The Breakdown Special Edition – Tribute To The Troops

WWE Tribute to the Troops

Welcome to an extremely special edition of The Breakdown! As a Veteran, I am honored to get to write about WWE's annual show for the men and women of the Armed Forces. For all that have served, are currently serving, or will serve, from everyone here at WNW, we thank you for your service. This blog will be different from others, as I will not be reviewing segments like I normally would. The only thing I will critique will be the matches themselves, and that will not even be very harsh, as this show is about pleasing the troops.

Break it Down!

Opening Video:

WWE's dedication to the Armed Forces is something that we as a nation should be proud of, as it seems so few care about them until it hits home. And there is nothing better than to see a family reunited with their loved ones after a long deployment.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt:

This was a nice, short teaser match for what I am sure will be a Royal Rumble showdown between these two men. Of course, with Harper and Rowan outside of the ring, this was going to end in a DQ. But it was great to see GOATS become reunited for one night to end up in the Vickie Guerrero Special, leading us to:

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan:

Ok, I have to make one joke here: Rowan looks like what would happen if one of the airplane mechanics got lost in the woods for about a year! While I hate when matches are started during commercial breaks, I can understand they were already quite pinched on time to fit this into NBC's tight schedule for the show. NBC couldn't have skipped the repeat of The Blacklist to let the show go the 2 hours they filmed? But I digress. For what little work there was here, it was quite nice. Rowan and Harper continue to impress me more and more as time goes on, and I wish GOATS would team together more often, as they have great chemistry together. With the numbers game still in the hands of The Wyatts, it was only a matter of time until Bray interfered in this match, setting up:

Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family:

First off, WOW! Now that was a huge pop for Cena! And while I know Cole and JBL had mentioned it earlier in the earlier in the match, you could really see just how cold it was in that hanger at multiple times during this match. Punk played the damsel quite well, and that hanger erupted as Cena got the hot tag! And I have to give WWE props for making the Wyatts look like a very credible threat in this, as it took all three members of the face team hitting their finishers on Luke Harper to get the three count.

Celebrity Videos:

I'm just going to lump all of them into this one spot, but it was quite nice to see plenty of bigger name stars who you would normally not associate with WWE support the troops in these videos.

Daughtry Concert:

Daughtry, since he formed his band after American Idol, has always been a huge supporter of the military. He does multiple free concerts at various bases throughout the year and works closely with the USO. And I have to say, considering the fact they were at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, they picked a very appropriate song to play. And who couldn't love Santino as MC for this? Maybe WWE should consider using him to introduce all of these sorts of acts!

Fandango vs. R-Truth:

Considering how cold I bet Bryan and Punk were during their match, I can only imagine that Summer Rae was nearly dying out there! This was a great fluff match to keep the crowd hyped up between the concert and Jeff Dunham's comedy set. Good back and forth between both men, but while I did say that I wouldn't be overly critical of the matches tonight, I do want to point logical fallacy. Fandango has a title match this Monday for the Intercontinental Title, but how can we believe he has even a remote chance after he went under to R-Truth tonight?

Jeff Dunham Set:

Granted, I will fully admit I am a Jeff Dunham fan, but this was some of the funniest stuff I had heard in a while! I nearly passed out from laughing at it! (Don't worry, it's normal for me! Wonderful side effect from my TBI!) And what better place to poke fun at the government than at a military base? Peanut was a great choice to show across national TV, but I wish we had got some Achmed!

Big Show vs. Damien Sandow:

Show pulled out the Stink Face! If for nothing else, that's why I miss Rikishi! Of course, this was going to nothing more than a glorified squash of Sandow to send the troops home happy, but that's part of the fun of this night. Everything we saw was for those brave men and women, and every person from the top to bottom of the show absolutely had a ball doing so.


Thanks for reading this special edition of the Breakdown, and I will see you next week for Smackdown!

Jesse Sherwood

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