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Every wrestling promotion has a roster, or rosters, filled with wrestlers who are good guys, bad guys, total badasses who are neither.  WWE is the one company that pretty much tries to abide by that rule where their shows absolutely have to have a babyface or a monster heel.  A fan-favorite babyface is one who wins the crowd over and can send them home happy at the end of a show.  They make sure to win over the fans and have people's kids looking up to them, wearing their merchandise and cheering for them.  But then, there are always those guys who are the "big, bad wolves" of the show.  They just have to come in and crush the dreams of those little kids who look up to the top babyfaces of the company.  Let's point out who those top heels are in WWE today.

1. Roman Reigns

If you would've asked me two years ago if I liked Roman Reigns, anyone could step in and answer that question for me with a big, fat "NO." Roman just seemed so cliche' as a face.  What made it worse was that his mic skills were just downright disappointing. It was hard watching certain promos before his big return this summer.

But then, he surprisingly returned after The Fiend defeated Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship and the whole wrestling community lost their minds when Roman came in the ring and wrecked everyone.  Reigns (and Vince McMahon) gave us all what we've been waiting for the last 5 years, and that's a great, but well-planned, heel turn.  

Roman is playing this role very well, as his gimmick is now a Samoan man who knows he's the head of the table and wants to be acknowledged as such. His gimmick made me feel uncomfortable when he was beating the heck out of the Usos and that is absolutely fine by me. Not to mention, he became a Paul Heyman Guy! This man feuded with Brock Lesnar for all these years and talked about how he didn't need an advocate to speak for him and all that was bad about Lesnar. Now, he's in Lesnar's shoes. Roman's mic skills have drastically improved along to the point where he probably won't even need Paul as he continues his heel run.

2. Randy Orton

When thinking of a great heel, you just can't not think of the new WWE Champion Randal Keith Orton. Orton just has the demeanor of what a true heel is meant to be in WWE. He knows how to draw heat from the crowd, can cut a great promo, slither his way to a victory, and wreak havoc for a good portion of a show. When he was kicked out of Evolution after his first World Heavyweight Championship win, it was almost like we (the fans) were parents sending their child off for their first official day of college to see how they'd do on their own. Orton didn't disappoint at all!

He started feuds with legends, beginning his first run as the "Legend Killer." After he was paired to work with his father, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, it really helped for his first, singles heel run. Orton, in recent years, has revisited some of his earliest, most devious heel tactics. In addition to going back to his "Legend Killer" gimmick, he feuded with Kofi Kingston in 2019 which allowed Kofi to remind the world about the time a decade ago where Orton buried him on a live episode of Raw. Then, Orton did a totally "Viper" thing a smashed Edge's head between two chairs on the night after the Royal Rumble of 2020 when Edge made his return. Some of Orton's tactics just make one say "Randal....Keith....Orton...." and look surprise as if he'd never done these things before.

3. AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One is just loved everywhere. If WWE wasn't restricted to just doing shows in the Thunderdome (where WWE edits crowd reactions), AJ Styles would still be getting cheered in any arena his entrance music plays in. He literally displays the best wrestling skills on the planet. But a big, but underrated, part of AJ's heel runs are his promos. He can go toe-to-toe, pound-for-pound if you will, with any of the best talkers in any situation when he's a bad guy. 

AJ feuded with John Cena on Smackdown and gave a promo that was so good, I swear I would've thought AJ hated Cena outside of WWE. You could tell just from watching the segment that AJ was just letting his words flow right into the mic rather than studying or writing something down beforehand. It's like his country, Georgia accent becomes even more transparent when he's a heel. He becomes so engaged with the crowd and knows how to draw heat during a segment. 

Styles has turned heel both times in WWE when he was alongside his Club members, Gallows and Anderson. It's almost like they brought out the best start of a bad guy in him both times. You really can't help but to love and respect AJ Styles whether he's a face or a heel.

4. Seth Rollins

You should've already expected this one! The Messiah's second heel run was long awaited. He definitely needed this turn to help himself out because he was losing the WWE fans after he'd tell them that he's the "best WRESTLER on the planet." This didn't sit too well with the WWE Universe considering many still have kept that title for CM Punk, the original "Best in the World," even though Punk hasn't been in a WWE ring since 2014. 

Rollins aligned himself with AoP and became the leader of their faction. He, then, added Buddy Murphy to the group to carry on with a monstrous, heel faction. The problem is, AoP stayed legitimately injured and Rollins' booking in general has been lackluster. Still, he continues to be one of the top heels because of how his gimmick is that of a leader of a cult-type of group.

His first singles' heel run, after he turned on The Shield, was brilliant! He was an annoying little prick who depended on the people around him to save him from pressured situations. He even had the goofy laugh of an annoying little prick, too. He cheated to win and got his first WWE Championship from the MITB cash-in. Unfortunately, he injured his knee but this injury made us truly appreciate his presence as a bad guy. His return after the injury consisted of a heel Rollins' receiving a huge pop from the live crowd. Now, in 2020, he is definitely still appreciated just from how hard he works to be a great bad guy and a hell of a wrestler.

5. The Miz

Speaking of a hard working, great bad guy, I couldn't just finish this list off without talking about The Miz. Miz is definitely a must see WWE Superstar. His entrance alone is the perfect heel entrance. As soon as his music hits, Miz is welcomed to a wave of boos because he may have just cheated to win a championship match in the PPV the night before and we all know that he's coming out just to tell us how awesome he is and how crappy we, and the guy he just beat, all are.

His first WWE Championship run was perfect for his character. He cashed in the MITB briefcase on an injured, babyface Randy Orton who had just won a tough match against Wade Barrett and was attacked by the Nexus. Then, of course, Miz won the title in perfect fashion and had fans pissed off. It was so great that there was the "Angry Miz Girl" who became famous off of it!

When his hands goes up, your mouth goes shut. Truly, The Miz time in WWE has made many speechless because of how hard he has worked. When he says "I am THE MIZ! AND I....AM.....AWWWWWEEEEE-SOMEEEEE!" you might be booing him but you're saying it with him as well.

6. MVP

The man we first knew as "Montel Vontavious Porter" had to come up on this list. He has some of the best mic skills in wrestling and has kept the image up of The Hurt Business. MVP is slowly transitioning into a great manager. It actually has benefited the careers of Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. I say Lashley and Shelton because it almost felt liked WWE brought them back into the company all for crappy booking and those returns have taken them nowhere. Then, Cedric's booking was so bad that he was jobbing for the longest. But their jumps to MVP's Hurt Business have all taken their WWE careers into a better, brighter direction.

Honorable(ish) Mentions

Please don't hate me, but for the honorable mentions, I have to place Elias, Tommaso Ciampa, Nia Jax, Velveteen Dream, and Lars Sullivan in here. Elias and Tommaso are awesome and a lot of us love them. So, they truly are honorable mentions. But, Nia Jax, Velveteen Dream and Lars aren't good honorable mentions. Many have disliked Nia because she's unsafe in the ring with some of our favorite superstars. She, as a heel, draws heat from the crowd and at times, it's awesome. But if she injures someone pretty badly to the point where they have to go home for some months, she becomes the most hated person in WWE for some time.

And then, it's safe to say that Dream and Lars aren't very well-liked right now due to the things they have been accused of outside of WWE and on social media in recent years. Their heat with fans is REAL heat. Which is pretty unfortunate because for all their years in NXT, many fans looked forward to their main roster appearances. Hopefully, their real life situations can be sorted out and solved before they receive some sort of big pushes.

And there you all have it! Those were the best heels in my own perspective of the WWE today. Think I may have missed some? Should there be someone else in this list instead of others? Let me know on Twitter @WNWJovan! I would love to hear it!

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