The Smackdown Breakdown - He Came Out Looking Stupid


Welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. After a week off due to having a family weekend away it's good to get back to writing again. It felt strange watching Smackdown last week when I got back on Sunday and not writing about it, and what made me even sadder about this was it seemed to be another great edition of Smackdown to follow what was a fantastic Wrestlemania from start to finish. For anyone who saw the John Cena interview on the WWE Network after this weeks edition of Raw, I thought Jericho and Cena were entertaining and made for a really interesting watch. Jericho made sure he asked the hard hitting questions what Steve Austin failed to deliver on previously, and I thought the way Cena handled the question about turning heel was excellent. If you can't understand why WWE don't want to turn their cash cow heel after looking at the faces of the children who met him then you will never understand. Cena isn't against a turn, it's WWE who seem against it. The fact John even went out and had new gear and theme music made for a potential turn during his feud with the Rock shows Cena isn't the one we should be pointing the finger at. If it happens then it happens, but if he never turns heel then I think people need to learn to accept it.

Lets head into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and see what I thought of this weeks show.

Daniel Bryan Segment - 4 Stars

How awesome and how right is it that Daniel Bryan has the Intercontinental Championship? He can finally bring back some of the prestige that title has been missing for some time now. If there is one thing it's safe to bet on here you know Bryan will defend the title in some top quality matches. Bryan's description of Sheamus looking stupid was about right as I really don't know what he was thinking with those beard braids. The arrivals of Bad News Barrett and Sheamus made things interesting, and also the chants of you look stupid very quickly echoed throughout the arena. I'd quite enjoy seeing the team of Sheamus and Barrett together, it would be a great combination of two tough brawlers and power. I kind of lost interest at the point Big Show came out as I thought it was enough having Ziggler come to Bryan's aid. It appears as if Big Show may be set for a feud with Roman Reigns after the way this segment panned out, and let me be clear I don't see that as a step down for Reigns. While he may not have won the big one at Wrestlemania, Reigns has a bright future and it will do him some good establishing himself further against an established veteran like Big Show. A good opening which led to a six man tag main event instead of the tag match I was looking forward to between Bryan and Ziggler against Sheamus and Barrett.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. New Day - 4 Stars

I think this over the top positive New Day gimmick is doing exactly what it was designed to; getting the fans to slowly hate on them. I like the fact Big E was telling the fans that they have to like and love the New Day, and I can really see this becoming a successfully hated gimmick. I was impressed by the work of Kofi and Tyson Kidd at the start as they put on some good wrestling and high flying action. The team of Kidd and Cesaro really have come on leaps and bounds since they joined forces and I think they can have some great matches with most teams on the roster. Cesaro doing the swing on Big E was pretty impressive especially as Big E isn't exactly a lightweight to pick up. Not even Kofi can get respect from the crowd with the New Day chants, and it was no real surprise to see Kidd and Cesaro pick up the win in this one.

Curtis Axel vs. Neville - 3.5 Stars

I'm really liking this Axelmania stuff that Curtis Axel is doing. He's finally found himself a character that works right now and I hope he can grow himself going forward. Regarding Neville, I feel somewhat irritated they dropped his first name and gave him a dumb ass looking cape. But other than that he really has shown so far why he was one of NXT's top prospects to watch. He had a great reputation in the UK, where he worked under the name PAC, and I'm pleased for him to be standing out on a worldwide stage like WWE. Neville is so quick and agile in the ring that it feels like if you blink you will miss something. He really is going to be an exciting superstar who I believe has all the talent to get to the top of this company. Axelmania didn't really get running wild in this one and the match was all Neville from bell to bell. A well worked match by Neville and a great way to continue his ascension up the WWE ladder.

Alicia Fox vs. Natalya - 3.5 Stars

Am I the only one who found themselves shouting at the TV for Cameron to just stop talking? She tries but I just find the voice so irritating and I found on a couple of occasions during the match she was out of position, but being as she doesn't referee much that can be over looked. Natalya showed why she was the veteran in this one between her and Alicia Fox, as Natalya looked much more clean and fluid in her moves, while Fox struggled at times. That being said I did enjoy their match and thought it was well executed. I liked how Cameron turned on both at the end, but I don't see her winning that Divas battle royal on Monday.

Bray Wyatt vs. Erick Rowan - 4 Stars

I'm kind of disappointed in the way WWE has handled Bray Wyatt since the splitting of the Wyatt Family. He had the potential to become one of WWE's next big monster heels but instead he seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle to the middle of the card. His match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania was entertaining, and WYatt came out of it looking good but perhaps not in the same light as his previous years match against John Cena. Erick Rowan has surprised many, myself included, as I thought he would be the one member of the Wyatt Family to struggle after their separation. Instead he has flourished and found his own personality and character that seems to have become a hit with the WWE Universe.

I like Bray's character in trying to become the new face of fear, but I really hope now we are past Wrestlemania that WWE give him the opportunity again to become that monster we know he can be. Wyatt's pre-match promo was once again another great promo, proving once more that Wyatt is an excellent talent when it comes to cutting a promo. Both men really gave it their all during this one and it was one heck of a fight between two brutes. That spider walk of Bray gets creepier every time I see it, and it was good to see that lead to the Sister Abigail, giving Bray Wyatt that much needed victory over his former Wyatt Family follower.

Miz TV - 3.5 Stars

I'm so glad Mizdow FINALLY turned on Miz at Wrestlemania, as he really needed to break away from him and has done for some time now. As soon as the Marine 4 graphic was displayed on the titan tron I had a feeling Summer Rae was going to make an appearance. I'm not sure which of those two Divas in the ring had the bigger ego, Miz or Summer. Miz has really helped Mizdow become a bigger star by helping him establish himself with the gimmick of Miz's stunt double and has turned it into something of his own. I'm looking forward to seeing where the fued between Miz and Mizdow goes, and liked the way this segment ended with Mizdow shaking Miz's hand, apologizing, and then assaulting Miz like many fans can only dream of doing. A good segment with a well worked ending.

Bad News Barrett, Big Show, and Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Dolph Ziggler - 4 Stars

It was the battle of the hairstyles to start this one as the braid (Ziggler) met the mowhawk (Sheamus) to kick things off. Ziggler looked good as always in the early stages of this one, working well on the offence and while taking a beating. Sheamus has shown a much more aggressive side since his return and despite the fact he really does look stupid I can't fault this new attitude he is displaying. Daniel Bryan looked solid as usual during this one, working his usual fast paced, high flying style. Barrett looked good too during this one, and I really do hope we see more of BNB throughout 2015 as he deserves a chance at the main event again.

Roman Reigns is certainly looking like becoming the next John Cena with the fans, with the majority of the chants for him audibly coming from women and children, as once he was tagged in the booing from the males in the audience soon began to mix in with the cheers. WWE needs to handle Reigns carefully going forward and I think taking him out of the main event picture for a while will really help with that. The end of the match was the usual mish-mash of different moves before Reigns nailed Barrett with a spear to pick up the win for his team. This was a well worked main event and while I was looking forward to seeing Bryan and Ziggler face Sheamus and Barrett, I thought this match was just as good an alternative to end the night.

Overall Show Rating - 4 Stars

This weeks edition of Smackdown was a good watch, with some solid performances and segments. While the show probably wasn't on par with the level of last weeks I still thought it was a good watch. my favorite segment this week goes to the match between New Day and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. I really am loving the work of Kidd and Cesaro right now as a team and hope WWE keep the Tag Team Championships on them for a while to really establish them as one of the companies great teams. New Day played their part in this one too by working the crowd well and they really are turning the gimmick in the way that many believe WWE had originally planned.

As always I will be back next week with another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Thanks once again for reading, and if you have anything to say about the show or my thoughts on the show then please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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