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The Smackdown Breakdown - The Gobbledy Gooker Strikes Back


Happy belated thanksgiving to our WNW readers in America and welcome of course to the latest instalment of the Smackdown Breakdown. We're fresh off the heels of a dramatic Survivor Series that saw a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned after Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus cashed in his opportunity and defeated Roman Reigns just mere minutes after Reigns had won his first ever WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A portion of fans were not happy with the outcome, believing Sheamus being champion is not going to help ratings. I wrote a piece on Wednesday that argues why Sheamus was the right choice for champion which you can check out here and give your thoughts on.

Other news sees Randy Orton potentially needing neck surgery after he recovers from shoulder surgery. While we don't know the extent of the injury yet it will further affect his time table for return, especially if that surgery turns into neck fusion surgery. With Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton all out of action for the foreseeable future WWE needs more names to step up into the main event and fill the void more than ever. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have both shown they are capable of stepping up to fill in the gaps, and I'm sure Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler will also step up their games to help carry the company through this turbulent time. With ratings slumping weekly I genuinely hope WWE can turn this around and get the fans excited again about the product. But if you really don't like what you're seeing the easiest way to send the company a message is to stop watching and cancel your Network subscription. We all like to moan about what WWE does sometimes but how many of you are truly prepared to make that stand and show the company what you think by hitting them where it hurts?

With all that now out of the way let's head on into this weeks Thanks Giving edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and see what went down.

Roman Reigns And Sheamus Promo - 4 Stars

After losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday just mere moments after winning it on Sunday, we saw Roman Reigns come out on Raw to declare his intent on having an immediate rematch. Sadly for Reigns he has to wait until TLC to get that moment but if this promo is anything to go by Sheamus is going to have his work cut out for him that night. Reigns told stories about how he and The Uso's liked to wrestle as kids wherever they could, with the dream being to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Roman told everyone his dreams were shattered in one Brogue Kick on Sunday, and it wasn't long before Sheamus was out in the ring to taunt the former champion. Sheamus spent the majority of the time taunting Roman about how he lost that title on his own, saying how good he looked as champion which prompted a passionate response from Reigns to say how he will reclaim that title at TLC. A simple promo that helped build toward their big TLC match next month.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan - 3.5 Stars

Fresh off the Wyatt Families defeat at Survivor Series it was down to Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman to try and get the family back on track. Their opponents, the Dudley Boyz were looking to get back into that Tag Team Championship hunt. From the off the Wyatt's went pretty physical but were well matched by the Dudley's. They still didn't have it easy though when Strowman came into the match and would eventually exert control for his team. The veteran experience of the Dudley Boyz would be telling in the outcome of this one by the end, with the Dudley's looking like they were about to pick up a win. However Luke Harper would make his way into the ring and cause a disqualification win for the Dudley's before Strowman would choke out Devon, while Bubba Ray was chokeslamed through a table. The Wyatt's continue the need to regroup and refocus following their loss at Survivor Series while the Dudley's continue their search for a first Tag Team Championship in over 10 years. This wasn't a bad match but wasn't much more to write home about that being average.

Paige vs. Becky Lynch - 4 Stars

Paige feels she was screwed over on Sunday night and the replays show she may have a point. On Monday night she extracted revenge on Charlotte, but she is still looking to win back the gold. In this one she went up against former friend Becky Lynch in what felt like a personal contest where Lynch was looking for revenge, while Paige was looking to pick up a much needed win. Paige and Becky gave a solid performance in this one, with Paige showing some serious aggression against Becky throughout. Becky looked more like someone getting their Lass Kicked than being a Lass Kicker in this one, but she showed guts and determination to try and pick up the win. Unfortunately for Becky she wasn't able to mount a strong enough comeback and Paige would pick up the win with a roll up. A well worked Divas match that keeps Paige well in the Divas Championship hunt.

The New Day's Thanks Giving Dinner Segment - 4 Stars

So many choices of potato on that table, I wouldn't know which one to go for first. Big E looked so ridiculous in that apron but like anything New Day do it was still hilarious. We finally had out answer on what happened to Adam Rose's bunny when he arrived with Rabbit Stew. Of course what I think we all wanted to know was where is the turkey? We got our answer soon as Xavier Woods came in dressed as the Gobbledy Gooker, celebrating his 25 year anniversary since debuting. I cannot say enough positive things about New Day and as always they were hilarious. If you don't believe me then you clearly don't believe in the power of poultry, and you clearly don't know that New...Day...Rocks!

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio - 3.5 Stars

It was only a matter of time before these two men would face off against one another. Zeb's former and current protégé's faced off in a battle between the Real American and the Mex-American. These two went at it solidly from the off with a good mix of pace and hard hitting moves on display. Since his return Alberto Del Rio has looked great in the ring, but how does he go from cleanly pinning John Cena, to losing in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament? Just as it looked like Swagger would get his hands on Zeb, Del Rio smashed a chair across Swagger's back to cause a disqualification victory. However by the end of the segment it would be Swagger breaking Del Rio's back with the chair and standing tall in the ring. A small measure of retribution for Swagger tonight but he will be wanting to eventually get his hands on Zeb.

The Lucha Dragons vs. Big E & Kofi Kingston - 4 Stars

This is a match between two teams who I believe could put on a real spectacle over the Tag Team Championship if given the chance. What was more amusing than Gobbledy Gooker accompanying New Day to the ring was Big E still came out in his chef's gear. In the ring the action was as good as you would expect with the Lucha Dragons using their pace to control the match early on, before the power of Big E and Kofi would allow them to take control. Something clearly wasn't right about the Gooker during this one and we would eventually learn why toward the end of this one, as it was revealed the Gooker was in fact Jimmy Uso. Kofi had tried to use the ropes to gain a pin but the Gooker knocked his feet off the ropes, allowing Kalisto to pick up a vital win for his team. Post match we saw Jey Uso come out with Xavier Woods, bound and gagged in only his underwear. The Lucha Dragons and Uso's weren't done with Woods there, bringing him into the ring to deliver a super kick and Uso Splash by Jimmy The Gooker. An entertaining match before the nights main event showing that we could see three teams face off at TLC for the Tag Titles.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze - 4.5 Stars

Dean Ambrose has gone from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture to now chasing the Intercontinental Championship, going up against two men who faced off at Survivor Series. The winner of tonight's match would challenge the Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens for his championship at TLC. Owens was out on commentary for this one, while also scouting his potential opponents. Owens was a treat to hear on commentary and showed he is a natural in the ring, on the mic and also behind the announce table.

All three men involved in this one are more than capable of putting on a great and entertaining match, and they certainly didn't disappoint. This one has a good mix of everything you would expect with great pace, great wrestling, and an entertaining close fought affair that any man could have arguably won. All three men gave a solid account of themselves and showed that all of them are more than capable of stepping up to that next level and getting WWE through a tough time following so many injuries. As this one came to a close there were so many near falls and great moments it was hard to say who would come out the winner. Eventually it would be Ambrose who picked up the win after nailing Tyler Breeze with Dirty Deeds to set up one heck of a dream match between Ambrose and Owens, with the two men staring each other down after the match. A really enjoyable main event that was a pleasure to watch.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

This weeks edition of Smackdown was another pretty entertaining affair. I found the New Day segments entertaining as always and it would almost be wrong to not give New Day and The Usos credit for finally making the Gobbledy Gooker entertaining. However it would be criminal of me not to award my segment of the week to the main event of the night that saw a great encounter between Tyler Breeze, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. All three men worked really hard in this one and deserve to be given more opportunities down the line as WWE needs more people to step up over the coming weeks.

That wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Please come back again next week for another edition. If you have any comments about this weeks Breakdown or Smackdown itself then please leave your comments in the discussion area below. Thanks for reading and I will catch you back here again next week.

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