The Smackdown Breakdown - Warning: Superplexing Onto Chairs Hurts


Hello again fellow readers of WNW and welcome to this weeks exciting edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. To says it's been an interesting week in WWE is probably an understatement. Many fans feel that the Battleground Pay Per View didn't live up to it's expectations and Lana's promo caught the attention of the mainstream media for all the wrong reasons. However with Raw WWE stepped up to the plate and smashed a home run with the way Steph was arrested for her assault of Brie Bella and the return of Brock Lesnar, which while it wasn't a surprise to anyone saw Brock get a huge pop from the crowd. Only Brock Lesnar could become the most hated man in the WWE by ending the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak and then come back to huge cheers as he looks to take down John Cena.

Just touching briefly on Lana's Battleground promo, it seems that there were a vast majority of people offended by what she said. People are always saying they want the Attitude Era back and stuff to be more realistic yet there is clearly a portion of the audience who simply can't handle WWE using reality in the show. I'm not saying it was the right thing to have said given the fact that all those innocent people lost their lives and their families are suffering right now but WWE is in a no win situation in that people want them to be edgier but when they are people are outraged. I wrote about the promo this past Wednesday on WWENews.Net and you check out more of my thoughts here. We also learnt yesterday that Daniel Bryan recently caught a burglar in his and Brie's new house and actually apprehended the guy. You have to respect Daniel Bryan for protecting himself and his family, and if there's one thing you don't want to clearly do it's try and rob from a pro wrestler. With that said lets head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and discuss this weeks show.

The Usos vs. Rybaxel - 4 Stars

I thought this was a pretty good match to start the show. Just like their match with Harper and Rowan at Battleground the Usos looked to steal the show with another fantastic performance and Rybaxel equally held their own with the Tag Team Champions. I've never been a huge Ryback fan but I do like Curtis Axel and I have to say that as a tag team these two really are growing on me. The Usos just continue to go from strength to strength and while I expected them to drop the Tag Team Championship on Sunday they put on another performance to show why they are more than deserving of keeping the straps. The ending of this back and forth match was good piece of booking as I liked seeing the Usos pulling a bit of Twin Magic like the Bella Twins used to for them to get the win. The tag division in WWE really is heating up again and I hope they don't pull the plug on it again too soon.

Miz TV - 3.5 Stars

I have to admit I was pretty surprised when the Miz won at Battleground to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Not shocked at the fact he won but more because I totally forgot he was in the match and wasn't in the ring for the majority. I liked how he came out to give an acceptance speech and that he used his mum in the promo too. Miz's 'money maker' was priceless when his mum said Roman Reigns was her favourite superstar. It was also cool to hear Miz acknowledge Maryse as his wife for the first time. Miz's party quickly came to an end ad both Bo Dallas and then Dolph Ziggler came out to the ring which I believe is just a set up for these three to face off in a triple threat at Summerslam. I'm no sure which man was more annoying between Bo and Miz though? Feel free to let me know in the comments section at the end.

Bo Dallas vs. Dolph Ziggler - 3.5 Stars

This was a nice little back and forth match between two very similar athletic talents. Bo actually pretty much held his own with Dolph in this one and showed why he is going to be a big future star. Dolph went after Miz who was on commentary during this one which inevitably meant Miz had to seek retribution by distracting Ziggler enough for Bo to roll him up and win the match. Bo took a super kick from Dolph outside the ring after his victory lap but Ziggler tasted the ring post after being pushed from behind by Miz. There's no question these three will be facing off at Summerslam and that looks like it could be a pretty good watch.

Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose - 4.5 Stars

This was a great match to watch and was under the stipulation of no disqualification rules. Ambrose got a fantastic reaction from the crowd as he came out and it was rightly deserved. I was disappointed his match with Seth Rollins at Battleground got blown off but I think Summerslam is ultimately a bigger stage for these two to face off. I have to admit I did like the segments they did between the two at Battleground that saw Ambrose try to ambush Rollins from out the trunk of his car. When they do eventually face off that match is going to be a five star effort without question.

Ambrose looked so damn intense throughout this match and he really does look like a lunatic. There were some good uses of weapons such as the ring bell, kendo sticks, and quite a few steel chairs. How many chairs does WWE actually keep under that ring To say they are illegal in most matches it always amazes me WWE have these random weapons under the ring like that. The slam by Ceasaro on Ambrose looked pretty painful but the superplex from the top rope by Cesaro onto the steel chairs made me wince. Seth Rollins gained some revenge for the recent actions of Ambrose by attacking him which gave enough time for Cesaro to capitalise and pick up the win with a small package. Ambrose then suffered an assault by Rollins and Neutralizer from Cesaro, followed by a Curb Stomp by Rollins. This was a great match and was probably more worth of being the main event for me.

Paige vs. Naomi - 3.5 Stars

So it appears that after her actions this Monday on Raw Paige is now a full fledged heel. I think that's a good thing for her character in the long run as if your going to be the anti-Diva then it makes sense to be heel. I was a little disappointed by the match between her and AJ at Battleground but I'm hopeful they will make up for it at Summerslam, and I hope Paige finds the success she deserves as a heel as it does come more naturally to her in my opinion. I Loved how Paige skipped to the ring and mocked AJ. She seems to have gone crazy like AJ, which isn't a bad thing and I like it. The match didn't last long as Cameron's music hit not long after the bell which distracted Naomi, allowing Paige to hit the Rampaige and lock in the PTO for the win. Cameron then assaulted Naomi as Paige skipped around the ring after the match. I like the attitude Cameron's character displays, I just don't think much of her in ring ability. Hopefully she will only get better and with facing Naomi there's a good chance of this.

R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt - 3.5 Stars

I was surprised by the fact that Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt at Battleground cleanly, however it allows them to continue the program into Summerslam and will certainly make for an interesting second match. I did enjoy the way the Wyatt's assaulted Jericho on Raw this week and how Bray hit him with Sister Abigail into a wall. The only thing I can't believe coming out of Raw is that R Truth hasn't been put into the stable of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. Maybe he will in the coming weeks but it seems so obvious to kind of go there.

Bray's eye still looks pretty nasty after he was busted open by Ric Flair at a house show a few weeks ago. Hopefully that thing will soon clear up but it looked nasty in the pictures we saw of it after the incident. Truth held his own in this match but it was always inevitable for me that Bray was going to come out of this the victor. I liked how he popped up into that creepy spider walk and then just took total control of the match. Post match Bray cut a promo to further heat up the intensity between him and Jericho by claiming Jericho is no saviour but Bray is.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio - 4 Stars

I was really impressed with Reign's outing at Battleground as I felt he was the standout of the fatal four way and outshone the three veterans in the ring. While I enjoy the fact Roman Reigns is in the main event of this weeks show I find myself questioning why Alberto Del Rio still gets into the main event scene when he isn't really relevant in terms of his momentum in this scene. The good thing for me in this one is I thought Del Rio gave a pretty decent account of himself but I thought Reigns once again showed why he is a future main event attraction as he continues to get better each time I see him.

I thought this was a pretty nice back and forth match that saw some great targeting of Roman's left arm by Del Rio throughout the match and even saw him lock in the cross arm breaker using the ropes. Del Rio also did a nice looking double foot stomp off the top rope which I liked. Reign's managed to eventually seize control and delivered his kick to the head on the ring apron, but in this case he kicked Del Rio's head into the nearby ring post. This of course set up for the Superman Punch, followed very quickly by a Spear for a Reigns victory to end the show. While the fans are loving Reign's right now and he looks set to become a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, I find myself questioning how long it will be before the fans start to turn on Reigns and claim he is stale and boring like the did with CM Punk when he was on top, and like I believe they may have eventually done to Daniel Bryan had he not suffered the injury to his neck. I hope it doesn't happen but it wouldn't surprise me if sooner or later the comments start coming out.

Overall Show Rating 3.5 Stars

Smackdown continued to follow up on the momentum of this weeks stellar edition of Raw on Monday and produced us a really memorable few matches. My favourite without question on this episode was the Cesaro and Dean Ambrose no disqualification match as both men gave everything they had in this one and produced a Pay Per View quality battle. These two men are easily worthy of being main even stars in the future and I hope that's where their destiny's end up taking them. While the show wasn't as good a quality as we saw from Raw it was still a pretty solid way for WWE to round up the week and bounce back from Battleground.

That just about wraps it up for another week here on the Smackdown Breakdown. As always I would love to hear your thoughts on not only the show but my comments also. If you have anything to say please leave your thoughts in the comments box below. As for me, I will be back here next week with another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown, and for those of you who read WWENews.Net regularly I will be posting an article there in the next few days about Kurt Angle and a possible return to WWE. Until then I'm now leaving to go watch a local independent wrestling show by New Generation Wrestling here in the UK, and I will no doubt give my thoughts on that through my Facebook, which you can send me a friend request on here and follow me on Twitter here. Until next week so long everybody and thanks for reading the Smackdown Breakdown.

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