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The Smackdown Breakdown - Welcome To The Dark Side

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Welcome once again everybody to the Smackdown Breakdown here on WNW.Com. Monday on Raw certainly threw up some curve balls for us didn't it with the departure of Batista from the company while he goes away to promote the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, that finally saw WWE commit to an answer over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which will either see Daniel Bryan defend the belt against Kane in a stretcher match at Money in the Bank, or the vacated title will be up for grabs for the first time in the Money in the Bank ladder match which is great to see, and probably the most shocking moment of the night when Seth Rollins turned on the Shield and became a member of Evolution. To start this weeks Smackdown we saw a recap of the turn on Raw, which I will be honest about, I never saw Seth being the one to turn. I posted an article on WWENews.Net about where I see things going for Seth which you can check out here called the Evolution of Seth Rollins. And with that said lets head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown.

Triple H and Seth Rollins Segment - 4 Stars

Triple H came out first and got some serious heat from the crowd by just being there, but it was nothing compared to the reaction Seth Rollins got. I swear the boo's got louder the moment he walked out onto the ramp. I personally thought it was a bit odd he was still in his Shield gear but I guess that will change at some point soon. What I really liked in this promo was how well Triple H sold the dominance of the Shield as a group. Triple H plays the heel boss very differently to Vince and I think that's refreshing to see as it would be so easy to be the same, but Hunter really has worked hard to be different.

The biggest question on everyone's mind though was why did Seth Rollins turn on his brothers, the Shield? Well he gave us his answer...The only person who needs to know why is Seth Rollins. I thought that was a great way to keep people second guessing and interested in the story. It will be interesting on Monday night to hear how Reigns and Ambrose react to Seth and to see where this story goes. Dolph Ziggler came out and put some realism in his segment when he talked about how he would probably get a beat down for talking and how he will probably be pushed down the card for opening his mouth. Dolph calls Seth a traitor and a sell out, which Triple H responded to excellently by saying Seth has sold out arena's, which I loved. This of course set up a match immediately between Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins - 4 Stars

This match was a back and forth effort early on between two tremendous talents. It's great to see Seth getting a chance to step up but I really feel like many that Dolph should be being used in a better spot on any card. The good thing for Seth Rollins in all of this is he can learn so much from a veteran like Triple H and from Randy Orton, and I hope he really picks their brains during his time with them and learns a lot from both men. You could tell Triple H was proud of the fact he got Seth on board with Evolution and that he managed to adapt.

Both men pulled off some hard hitting kicks and moves throughout this match, and Dolph Ziggler came very close at one point to winning. However it was Seth Rollins who came out the victor after he hit Dolph with his power bomb into the turnbuckle and hit the Curb Stomp, which I think was a nice little set up and well executed. This was a decent opening contest and very enjoyable to watch. We later saw Evolution back stage talking and being confronted by the Big Show who was also very unhappy at Seth Rollins for his actions. This ended up setting up the main event for the evening of Randy Orton versus Big Show.

The Uso's vs. Rybaxel - 3.5 Stars

Just lately I have to admit I feel Rybaxel have really come into their own as a tag team. I'm not a fan of Ryback but I must admit I feel he has been impressive as of late, and I really feel Curtis Axel is a talent who could still bring something big to the table in the next few years. The match was controlled mostly by Rybaxel but saw the Uso's pick up a win despite hitting very little offence, something I feel they are doing more and more in their matches and something I don't want to see them continue doing. I guess though that is sometimes how things go, even in sports such as hockey, football, or baseball; one team might play better overall but they still come out the losers. The good thing for the Uso's is they really have been elevated since their involvement in the John Cena and Wyatt Family story, and I hope they can continue to build on that momentum.

Rusev vs. Xavier Woods - 3.5 Stars

Lana came out onto the ramp and as always cut a promo on Russia, and this time angled it more toward how throughout history Russian's have been recognized as symbols of excellence. We then saw Rusev come out with his Gold Star Medal that he was awarded on Raw from the Russian Federation. I wonder what Vladimir Putin actually thinks about his involvement in this story line. What struck me though was when Xavier Wood's came out; Are all Rusev's opponents now going down the USA line? Seriously, he will probably be facing American hero's Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan next. This match was just another way to make Rusev look dominant and was over in 30 seconds which consisted of Rusev super kicking Woods and locking in the Accolade.

Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro - 4 Stars

This match was set up following Cesaro walking out on Barrett during their tag match on Monday, and Cesaro getting involved in the RVD and Barrett match on Main Event Tuesday night. Paul Heyman did a great job as always in drawing heat before Cesaro even came out, even getting in his line about Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, a line I just love hearing him milk at every opportunity. I am really enjoying the work of all the men involved in this match right now, and I have to say I feel RVD is looking better in the ring now than he has the last few weeks. I especially like the double Rolling Thunder he hit on Barrett and Cesaro.

Cesaro put in a great performance too where I felt he looked dominant. He hit a lovely looking uppercut on RVD as he looked like he would be doing a dive out of the ring. There was also a nice spot from RVD when he hit a moonsault outside the ring. Despite their best efforts though it was the Brit Bad News Barrett who picked up the win when he took advantage and hit a Bull Hammer Elbow on RVD who had just nailed Cesaro with a Five Star Frog Splash. This was a strong match and once again a thoroughly entertaining watch.

Bray Wyaat Segment - 4 Stars

He's back, and boy did he deliver. Bray cut another great promo and talked about how at Payback Cena trapped him in a box, causing him to lay in the dark and bring back some very dark memories, including what the face of Sister Abigail looked like. Bray really came alive and talked about how he had become more powerful now and how he had nothing left to fear as he had been reborn. He ended the promo by simply asking the WWE Universe one thing; "Join Me", something I don't think many of us are going to need much encouragement to do.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox - 4 Stars

Alicia Fox has certainly got plenty of people talking with her new gimmick, and I feel she really has stepped up her game since getting a push. I haven't really ever been a fan of hers, and I can remember back in 2012 when I went to a live event with my wife and friends that Alicia was in a match with Nattie, and I really ripped on Alicia for her lack of skill, especially when she was selling Natalya pulling her hair and I shouted out that they were only extensions, how can that hurt? Needless to say she didn't look pleased but she has proved me wring now and shown she does have some talent after all.

Back to the match on Smackdown and I thought this was a nice back and forth Divas match that saw Natalya pick up a more than well deserved win. I will say this about Alicia Fox; she is a freaking' loon! She threw another fit after she lost the match and had another one of her crazy episodes, this time in front of Lillian Garcia. The tantrums remind me a little of when Christian would throw tantrums back in 2002 after he lost matches. I like it and I hope Alicia continues to improve.

Bo Dallas vs. Santino Marella - 3.5 Stars

Clearly no one from WWE creative has been reading my Breakdown as they still insist on pairing poor Emma with Santino. I hope they realize what a great talent Emma is and take her away from Santino soon before she turns into a joke. Bo Dallas being introduced as inspirational made me laugh but it adds something else to hate about his character for me. Even his actions in the ring like celebrating after doing a take down on Santino just draw you to want to punch him. Santino did have a decent moment though when he celebrated by doing his trumpet action after getting his own back on Bo moments later. Dallas picked up another win with the Bo-Dog to go 5-0 and did another of those awesome victory laps to complete the segment. You need to stop winning soon though Bo or Brock Lesnar will be back to destroy you (Please Brock, please come back and do it).

The Big Show vs. Randy Orton - 4 Stars

Before the match Big Show and Orton both had the opportunity to cut promo's. In his Big Show called Evolution bullies, and talked about how he was bullied as a child and eventually overcame the bullies with a KO punch, something he wanted to do to Orton. Randy Orton dropped a big hint during his interview that the craziest things can happen when you least expect it, and boy was he right. It was a clear hint that something was going to go down and this match wasn't ending cleanly.

As with Seth Rollins match earlier in the night we saw Triple H accompany Randy Orton to the ring and remain ringside throughout this match. Big Show had the early advantage in this match and worked to frustrate Orton early on, but that didn't last long and when we came back from the commercial break we learnt Triple H had gotten involved and caused a distraction, allowing Orton to take control. The DDT Orton did on Big Show hanging from the top rope was impressive and is a move I don't think Orton gets enough credit for being able to execute. It looked like Big Show might win toward the end of the match but out of nowhere Seth Rollins delivered that crazy moment when he caught Big Show with a knee off the top rope. Rollins drew more heat from the fans and ended up being chanted at by the fans that he sold out, before he hit not one but two Curb Stomps on the Big Show on a steel chair. This was a decent main event to watch and a great way to end the show.

Overall Show Rating - 4 Stars

I felt this week WWE delivered a fairly strong show. There weren't any real moments that made me sit back and cringe, but there wasn't really anything that totally blew my mind either. However what we saw was enough for me to take notice of the show and I thought everyone worked well throughout the show. My favorite match of the night was the triple threat between Bad News Barrett, RVD, and Cesaro. From start to finish it was an intense match and really enjoyable to watch. I hope this Monday on Raw we will get to see more about where the story between the Shield and Evolution goes, as well as hearing the reaction of Reigns and Ambrose to what Seth Rollins did to them.

As always I want to thank you for taking the time to read the Smackdown Breakdown. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it, and as always I hope you will be back next week to join me for another exciting edition. Until then so long everybody, thanks for reading, and remember to keep visiting Wrestling News World daily for your fill of the most reliable and up to date wrestling news on the internet.

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