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Survivor Series: Then & Now

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Survivor Series

This Sunday marks the 31st annual Survivor Series. The 2017 event seems to break every rule we're used to when it comes to building up to a show. We have had a multitude of changes just weeks before the event. We have gone from Lesnar vs. Mahal to Lesnar vs. Styles. Jason Jordan would become the fifth member of team Raw and be replaced the next week by HHH. If we look at the past Survivor Series events you can see this show is historically used to shake things up. Whether it be title changes, heel turns, debuts or Montreal, Survivor Series known for controversy. So what does one half to do with the other? Let's take a brief look at when controversy has struck at the event.

This starts with Survivor Series 1991 and the WWF Title Match. Ric Flair interferes in an Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan match. A three count later and Hogan lost the title. Fast forward to 1994 when Bret lost his title to Backlund. Owen manipulated his mother into throwing the towel in on Bret. Initially Bulldog was the holder of the towel however Owen's antics cost Bret the match and his title.

Montreal would be our next example of shenanigans. We all know that story from Survivor Series: Gang Rulz 1997. How about the next year when poor Mick Foley would be double crossed. Montreal would be recreated and The Rock would become champion. In 1999 we a historical triple threat would be ruined. Austin was hit by a car and Big Show replaced him. HHH would be attacked by Vince during this match allowing Big Show to win.

In 2001 during the invasion Austin and the Invasion appeared set for victory. Until a couple referee bumps and interference by a returning Kurt Angle. This would allow Rock to defeat the Alliance after a Rock Bottom. How about 2003 Undertaker gets buried alive in a match with Vince McMahon. An explosion and a Kane return is what cost the Deadman. The 2005 event isn't like others on this list, however after Orton wins hooded men come to the ring. Undertaker has his sights set on Orton and leads to a memorable moment.

We then have to wait all the way until 2010 when Cena screws Barrett. In the process Cena also loses his job. Orton would be the victor and we know how the Nexus story ends. The Shield would debut in 2012 and would help CM Punk win. It's one of the most memorable debuts in history. If 2012 isn't memorable enough for you how about 2014. Only the debut of the biggest non-WWE superstar ever. Sting helps Ziggler defeat the authority and the rest is history.

That brings us to present day and what may be added to the above list. The Miz doesn't exactly see eye to eye with Angle, does he get involved? Jason Jordan has to be upset with his situation. A heel turn could be a career saver for him. Let's talk Kane and how Strowman just put him through the ring. Kane could certainly have Strowman eliminated during this match. I also find it interesting that Neville rumors surfaced this week, could the King make his return?

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are unhappy with Shane. I could see them causing defeat of Team Smackdown. I could also see them attack a member of the team prior to the match. Speaking of someone getting attacked, I could see Rusev doing that as well. How about Jinder, does he interfere in Styles and Lesnar? Also let's not forget Ms. Money in the Bank who I think leaves with the title. Finally it was leaked Daniel Bryan and WWE are working together to wrestle again. He's been off since the attack, could he be going through testing to be cleared for Sunday?

On paper this appears to be an all time great show and it is a memorable controversy away from being the best. Thank you for reading the first of my many articles on Wrestling News World. Keep checking the site for updated news and wrestling discussion. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to chat wrestling with me on Twitter @awesomephinatic. Until next time, be awesome!

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