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The Smackdown Breakdown - Superman Meets The Money Maker

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Hello fellow WNW readers and welcome once again to the Smackdown Breakdown. This is your final stop on the road to Summerslam, and while this years even seems lacklustre in terms of the matches being offered I do believe it has the potential to top last years event that saw only two decent matches and memorable moments. I don't know about any of you but I wasn't thrilled with Raw totally this week. Don't get me wrong it had some memorable moments like the outstanding rap by Paul Heyman, and I liked how the Stephanie and Brie Bella stuff developed although I thought Brie looked like a sad puppy wanting to be put out of her misery while she was being arrested. The idea of Daniel Bryan committing adultery is quite honestly stupid but if that's where WWE wants to go with it then I guess that's their choice. I'm hoping we get some interesting outcomes and not a totally predictable show tomorrow but I guess time will tell. Lets get into this weeks breakdown and see what thoughts I had on the show.

Miz TV - 3 Stars

Did anyone else notice how Miz seemed to draw very little to no reaction during this whole segment? The only time he drew any kind of reaction was when he got a punch in the face from this weeks guest Roman Reigns, who we all know is of course the Miz's mums favourite WWE superstar. Miz didn't seem to want to let Reigns get a word in edge ways and it was inevitable to me Reigns would put him on the mat. I didn't expect him to perhaps hit Miz in the money maker but it certainly woke up the crowd. Reigns then cut a brief promo on how he respects Randy Orton and the fact he is the Viper but this Sunday Orton will respect him. I thought the whole segment kind of just sucked and it may as well have just been a standard backstage interview with Reigns but I guess they wanted to set up the match for later that night somehow.

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro - 4.5 Stars

I had a hard time deciding between 4 and 4.5 stars in this one but I decided to justify the 4.5 because this was a really intense and physical match in which both men really gave it their all and I think the "this is awesome" chants from the crowd justified what a great effort these two gave. Cesaro spent the majority of the match in control which worked well for me. It seemed strange seeing the referee just stand back and watch as Dean Ambrose bit Cesaro but I guess that's the way the product is going these days and there are no rules. Cesaro sadly lost his second match of the week but Ambrose needed this to build his momentum into Summerslam. I wish WWE would make their mind up what they were doing with Cesaro and give him the push he deserves but it seems like someone has hit the brakes on that one again. After the match Seth Rollins music hit and he cut a promo about the Lumberjack match on Sunday and how he never cared for Ambrose and they were never friends. Without a shadow of a doubt I would put these two on as the opening match for Summerslam and let them set the bar for the rest to follow.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil - 3 Stars

Dolph picked up a huge win over Randy Orton at a house show six days ago when he pinned Orton cleanly. I'm not sure if the win has any significance for anything but it does seem really strange for WWE to book that. Moving on to Ziggler's opponent for the show in Titus and I like the combination of Heath Slater and him as a team despite the fact it does seem some what of an oddball team. Titus controlled most of this match with his strength and power but that wasn't enough for him as Dolph was able to pick up what looked to be otherwise a fairly easy win. Ziggler looks like such a natural in the ring and whenever he does anything it almost looks effortless. Ziggler is a bright guy with a bright future if WWE finally realise what a talent it has on it's hands before it's too late.

Mark Henry vs. Luke Harper - 3 Stars

This is what I would label as the battle of the two big boys which in the end turned out to be a rather lsow paced match that Harper spent the majority of the match in control. Unfortunately the match finished on a disqualification as Erick Rowan gave Mark Henry a big boot to the face before he hit the World's Strongest Slam. During the break Corporate Kane came out and decided that it would be best for business if this match was restarted.....

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Big Show and Mark Henry

You guessed it, this one was restarted as a tag team match. This was a match of power, strength and size all rolled into one. The Wyatt's spent the majority of this match in control but ultimately it was the Big Show and Mark Henry who picked up the win as the World's Strongest Team won with a combined KO Punch and World's Strongest Slam. I thought that was a pretty good ending to an otherwise standard match. Going back to the Wyatt's and I think it's a shame they don't have another match at Summerslam with the Uso's as both teams have had some classic matches the last few months but now neither are on the card which is a shame. I like the aspect of the Wyatt's not being involved in the Bray and Jericho match as it seemingly stacks the deck a little more against Bray.

AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie - 3 Stars

I'm pretty sure Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah both turned in their graves on Monday when Eva Marie picked up a win over AJ Lee. No matter if there was a distraction from Paige or not I really have to be honest and say I cannot understand why Eva is even allowed in a WWE ring. Anyway I thought in terms of the match AJ showed some really good aggression following the loss on Monday and it was pretty funny to see her rip out one of Eva's hair extensions. Of course Paige came out to try and provide a distraction but that plan back fired and saw AJ leap from the apron onto a skipping Paige and unload on the former Divas champion. AJ completely destroyed Paige but sadly this led to AJ being counted out and Eva Marie picking up her second win of the week over the current Divas champion. Sadly for AJ the evening ended on an even lower note when she was hit with a Paige Turner. I really hope they have a better match on Sunday than their previous meetings as I know Paige has it in her to do well but I just think people expected too much too soon from her.

Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas - 3 Stars

It seems that Vince is no longer a Boliever and the push of Bo Dallas has come to a screeching halt. Bo spent time focusing his attack on Swagger's weakened ribs and he looked really fired up in all honesty. However Swagger soon locked in the Patriot Lock and this one was over sooner rather than later. Rusev's music hit post match and he came out with Lana. She talked up the flag match on Sunday and drew some heat but I was more disappointed there were no comments about Russia or Vladimir Putin this time. Are they saving this or back off in some way? Time will tell I guess.

The Miz vs. Roman Reigns - 3.5 Stars

This was our main event of the evening and was set up by Corporate Kane following the attack on Miz TV by Reigns and Miz's reaction backstage in trying to have Reigns banned from Miz TV for life. One loophole in Miz's gimmick that bugs me a little is he doesn't want people to hit his 'money maker', but isn't being punched in the face by your opponent kind of part of the job? Moving on to the match itself and Miz protected his 'money maker' early on by doing a lot of backing off from Reigns. He did eventually try to take control by slapping Reigns in the face but this didn't exactly work out well for him and saw Reigns destroy Miz following on from this. It looked like toward the end of the match Miz might snatch a victory but Reigns managed to gain control back after Miz was stopped from leaving the ringside area by Dolph Ziggler and really took it to Miz's 'money maker' with his flying kick and Super Man Punch before he nailed the Spear for the victory. Reigns is definitely proving every week that he is a star of the future and one of WWE's superstars to watch. Reigns is my early pick to win the Royal Rumble next year and I think his match with Randy Orton this Sunday will help further establish him as a top star in the company.

Overall Show Rating - 3 Stars

Is it me or does it seem that the last few months the Smackdown prior to a Pay Per View feels really lack lustre in terms of it's quality? I'm not saying it was a bad show but it just seemed like most of the wrestlers were going through the motions and it can be a little frustrating to watch but I understand why they are doing it as no one wants to ruin themselves going into the big show that weekend. My favourite segment this week of course goes to the Cesaro and Dean Ambrose match as I thought these two were the exception to the rule and they gave a really strong performance throughout their match and they didn't really hold anything back.

That just about wraps it up for this weeks Breakdown. I will be posting my Summerslam predictions tomorrow via Facebook so if you follow me on there you will be able to see my predictions. If not then feel free to add me to your Facebook here. Also if your a Premium member here on WNW (And if your not you really are missing out and can sign up for one of the low cost amazing plans here) and you can join myself, the other posters on WNW, as well as writers from our sister sites WWENews.Net and TNANews.Com in the premium live chat blog during the Summerslam event. The action all kicks off from 7:30pm EST and I can promise you great interaction with the writers from our sites and other wrestling fans. If I don't see you there then I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Smackdown Breakdown and hope I will see you again here next week. If you have any comments about this weeks show or about the Breakdown then please continue the conversation in the comments section below. Otherwise I will catch you all down the road and see you next week for another instalment of the Smackdown Breakdown.

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