SmackDown Live Results (11/14/17) - The Queen Takes Back Her Throne

Smackdown Live

Good Evening WNW readers! Welcome to the final edition of Smackdown before the much anticipated Survivor Series this Sunday. On tap for tonight is looking to be a great action filled two hours. We have two title matches. One is Sin Cara vs Baron Corbin for the US Championship. The next involves the hometown girl Charlotte taking on Natalya for the Women's Championship. With both title matches having Survivor Series implications. Also, The New Day has answered The Shield's challenge as well. Much to look forward to tonight!

Charlotte, North Carolina.

Opening Segment with Shane McMahon and the complete SmackDown Roster

He tells the roster to be prepared, and after Survivor Series SmackDown will know longer be the B show. Becky Lynch and Baron Corbin touch on what they're going to do to their opponents on Sunday. Shane say's they will be the Survivor's this Sunday. The New Day say's there not worried about The Shield this Sunday. "BECAUSE" They end the segment with "Smackdown Rocks"

In-Ring Segment Daniel Bryan/AJ Styles

(Video package of him being attacked by Kane on his visit with RAW)

He say's it's great to be back on SmackDown. He mentions he went to RAW to make peace. He say's RAW is afraid, that's why they added HHH to their team. And they are also afraid. He mention's the 25th Anniversary of RAW coming up soon, and how they ran over Team RAW. He say's he bleeds Team Blue, and he's proud of the guys in the back. And on Sunday they will prove why they are the better brand. He mentions the addition of adding John Cena. He then introduces the New WWE Champion AJ Styles.

(Crowd Chants AJ Styles) before he get's on the mic.

Daniel Bryan say's that Smackdown treats their Champions even better on Smackdown. He asks just for tonight, does AJ want his personal advocate? Just like their Champion on RAW? Daniel Bryan then mocks Paul Heyman as he is introducing AJ like he does with Brock. Bryan say's he agreed with Heyman's points besides the F number 5. He says Brock has a tendency of quitting just like WWE, and just like to a half ass arm bar in UFC. He says AJ will push Brock into deep waters. That Brock will get tired, he will eventually quit. He mentions Brock's strengths, but he could not go along with the Phenomonal AJ Styles.

AJ say's, it's ok I can speak too, I'm not a puppet like Brock.He say's is the underdog and agrees with Heyman, but this ain't no Rocky movie, this is an AJ Styles Production. Also that he will prove why SmackDown is the A show, and he will prove why Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built.

Backstage with Jinder Mahal/AJ Styles

Jinder tells AJ after Brock destroys him on Sunday at Survivor Series, it will mean nothing compared to what he does to him when he falls to The Modern Day Maharajah.

Sin Cara vs Baron Corbin (United States Championship)

Sin Cara using his speed early, all over Corbin, knocking him to the outside of the ring. On the outside Sin Cara continues his assault on Corbin until Corbin hits Sin Cara on the apron knocking him to the outside. A big toss into the barricade by Corbin. Corbin throws Sin Cara back inside, attempts a corner clothesline, but Sin Cara kicks him in the face. Very little effect to Corbin as he is taking it to Sin Cara, taking his time playing with the crowd. He puts Sin Cara into a sleeper, and lets him out. Corbin with a big punch to Sin Caras face. Sin Cara then comes to life, a nice cross body to Corbin, using many high fly moves. But Corbin catches Sin Cara and hits him with the Deep Six. Goes for the pin, but Sin Cara kicks out. Sin Cara hits Corbin with a moosault on the outside. Back in the ring Sin Cara to the top, Corbin gets up and catches Sin Cara, hits the END OF DAYS and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: by pinfall and still United States Champion Baron Corbin

(Video Package)

The under siege and what happened when The New Day went to RAW, and what took place last night with HHH adding himself.

Back Stage Segment Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon

Shane welcomes back Bryan. He thanks him for the support, Bryan says Survivor Series is very important. Bryan is also upset about the invasion not being told the info, and that he and Shane have to talk after Survivor Series.

Charlotte vs Natalya (WWE Women's Championship)

(Commercial before the match)

replay of HIAC between the two

Charlotte with an early pin attempt. Nattie kicks out. Both women exchanging punches, onto the outside, Charlotte tosses Nattie into the barricade. Back in the ring, Charlotte goes for another quick pin, but again Nattie kicks out. A boot by Charlotte, and another pin attempt, Nattie rolls to the outside.

(Commercial Break)

Nattie has Charlotte in an surfboard, Charlotte gets out and starts chopping Nattie, Nattie then clotheslines Charlotte and Natie is back in control. Charlotte out of no where spears Nattie as she come off the ropes. Another pin attmept by Charlotte, but another kick out. Charlotte attempts the figure 8, but Nattie kicks her into the 2nd turnbuckle. Nattie now goes for the pin, but Charlotte kicks out. Nattie attempts the sharp shooter but Charlotte kicks Nattie away. Nattie goes to the outside, and Charlotte on the apron kicks Nattie and drops her. On the outside Charlotte gets on top of the ring barricade but Nattie grabs Charlotte and power bombs her into the ring post, laying out Charlotte. Back inside the ring, Nattie puts Charlotte into the sharp shooter, Charlotte try's fighting to the rope, but Nattie drags her back. Once again another fight to the ropes and makes it to break up the hold. Charlotte throws Nattie to the outside, back inside Charlotte hits Nattie with a boot, locks in the figure 8 and Nattie taps.

Winner: by submission and New SmackDown Live Women's Champion Charlotte

After the match Charlotte say's she's fought 24/7 to get back to winning the WWE Championship back, and that Alexa will bow down to the Queen. She mentions Ric Flair and how she would loved to have him there, but mentions she'll get a text when she get's to the back congratulating her.

Ric Flair's music hits, as Charlotte is heading to the back. Charlotte shocked, and Flair comes out. They hug it out in an emotional moment and walk to the back.

(Video Package)

Luke Harper and Eric Rowan scheduled for next week!

Benjamin and Gable vs The Uso's 

(They talk about facing The Bar on Sunday, also they mention each tag team they've beaten)

Gable and Jimmy start off quick, but a huge shot to Gable by Jimmy right in the face, slowing him down pretty quick. Gable on the outside and Jimmy follows, on the apron Jimmy gets his legs twisted by Gable that's already back inside. Gable now in full control and pounding on Jimmy's leg. Multiple submission and wear down's to Jimmy's leg. Keeping him grounded. Jimmy tries a kick to Gable but misses and Gable once again attacks Jimmy's leg. It's been one sided since the beginning, all Gable to this point. Gable to the top, attempts a moon sault but lands on his feet. Jimmy kicks him and Jimmy is hobbling with the advantage. Gable throws Jimmy into the rope and Jimmy goes face first into the middle rope, similar scene to what Enzo getting knocked out, but he seems to be ok. On the outside Gable pushes Jey Uso and he chases him into the ring, Benjamin tries to interfere with Jey but Jey kicks Benjamin to the floor. Gable then knocks Jey off the apron. With the distraction Jimmy with the superkick to Gable and for the 1-2-3.

Winner: by pinfall Jimmy Uso

Back Stage Segment Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Zayn talks about not being on Survivor Series, Owens says its because of Shane, he then says it doesn't matter who's show it is, its all about the Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Show. Zayn mentioned it's New Day VS The Shield, and what a joke the New Day is.

In-Ring Segment The New Day

Woods says this Sunday it's Survivor Series and its the only PPV where Raw goes up against Smackdown. The hounds of Justice vs the Unicorns. They ask why someone would want to name themselves after dog's when dog's eat their own poop. Woods says The Shield is together because its 'Cuffing' season. They're bound to turn on each other again. Big E says they will survive, because they've never turned on each other and most of all because "New Day Rock's!

(Commercial Break)

205 Live Preview Kalisto's Birthday

New Day vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Zayn and Woods start the match. Zayn with a quick clothesline, but Woods intervenes, they have Zayn in the corner stomping a mud hole, in and out tag's with Big E. Zayn is able to get Owens in the ring and Owens pounding Woods in the corner. A drop kick by Woods on Owens who was lying on the middle rope. A tag to Big E, and a spear to Owens in the corner, attempts a pin but Owens kicks out. An assisted splash by Big E onto Owens, and he rolls to the outside. Owens pulls Woods to the outside and Owens hit's a senton on Woods on the floor outside.

(Commercial Break)

Zayn has Woods still in the ring after commercial, he tags in Owens and Owens has him grounded with a chin lock. Woods tries fighting out, but Owens hits Woods with a DDT, Zayn now in the ring and Woods is still in there needing a tag. Woods finally tags in Big E and Big E hits multiple power moves. Big splash by Big E, Owens in the ring but tossed to the outside and Woods over the top onto Owens.

The Shield's music hit's! The Shield has half RAW, half Shield shirts on. They make there way to the ring, circling the New Day, Owens and Zayn just leave the ring, leaving The New Day to fight The Shield alone. The Shield then beats on The New Day. The Uso's then come out to assist The New Day, but Cesaro and Sheamus also come through the crowd. Again no match for Team Raw, as they continue their assault and revenge on Team SmackDown. The Women from RAW break into the Smackdown locker and take out all of the SmackDown roster that was inside the locker room.They cut back to the ring and the entire RAW roster is now in the ring!

Team Smackdown comes down to the ring, led by Shane McMahon, it's complete chaos in and outside the ring! Both brands destroying one another. Kurt Angle comes out and gestures to the back, it's Braun Strowman. He goes after anyone and everyone in his path, Shane try's his best against Braun but Strowman takes him out. Team Red has taken everyome out. Its the Shield and Shane left in the ring. Shane tries to fight out of the hands of the shield but its not happening, each of the RAW guys on the outside are hammering Shane as the Shield holds him down. Kurt Angle then gets into the ring, The Shield holding him down. Kurt grabs Shane's face and say's how it feel? Just wait till Sunday, he then puts thumbs up and The Shield triple power bomb's Shane. Angle hits Shane with the Angle slam. The shield, Kurt and Braun are the one's in the ring with the lonely Shane.Shane tries getting up but The Shield again with another triple power bomb. Monday Night Raw's music hit's and the RAW roster heads to the top of the stage. Closing out the show.

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