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The Smackdown Breakdown - Rikishi Would Never Dance With A Bunny

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Welcome once again everybody to another instalment of the Smackdown Breakdown, right here on WrestlingNewsWorld.Com. While I don't really have much to say about this weeks instalment of Raw, mainly because it get covered in Raw is Blogged, I wanted to focus on the fact that next week is Smackdown's 15th anniversary show. Because it's a big achievement for WWE I would be expecting the show to be a big deal but for some reason I'm not exactly expecting it to be a huge deal of a show. If it was Raw we would know it was going to be loaded up with talent weeks in advance but this seems like it's just to almost be a standard show with some references to the fifteen years throughout the week on the WWE Network and probably on the show. It's been an interesting 15 years for the show but I can't help but feel Smackdown hasn't been as big a deal to WWE for some time now. I hope WWE will turn up it's focus on the show in the next few years and bring back the significance it at least had during the Attitude Era.

It's now time to head on down into this weeks show and see what my thoughts were on the individual segments.

John Cena And Dean Ambrose Segment - 4 Stars

Cena and Ambrose feuding with Rollins is interesting as this is a good way to help build both Seth and Dean even more. Cena cut a heartfelt promo but it wasn't really anything we haven't heard from him before. The key is it wasn't corny and it got to the point about how Cena needed to beat Lesnar to prove himself to everyone but Seth took it away from him. The tension with Ambrose continues to be magic and just further helps solidify Ambrose as the companies number two face. Ambrose was good again on the mic and followed up his excellent work from Raw. The stare down was solid and both have a great case for why they need to get their hands on Rollins. Someone needs to get Seth a new briefcase as I think his is about ready to fall apart. The Authority causing tension between Cena and Ambrose was great and both men played up their tense feelings well.

Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow - 4 Stars

An interesting match as all there men gave a solid performance. I enjoyed watching the work of both teams but we really impressed with the brutality of Sheamus during this one. Everything he hit just looked like it was going to hurt like mad. He also did a good job of selling the beating he took from Miz and Mizdow, who functioned well as a team. Dolph did great coming in off the hot tag but he always looks good in his execution and it baffles me how he isn't a bigger focus of the companies product. Sheamus was looking really fired up at the end and I feel Miz could well be coming after him next.

Paige vs. Naomi - 3.5 Stars

First off who did Paige annoy to end up with Alicia Fox? That woman has no talent or business being in a WWE ring, though she isn't the worst Diva the company has. I had some pretty good expectations for this one as we know both these Divas can go and we were not disappointed. The only down side to this one is that it didn't really get long enough ring time for me to enjoy it. Side note; was I the only one who noticed Paige's pants looked somewhat ripped? I don't know if it was intentional but I liked it. AJ attacking Alicia was good as AJ was a spitfire and really took it to her. Paige hiding with behind JBL while wearing his hat looked pretty funny. I think I'm in love with Paige's in ring work and her look.

Big Show Segment - 4 Stars

Before I get into this I hope WWE's apology to Russia for what happened on Raw with Big Show ripping down the Russian flag wasn't legit as it's not like Russia has ever apologised for anything it's done. Sorry Russian fans, I hope you were not offended by what happened but I don't think WWE had anything to be sorry for. Big Show cut a solid promo and played on the fans emotions about how they would feel if someone ripped down the US flag. It was only a matter of time before we saw Rusev and Lana, both who did a good job of selling their anger about the incident. I loved how Show played up disrespecting both Rusev and Lana on purpose and it made up for some of the apology stuff. Rusev brutally assaulted Big Show and really drew some heat. I admit I am beginning to like Rusev more and more every week and it's good to see him finally coming out with some character progression. Big Show sold his anger well after the beat down and Rusev sold his fear. I can't wait to see these two lock up down the line again.

Slater Gator vs. The Usos - 2.5 Stars

Wow, Hornswoggle has gone from playing one of the most iconic horror characters to dressing up like a gator. As ridiculous as he looks it is kind of funny. The Usos want their tag titles back and I think they deserve another opportunity down the line to run with the belts but right now Stardust and Goldust are the hottest tag team in WWE. The match was a squash and while it was entertaining watching the Bunny splash the Gator as the Usos hit their splash I felt the stuff with the Bunny and Gator was just really childish. I'm sorry but it was just dumb and did nothing for me. The match was short and sweet and might have been more entertaining had the focus not been more on the bunny than anything else.

Cesaro vs. R-Truth - 3 Stars

Glad to see R-Truth had some help remembering where he was this time he was in Milwaukee. That was about as good as it got for R-Truth though as Cesaro just destroyed him from the opening bell. While he got some offence in there was never any doubt Cesaro was going to walk out of this one with the win. Cesaro put on another solid display and while I have no doubt we will see more from him I feel like Dolph Ziggler that he deserves a better position on the card.

Kane and Randy Orton vs. John Cena and Dean Ambrose - 4 Stars

Dean Ambrose is without a doubt one of the few reasons I still enjoy watching WWE. He is a breath of fresh air to the main event scene and he has more than deserved his spot. What was good to see in this one was John Cena looked just as intense in the ring as Ambrose and both looked like they were trying to one up one another. Cena and Ambrose had good chemistry as a team and they did well by controlling the majority of the match. I don't know what it is about Orton but he just doesn't interest me as much as he used to in the ring. The frustration for Cena in having to wait to get the hot tag from Ambrose made things good to watch and for Cena to abandon Ambrose because he wanted to get his hands on Seth Rollins really made for an interesting but predictable dynamic. I think this was a worthy main even effort but it just lacked something to really give that big style edge to make it a standout match.

Overall Show Rating - 3.5 Stars

Compared to the last few episodes I have actually enjoyed the majority of this weeks episode. I thought it was a good effort from WWE and I can overlook the bizarre segment with the bunny and the gator just purely because I don't want to ruin my enjoyment of what I saw. I'm going to give my favourite segment award this week to the tag match between Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus against Miz and Mizdow. I thought it was a solidly worked match and was well worth watching for the work from all four men. I'm going into next weeks episode wondering exactly what we are going to be greeted with and I do worry that the fifteenth anniversary stuff is going to be somewhat of a spare part to next weeks show but I hope WWE can prove me wrong and make it into a big deal using Raw as a solid tool to promote it.

That does it for another week for me here on the Smackdown Breakdown. As always please leave your comments in the section below with your thoughts on either the show, what I had to say, or if your feeling like it why not leave comments about both. I will be back next week with another edition of the Breakdown so until then thanks for reading and I will catch you down the road.

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