the other readers of the site and getting your views on different segments. With that all that remains for me to say is thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Breakdown, and as always I hope you will be back next week to enjoy my next edition. Until then so long everybody.

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