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"Surprise! Surprise" at the Royal Rumble

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AJ Styles' entrance during his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble

Every year in the Royal Rumble, we all expect to see who will stand tall as the final superstar is thrown over the top rope and a winner is celebrated. I think it’s safe to say that the main attractions of the Rumble are the surprise entrants though. As soon as we hear that classic music hits and we see some sort of WWE Legend, or even a debuting superstar steps foot out of that curtain, we may hear the biggest pop of the evening and it could be the biggest pop we’ve ever heard in our wrestling lives.

WWE is full of surprises. There have been many rumors of Rey Mysterio and Batista returning to the company. Soon, Jeff Hardy is set to return from his injury that occurred last year. I can just imagine hearing “Booyaka! Booyaka…..” and the arena’s roof just blows up. A lot of us were hoping to see the debut of “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega. Unfortunately, for wrestling fanatics, Omega just signed a one-year deal to stay with New Japan. Who knows? Maybe we can see him at the 2019 Royal Rumble. As for Dave Batista, I feel like he’s not legendary enough for there to be a special “pop.” That’s only based off of his previous run in WWE a few years ago. He didn’t really get over with the fans when he came back and continuously got booed each and every week. He certainly has my respect though. The man, at almost 50 years of age, wants to come back and work a full schedule. Not to mention, he wants to have a big feud with the COO, Triple H. If we see some sort of “wild” return from a guy like Edge or Daniel Bryan, then I think it would be such a memorable moment and quite historic.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a surprise winner though. Kevin Owens is my biggest hope to win it all. KO is one of the most entertaining and prideful wrestlers in the WWE today. He definitely knows how to win a championship and rock the title being on his shoulder very well! I’m a big fan of his for sure! People absolutely love to hate the man. He knows how to get a big time heel pop before he leaves the arena. I think that if he’s given the opportunity, he can certainly put on an amazing main even at Wrestlemania this year and turn it into “KOMania” for sure.

As for the Women’s Royal Rumble, it has potential to be a big attraction as well. Especially with all of the talented women in the WWE today. Personally, I have Nia Jax winning the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. “She’s not like most girls” because she has power and enough potential to be one of the most dominate women in the WWE. Whenever Stephanie McMahon announced the debut of the Women’s Royal Rumble, her and Nia shared a pretty passionate hug, too. I think Nia has the connection with the McMahon family for them to award her with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble victory and go on to main event Wrestlemania. She and Alexa Bliss can make a heck of a main event, too! Especially with the chemistry that they have in and out of the ring, considering the fact that they’re best friends on and off-screen.

As for surprise entrants in the Women’s Royal Rumble, I feel like it can only be right if they have Trish Stratus, Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins in it. I just know that Trish will make an impact on the Rumble and certainly play a big role in the “Women’s Revolution” in the WWE. There were many rumors that Kelly Kelly was considering a WWE return but, of course, nothing was written in stone just yet. Maybe they can talk Lita into making an appearance as well! I know that this year’s WWE Royal Rumble will be one for the books.

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