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Hey again everybody and welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. This truly is a late night edition for me as I've been out at a party and have not long got back, and as I write this it's now 2am here in the UK, so I'm afraid this week will kind of be a fairly brief effort from me as I actually need to make sure I'm up before 10:30am to watch the WWE Live special from Tokyo, Japan. It almost feels wrong watching a WWE show live in the morning, but it's actually kind of cool. The Network opens up so many opportunities for live international broadcasts, and hopefully means there's more chance than ever now of there being a big show being broadcast live from the UK, or anywhere else in the world. This can only be a good thing for the global expansion of WWE as a company and a great thing for all WWE and wrestling fans.

I'm gonna now crack straight on with this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and see what happened on this weeks show.

Seth Rollins Opening Segment - 3.5 Stars

What, no gifts tonight from Rollins for J and J Security and Kane? I am somewhat disappointed. I thought that when we saw Seth giving all those gifts on Raw it was actually quite a good segment. Seth did a great job of working the crowd and he is now looking much less a coward, but it will be interesting to see his reaction when he comes face to face with Brock Lesnar at Battleground. Seth's role here really was to hype up his match a little with Brock Lesnar, while he was also there to announce two big matches for tonight. Dean Ambrose came out to go after Rollins and J and J, but they managed to escape a beating at the hands of the lunatic fringe. The segment itself was ok and there wasn't much more to say about it other than that.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt - 4.5 Stars

I genuinely do love the work of Bray Wyatt right now in this feud with Roman Reigns. I remember a lot of fans thinking it was a feud that would do nothing for either man but I actually think both Reigns and Wyatt have benefited from it greatly. This was simply a match of WWE's two resident crazies, and was a really well worked match that went back and forth. These guys are both great workers and they put on a very enjoyable match here. That creepy, upside down walk of Bray was a creepy sight to behold, and it was after that when things seemed to pick up their pace. Bray Wyatt picked up a big win in a match that had a good mix of everything that the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy and I can honestly say I agree with them in the fact that it was awesome.

Adam Rose vs. R Truth - 3 Stars

Maybe it's because I'm just getting old but I really don't find R Truth funny or entertaining right now. I feel the king gimmick he's doing is just dumb but if you guys are digging it then that's fair enough. The match itself here was alright but it felt a little like R Truth is more becoming a joke character than anything. Truth picked up the win in this match which wasn't anything outstanding, but it did it's job and served a purpose.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback - 4 Stars

I'd love for Ryback to see my thoughts on this match but since he blocked me on Twitter I don't think that's ever going to happen. Who knows what I did, other than write for this website but I guess he just can't deal with criticism or opinions from others. This one was a match of two big bulls, with this becoming almost like a test of strength for both men. Henry worked the match well, as did Ryback, and both these men I felt told a great story. It was always going to take one power move to win this one, and in this case that came from Ryback, as he eventually hit his Shell Shocked finisher on Mark Henry to pick up a well deserved match. A good match to watch that I enjoyed in general.

Brie Bella vs. Naomi - 3.5 Stars

Ok this whole Bella thing is making me question things further. Who exactly am I meant to be bothered about seeing win here? Both Brie and Naomi are meant to be heels, and I think that's partly why the crowd didn't seem all that interested in it. Watching it, the match wasn't bad, with Brie picking up the win thanks to some interference from Alicia Fox, who was accompanying Brie to ringside. The match was alright but it wasn't as good a quality match as we've seen from the Divas this past few weeks.

The Ascension vs. Prime Time Players - 3.5 Stars

Every week the Prime Time Players grow on me, and this team seems like right now it can do no wrong. This was another match where lots of strength and power was on display. Prime Time Players were in control early on in this until Darren Young came in and taken out by Ascension. We saw a good match here with plenty of power on display. Once the hot tag was made to Titus, he came in and just totally cleaned house. I would probably have liked to see more in this other than power and strength be a deciding factor in the match. But overall it was a good match in which the Prime Time Players picked up a win.

Summer Rae and Rusev Segment - 3.5 Stars

The pairing of Summer Rae and Rusev is an interesting one, as there was just something about it that I couldn't really have seen working. However to the credit of both Rusev and Summer Rae this has been a good pairing. Summer 'apologizing' for her actions on Raw was kind of difficult to believe, but she managed to get through the segment without too much of an issue. Rusev did a good job of making Lana seem irrelevant and obsolete to him, while Rusev claimed Summer Rae was much better for him. The intensity of the feud between Dolph and Rusev is really picking up steam and should be interesting to see develop once Rusev is cleared for action.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns - 4 Stars

The question on everyone's lips was whether or not Reigns would even show up for the match, as no one had seen Roman since Raw this past Monday. Of course we all knew at some point the music of Roman would hit, and he would make his way to the ring much to the surprise of Seth Rollins. This one was just an all out brawl from the moment Roman and Rollins got in the ring together. Unfortunately for Reigns the numbers game always left him at a disadvantage in this one, and the help of Joey Mercury for Seth was kind of inevitable. Both men put on a well worked match with the action going back and forth, making it hard to really pick a winner for this one. The match would end in disqualification victory for Reigns, after Joey Mercury came in to attack Reigns. Reigns was saved by Dean Ambrose, and while Seth got away it was poor Joey Mercury who had to take punishment from Ambrose and Reigns. A well worked main event that I enjoyed watching and a good way to close out the show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

Once again I felt this was a pretty solid episode of Smackdown, with some excellent matches on display tonight. Without question I'd say my favorite segment tonight was the match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, as both men did a good job of working this match and both gave it their all in a hard fought contest.

And on that bombshell I'm now off to bed at 3:30am to get a few hours sleep before I'm up to watch the WWE Live special from Tokyo, Japan. If your able to join us for the open thread discussion on that one then please do. I will of course be back next week with another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. As always I want to thank you for taking the time to read, and encourage you to leave your thoughts on the show in the comments section below.

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