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Welcome everyone back to WNW! This week, we were live in Charlotte, North Carolina for Smackdown Live as our own Ryan McClure was in attendance! 

Opening Segment: Before people get upset that we saw Vince McMahon take Kofi out of the WWE Championship Match at Fastlane, don’t panic. This story should play out to Kofi getting his championship at WrestleMania. It will all payoff in the end. Besides, it was great to see KO make his return to the ring after double knee surgery. The crowd was behind Kingston the entire time and we will see him in the championship picture at Mania. I’m sure of it. A

The Bar vs The Hardyz: Card is subject to change everyone, and that’s what happened here. Johnny Gargano was set to face Cesaro but we were greeted with the return of Matt Hardy, teaming with his brother Jeff. Matt looks like he is in great shape along with showed no sign of ring rust after a long hiatus. Looks like the Woken gimmick is gone from now, but that’s okay with me! B+

R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs Andrade for the United States Championship: The crowd was behind Truth the entire match and adored his pre-match speech about John Cena being his idol. As for the match, a good three way match that protected all men. Truth picking up the win made sense as the feud between Mysterio and Andrade doesn’t seem to be over just yet. A-

Charlotte Flair Segment: I am not sure how it came across on television, but the crowd gave some heat to Flair, considering it being in her hometown. I wasn’t a fan of the promo. It’s not that it was bad, but they could have used Flair’s time in the ring to give to the Women’s Championship Contenders on Smackdown. No other women segment or match were on this week’s show. I will say the crowd was super hot for Becky, who wasn’t used on the show. C-

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs Nakamura and Rusev: I want to state that Rusev is still over and WWE was wrong to turn him back to being a heel. The match was good, but a much slower pace than I expected it to be. I’m glad that Black and Ricochet are together as a team as the two are such talented performers that they do not need to be lost in the shuffle. It will be exciting to see if Black and Nakamura have a chance to have a program down the road as the two showed off great chemistry. B+

AJ Styles and Randy Orton Backstage: Plans of AJ and Randy going to WrestleMania this year, the seeds have been planted. A

Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston: Strong main event match that saw a finish of Owens hitting a stunner on Bryan to pick up the win. Like I said before, don’t give up so quick because this story will be paid off in the end. A

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