The Smackdown Breakdown - He Is The Village Idiot Of Minneapolis, Minnesota


Welcome once again wrestling fans to another instalment of the Smackdown Breakdown. I don't know about you but I felt Extreme Rules was an ok show but it felt at times like it lacked that special something to make it really memorable. Don't get me wrong I thought the matches themselves were ok but it was more the way some of them were booked that made things lack. Take for example the Orton and Rollins match; the point of a steel cage is to keep people out yet it felt obvious that by the end you would have Kane and J and J Security in the ring and Kane would be the ultimate reason that Rollins would win. It was good to have Rollins use the RKO to win but there seemed to be a lack of clarity that Orton was the only one banned from using it. The ending of Cena and Rusev seemed somewhat poor too with the way it was executed. I get why it was booked the way it was but I just felt like maybe it didn't come off the way it was intended to. I could be wrong but I just felt there was a spark of some sorts missing on Sunday.

We also saw a new King of the Ring crowned this week in Bad News Barrett. It's great to see WWE still using a concept like King of the Ring, and using the WWE Network for me is a perfect way to bring back those special one-off events we like to see. What I also loved was the fact there was a 50% chance before the semi final matches began that a British star would win the tournament. So to have Neville and Barrett face off in the final was a testament to the quality of talent the UK has been producing. These two had a great match at Extreme Rules, and I felt the match for the right to be crowned King of the Ring was even better. This feels like it could really be a last chance saloon moment for Barrett in terms of a push and I hope injury doesn't derail the hugely talented man from Preston, England.

Lets head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown, and see what I thought about this weeks show.

Roman Reigns vs. Kane - 4 Stars

So Roman Reigns will have an opportunity to face Seth Rollins, along with Randy Orton, at Payback for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I'm glad to see Roman getting the rematch opportunity he deserves and I think all three men will give us a stunning main event at Payback. Roman has every reason to hate on Seth after what happened at Wrestlemania 31, and Roman really gave the feeling he was hyped up and ready for his rematch. The promo was soon interrupted by Kane, who decided he was going to face Reigns in a match. Kane came out with a point to prove after his meltdown on Raw with Seth Rollins, and the veteran certainly delivered a test for Reigns at times. There was never any doubt Reigns would come out of this one the victor and I thought he had an impressive outing here. Both men seemed up for this one but in the end it was Reigns who came out on top as Kane simply walked away knowing he had met his match.

Damien Sandow vs. Curtis Axel - 3.5 Stars

I liked Sandow's promo o Raw this past Monday. He has finally broken free of the Mizdow shadow and made the Sandow character stand out in a positive way that the fans can seemingly enjoy and get behind. Axel is in a similar boat to where Sandow was when he started the Mizdow gimmick only it seems Axel isn't quite connecting in the way it was perhaps hoped. Sandow made light work of Axel in this one and I believe that the WWE have big plans for Sandow for the remainder of 2015. I hope to see him advance even further up the ranks of WWE.

Ryback vs. Luke Harper - 4 Stars

So Ryback is the next target in line for Bray Wyatt, something that could prove interesting to watch unfold. Ironic then that his opponent here in Luke Harper was a former member of Bray Wyatt's flock. These two big men faced off in a match where I expected to see a battle of power and strength. Harper seemed to have the early advantage but Ryback soon mounted a comeback and showed his crazy strength my marching with Harper in the air during a vertical suplex. I expected some kind of arrival during this one from Bray, but he waited till after Ryback had defeated Harper before attacking Ryback in the ring. This was a good match in which both men worked incredibly well together and had a well worked post-match twist.

New Day vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro - 4 Stars

I must admit I was a little surprised that New Day won the tag titles at Extreme Rules, but in all honesty I should have probably seen it coming. New Day are in a transition with the WWE Universe right now and what better time to put the straps on them. And what's great about New Day being champions is the Freebird rule appears to be in effect meaning any two of the three can defend the titles. Kidd and Cesaro have lost their tag titles but they still look without a doubt the best team in WWE right now. Both teams worked well together in this one with some great back and forth action from both sides and a nice mix of fast and slow pace. Kidd and Cesaro looked the better of the two teams for me but New Day gave a good account of themselves. Just when it looked like Kidd and Cesaro had things won Xavier Woods made a well timed intervention to cause a disqualification finish. I get a feeling this feud is far from over.

Cameron vs. Nikki Bella - 3 Stars

This one came about after some kind of backstage interaction earlier in the day between these two but it seemed to me this was more of a work out for Nikki than anything. What I just find a struggle right now is the flip flopping of the Bella twins, especially Brie as she seems to go from being loved to hated to being loved again because of Daniel Bryan. I'm just really not impressed by Cameron in the ring as she just looks so disjointed and sloppy and just don't see how she can improve any at this point. Nikki did her best to make this a bearable match but I admit I struggled to watch this one. I really want the Divas to succeed but for that to happen WWE need to use the right Divas and train the ones who they think have the potential before they let them loose in the ring.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - 4.5 Stars

I will never ever get bored of seeing these two face off against one another. Every time they get in the ring I just know they are going to put on a quality match. Rollins and Orton had a good match at Extreme Rules, and if you can look past the dodgy booking of the end of the match Rollins showed he is worth of holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose also had a good match with Luke Harper at Extreme Rules in the Chicago Street Fight, and I thought the booking of that one was well done.

Both men gave another strong account of themselves here by giving us a great main event. Both these men can go when it matters and there was a good mix of wrestling and fast paced, high flying action in this one. Kane continues to raise more questions than answers about which side of the fence he sits on as he made his way down to ringside during this one prior to the break. The added advantage of J and J Security and Kane outside the ring was always going to be a factor in this one so it was no surprise Rollins won this one. Ambrose pushed Rollins to his limit but it was never quite going to be enough for an upset to be caused. It was great to see Reigns come out to make the save for Ambrose, and I certainly hope the three former Shield members will face off in a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A well worked main event match that lived up to expectation.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

Another week and another enjoyable episode of Smackdown has passed us by. I enjoyed most of the aspects of this weeks show, and if you can look past the sloppiness of the Divas match then it was a pretty solid show. For me the best segment of this weeks show was the main event between Rollins and Ambrose. I felt they had a really good match together and the tension between Rollins and Kane appears to be coming closer and closer to reaching boiling point. I think the Authority will be imploding sooner rather than later and I can't wait to see the fall out of this one.

As always please feel free to leave your thoughts on my comments on the show, or your thoughts on this weeks episode of Smackdown. I will be back again next week with another instalment. Until then thanks for reading the Smackdown Breakdown.

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