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The Smackdown Breakdown - Is Reigns Feeling The Pressure?

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Hello once again fellow wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Normally at this point I would jump into giving some of my thoughts on the weeks big stories in the world of WWE. However, this week I'm not going to do that, mainly because I've now been up and about for 19 hours now, and have just got in about 30 minutes ago from work, where I went to do my normal job between 9am and 5pm, and then worked for a charity here in the UK called Comic Relief until midnight, taking calls from all around the country (And weirdly, I took a donation from someone in France), and even getting on television as I was filmed this morning taking phone calls. Comic Relief, for those of you who don't know, is a charity that helps raise funds to give vital help to those in need all over the world. It's something I get involved with every year, and while I wasn't sure if I would manage to get the Breakdown done tonight, I still felt it only fair to bring it to you, our valued readers. I will resume normal service next week on the Breakdown.

Lets head straight on into this weeks action and see what I thought of this weeks Smackdown.

Opening Segment - 3.5 Stars

Despite the fact he isn't in the main event of this years show, Daniel Bryan remains one of the most popular superstars in WWE. His place on the Wrestlemania card has been questioned constantly the last few weeks, and it appears Bryan will be in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match. Bryan named some great former Intercontinental champions of the past, all of which were fantastic wrestlers, and he had a valid point that the Intercontinental Championship used to be almost as big as the WWE Championship scene. If Bryan can add the title to his collection at Wrestlemania, it will mean Bryan has held every active title within WWE at this time. All six men involved in the ladder match came out, one by one, leading to the announcement of a six man tag match later that night. I'm pretty sure Stardust has lost his mind, but the character is so amazingly entertaining right now, and I hope we get to see Goldust and Stardust face off sometime soon. This could have been more imaginatively booked, but the mood for the night was set following this segment.

Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Los Matadores vs. The Usos and The New Day - 4 Stars

I'm sensing that going into Wrestlemania, we are going to see some kind of multiple team tag team match. Whether it involves all four of the teams involved in this match remains to be seen, but I would not be surprised if this were the case. Kidd and Cesaro were kind of the odd team out in this one, as they were the only natural heel team in the match. I thought all involved in this one gave a good account of themselves, helping make this a really entertaining affair. There was some great, fast paced action toward the end of the match that made this a good match to watch, and saw a controversial end to the match as the plot in the tag team picture continues to thicken.

Ryback vs. The Miz - 3.5 Stars

The winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal could well already be written in the stars; I have a feeling it could well be Damien Mizdow, after he finally snaps and eliminates The Miz. It's incredible to think that both Miz and Ryback came through the ranks of Tough Enough, a show I can't wait to see return to our television screens, The Miz is looking more aggressive in the ring as the weeks go by, and this is something his character has been missing for a while now. Despite his aggression though, there was no way Miz was going to beat Ryback. I'm not sure if I missed something but Ryback appeared to be holding his left shoulder awkwardly at the end of the match. I hope if it is an injury that it isn't anything too serious for the big man, but he didn't look entirely comfortable.

Roman Reigns Responds To Paul Heyman - 3.5 Stars

Paul Heyman cut one of the greatest promo's I have ever heard during Raw this past Monday, with a mix of working and shooting throughout, that was always going to be difficult to follow. Reigns had the opportunity here to give his response, and while Reigns isn't anywhere near the level of Heyman, I thought he did am okay job of responding to Heyman, despite the fact it was all but quick and brief, and he was interrupted for no real reason by Mark Henry. I like how there is doubt that Reigns can beat Brock at Wrestlemania, as we all know that the outcome is likely to see Reigns defeating Brock. Reigns is showing the signs of a desperate and frustrated man headed into the biggest match of his career, and that is something WWE needs to keep building on over the next two weeks to make this main event even more of a draw than it already is. I'd like to think Reigns earned the respect of Mark Henry after he gave him that Superman punch, but only time will tell. The spear through the barrier was just an added bonus, and showed another side to the character of Reigns, a man desperate to prove that he CAN and WILL beat Brock at Wrestlemania.

AJ Lee and Paige vs. Cameron and Summer Rae - 3.5 Stars

So, it has been announced Paige and AJ will team up to face the Bella Twins at Wrestlemania. This could be an interesting Divas match, and I hope they all get the chance to show us what they can do. The Bella's were on commentary during this one, and if there's one thing I would like to hear less of, it's the Bella's trying to turn every situation into being about them. Paige and AJ worked well as a team, and it was no surprise to see them pick up the win, but is an outcome for some reason I just can't see happening at Wrestlemania. I'm ready to see what these two teams have to offer, but it seems right now the advantage is firmly in the hands of AJ and Paige.

Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper, Bad News Barrett, and Stardust - 4 Stars

The six men featured in the ladder match at Wrestlemania, to crown a new Intercontinental Champion, joined forces to bring us this weeks main event. All the six names in this one are tremendous talents in their own rights, and all of them gave a good showing of their talents during this one. This match was a worthy main event, with some great teamwork and some great wrestling throughout this match. There was plenty of drama and entertainment during this one, with some amazing high flying and fast paced action to boot. The final few minutes contained just as much drama, and would see Bryan, Ambrose, and Ziggler pick up the victory to send the crowd home happy. While these men put on an entertaining tag team match, I cannot wait to see what they do when they are let loose with ladders at Wrestlemania. The competition between Ambrose, Ziggler, and Bryan was apparent to see, and I enjoyed seeing the tension being built headed into Wrestlemania between all three. Not quite sure about the whole turd stuff at the end needed to be said, as it kind of took away from the moment, but lets not focus too much on that and instead remember the great match we witnessed to end the show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.5 Stars

Again, this is going to be a fairly quick ending because I've now reached 21 straight hours awake, and I now need to get some sleep. Smackdown this week felt like a pretty average show, with a couple of notable moments that helped make the show enjoyable. My segment of the week goes to the main event match this week, because I thought it was a well constructed match, and really got me excited for what we are going to see in less than 2 weeks at Wrestlemania. The eight man tag team match was also a good watch, but it didn't quite have the same overall appeal to me as the main event match tonight. Whatever way you look at it, these were without doubt the standout parts of the show for me.

As always, if you have anything to say about this weeks show, or my thoughts on the show then please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading the Smackdown Breakdown, and I will catch you here again next week.

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