The Smackdown Breakdown - New Day, Dudley's And Trombones, Oh My!


I swear Friday comes around quicker every week. It doesn't feel like it's been a week since I was sat here writing last weeks Breakdown but here we are again. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be here each and every week, and I'm truly thankful to everyone who reads this blog.

It's been a pretty long week for me as I've had to work four long shifts at work this week, which allowed me to attend the WWE 2K16 Preview event down at the Libertine Club in London this past Wednesday. Without question I feel WWE 2K16 is the best wrestling game I have played for some time. The gameplay is so smooth and it's nice that the game is a challenge in itself to play and get used to. If you haven't already then I encourage you to please check out my review of the game on my podcast, including a 10 minute interview with Bryce Yang of 2K Sports, the Brand Director for the WWE Games about the game and wrestling.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bryce for being so gracious to give me a few minutes of his time and answer my questions. I also want to thank Jessica at Shine Communications in London, who gave me the invite to attend this event and has been a pleasure to deal with the last few weeks. I also want to thank the Libertine Club for hosting the event, all the guys and girls at the event from 2K who were awesome to deal with, and of course I want to thank everyone who put hard work and effort into making the day a huge success.

I also wanted to quickly thank everyone who has listened to my podcasts so far. In a little over 80 days I've now racked up almost 1050 listeners, something I never envisaged happening so soon. I want to thank each and every person who has listened to the podcast whether your a first time or returning listener. Without you I couldn't do this and I wouldn't have a podcast without listeners, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want to thank all the great guests I've had on the show for being so open, honest and gracious in giving me their time as without you I couldn't do this. And finally I want to thank my good friend Kevin Gill for helping me get to where I am right now. Without his advice, guidance, and inspiration I would not be where I am now. Please support independent podcasts like the Kevin Gill Show, like my podcast, and like Colt Cabana's podcast. We do all our own work without the support of corporate sponsors and without your support we can't continue to grow.

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Now let's head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and see what this weeks episode brought us.

Bo Dallas vs. Roman Reigns - 3.5 Stars

Anyone else find it ironic Roman Reigns went up against Bray Wyatt's brother? It doesn't get acknowledged on screen but it's still pretty cool. Bo's pre-match pep talk did nothing to deter Reigns as he was out to fight, and that's exactly what he did. He gave Bo a fairly good beating during this one and Reigns never looked like losing. Bo wanting a timeout was funny and while he tried to trick Roman. Bo would pay for it with a Superman Punch and Spear before Reigns picked up the win.

After the match Roman got on the mic and cut a promo on Bray being nothing but pure evil and how he would be bringing the big fight to Wyatt inside the cell. Bray wasn't going to let Roman have the last word and came on screen to warn Reigns that this Monday on Raw that a prophecy will be delivered. What does that mean? Tune in Monday night to find out! A good start to Smackdown this week.

Neville and Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett and Sheamus - 4 Stars

Wow it's a tag match with Neville where he isn't going up against Stardust! I guess miracles do happen after all. However Stardust and the Ascension were present at ringside, quite amusingly sat in the Stardust section of the crowd. This was a pretty entertaining match with all four men putting on a fine display in the ring. I was particularly impressed again by the work of both Cesaro and Neville in this one as both seemed to be performing on a whole different level. Sadly their improved efforts were not enough to land them the win as Barrett hit the Bull Hammer on Cesaro, allowing Sheamus to roll him up for the victory. A fun match to watch and hopefully there will be a rematch between the two teams.

Zack Ryder vs. Kevin Owens - 3.5 Stars

Ryback was out at ringside to get a first hand view on Owens match against Ryder. I love Zack but it was clear from the moment Owens music hit who was winning this one. Ryder tried early on but once Owens took control Ryder didn't have a chance against the big Canadian. Worst thing is we didn't even get to hear Ryder say Woo Woo Woo? Kevin Owens, are you serious bro? Ryback tried to go after Owens but he was too quick to get out of the ring and walk up the ramp, Intercontinental Championship in hand. A pretty quick match but it served it's purpose.

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler - 3.5 Stars

Okay so Summer Rae ends up being the special referee for this match in a feud that totally died on it's backside the moment the announcement of Lana and Rusev's real life engagement broke. I wasn't a fan of the angle to begin with but now I just have zero interest in it. Did anyone seriously think that Summer would be even calling this down the middle? Rusev and Dolph had a pretty solid match but it ended up being the typical Ziggler takes a beating, looks like he's going to lose, and then comes back and steals the win. There have been calls for Ziggler to change his style and I think if he wants to get to the next level that is definitely something he must do. When he took control Dolph looked comfortable and managed get the win following Summer slapping Rusev. A good match but everything just felt a little too predictable, even to the point of Summer trying to hook up with Dolph after the match. Thankfully they didn't make Dolph suffer having to bring Summer round with him.

Braun Strowman and Luke Harper vs. The Prime Time Players - 3.5 Stars

Harper and Strowman seem to be being built as a tag team who are looking to be out to challenge for Tag Team gold in the near future. They dominated the former Tag Team Champions here, with the Prime Time Players struggling to even break out of the gates during this one. The Prime Time Players never really looked like winning this one and the Wyatt's made easy work of their opponents. Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton are going to have a tough time overcoming these two beasts at Hell in a Cell for sure.

Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox - 4 Stars

Well at least it isn't a six Diva tag team match this week I suppose. We saw Paige backstage with Natalya earlier in the show where it appeared the Anti-Diva tried to make amends with the Queen of Harts, but I'm not sure if it's genuine or if there is a ploy for the character. Either way it's Paige, so to me she can do no wrong! I had my concerns about this match, mainly based around Alicia Fix, but to her credit she had a good match with Charlotte and showed some good work in this one. I liked the double foot to the face spot these two pulled off before Charlotte took control and would wrap up another impressive win. The Bella's went after Charlotte and Becky post-match, but were very quickly stopped by Paige coming out to make the save. Is Team PCB back on the same page? Or is there more to this story yet to come? Time will tell but this one was a good Divas match.

Dean Ambrose and The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day - 4 Stars

I have to say the promo backstage by Ambrose and the Dudley's earlier in the night was pretty entertaining....BOOM! Not to be outdone though the New Day proved to be pretty entertaining in their pre-match promo too. The roof blew off the arena though as Ambrose made his way to the ring in his home town. New Day took control in the early stages of this match, showing just why they are the top team in WWE right now. However the pace picked up and the boot was o the other foot once Ambrose came into the match and lit the match on fire. Ambrose is such an amazing talent and I hope WWE appreciates just what they have in this man. Just as it looked like the Dudley's had the match won after nailing Kofi with a devastating 3D, Xavier Woods caused the disqualification but hitting Bubba Ray with the trombone, before he used it on D-Von and meant he needed a new trombone. Despite that it was the New Day who once again stood tall over their fallen opponents to end this weeks show. A great match to finish this weeks show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

This weeks edition of Smackdown was pretty decent. It had it's fair share of strong moments and others that maybe lacked some thought or creativity but overall the show was another enjoyable one. I'm going to award my segment of the week to the main event six man tag team match as I felt all six men involved in this match gave a great account of themselves and made it a fun and entertaining match to watch. Ambrose pop at the start was pretty cool to witness and it was a great match to end the show with.

That wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Please come back again next week for another edition. If you have any comments about this weeks Breakdown or Smackdown itself then please leave your comments in the discussion area below. Thanks for reading and I will see you again next week.

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