The Smackdown Breakdown - Save The Tables...At Least Until Sunday


Hello again everyone and welcome back to the Smackdown Breakdown. Night of Champions takes place this Sunday and while many see it as just another B-Level filler show I'm actually quite looking forward to the matches on the card, and the potential outcomes we could see. Seth Rollins could potentially compete in three matches in one night, and with every title on the line this Sunday I expect to see a few title changes go down. You can read my full thoughts on each match later this weekend when the WNW Writers Predicts are released, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

You may recall last week I mentioned I was conducting an interview with Dan Spivey, aka Waylon Mercy from the WWE in 1995. Well that interview took place and we talked for a good 45+ minutes about all kinds of subjects including Dan's start in wrestling, his training, teaming with Scott Hall, Sid Vicious, and Mark Calloway who would go on to become the Undertaker. We also talk about his drug and alcohol addiction issues, how he overcame those and is now working to help others in that same boat, as well as his injuries, his career, and some ongoing issues he has with former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes. If you haven't heard the interview yet then please head on over to my Soundcloud page where you can hear that along with many other interviews including ones with Ricky Knight (Paige's dad), Liam Lazarus and Nathan Cruz of New Generation Wrestling in the UK, and my Juggalo homies the Rude Boy and KG Kevin Gill of Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the Kevin Gill Show, the Juggalo Show, and many more projects besides.

This Saturday I will be attending the big New Generation Wrestling show in Hull, which sees some tremendous matches taking place involving Nathan Cruz defending his NGW Championship against Liverpool's Zack Gibson, Liam Lazarus going up against 'The Righteous' Joseph Conners, Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch meet as part of their historic, ongoing and legendary battles, while the Mexican sensation El Ligero finally gets his hands on former friend Dara Diablo. While I'm there I will also be sitting down to record an interview with NGW star 'The Amazing' Matt Myers, so look out for that dropping next week here on WNW.

And now without any further delay let's head on down to this weeks Smackdown Breakdown and see what I thought about this weeks show and segments.

Seth Rollins and Sheamus Opening Segment - 4 Stars

It looks like Sting does indeed have Seth Rollins number heading into Night of Champions this Sunday. Sting picked up his historic first ever victory this past Monday on Raw by making the WWE World Heavyweight Champion tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock, something that has to be playing in the mind of Rollins before Sunday. Seth wasn't showing any signs of that tonight though with a pretty big smile on his face and talking about how he will make history by defending both his championships on Sunday night. Seth showed no fear of teaming with Sheamus tonight either, despite the Celtic Warrior holding the Money in the Bank contract, who would remind Rollins that he will cash in when Rollins least expects it. Rollins managed to rile up his tag partner enough to get the feeling there could be some dissension on the cards. A good opening segment to the show, which teases another possible problem for Rollins on Sunday night...Or maybe even tonight.

Paige and Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks and Naomi - 4 Stars

Monday night saw Team PCB's world come crashing down with a thud as it looked like Charlotte had won the WWE Divas Championship from Nikki Bella, after twin magic had gone wrong. But sadly Stephanie McMahon decided to reverse the decision. Paige and Sasha had a match this past Monday on Raw that would break down into a brawl between Team B.A.D. and Team PCB which brings us to tonight's encounter. These four Divas didn't hold back in this one and were in each others faces from the opening bell. They kept it up throughout the match too and had what I thought was a very entertaining contest in which Naomi and Team B.A.D. picked up the win with an inside cradle on Paige. We saw frustration on Paige's part boil over but perhaps the fortunes on Team PCB will change this Sunday.

Kofi Kingston vs. D-Von Dudley - 4 Stars

No trombone this week for the New Day but their signs to #SaveTheTables were very entertaining. I don't know about you but I'm in agreement with Xavier Woods that broken wood is indeed no good. New Day will defend their Tag Team Championships on Sunday against the Dudley Boyz, and it seems New Day are keen to try and get into the minds of the Dudley's by trying to take away the advantage of the table. I was almost ready for Mr. T to walk out the amount they were talking about respecting your momma....Momma Nature that is. The promo prior to the match was by far the most entertaining part of this segment and while D-Von would break Big E's clip board it would be New Day who came out the winners after Kofi hit a roll up in around a minute to pick up a win. D-Von was very much dominating Kofi up to that point and it ended up being a distraction from Xavier Woods that allowed Kofi to take advantage and steal the win. Will New Day remain champions after Sunday? You'll have to tune in Sunday to find out.

Cesaro vs. Big Show - 4 Stars

Neither man in this match is in action on Sunday so this was a chance to impress, but Cesaro will be looking for revenge after Big Show gave him a large KO Punch this past Monday on Raw. Cesaro kicked this off at the opening bell with two impressive drop kicks to throw Big Show off his game but the big giant soon took control of the Swiss Superman. Cesaro tried his best to get back into the match and showed some fleeting glimpses of opportunity but in the end a KO Punch for the second time in a week was enough to floor Cesaro. A solid match and a good outing from both men.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens - 4 Stars

Kevin Owens has a big match ahead of him this Sunday as he challenges Ryback for the Intercontinental Championship. So a warm up match against former Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion in Dolph Ziggler seems like a perfect idea to head into Sunday. Ziggler has Rusev on his mind in what I expect will be the final match in the Rusev and Ziggler story. Dolph went right after Owens from the opening bell and both men would exchange advantages early on in this contest. Owens would eventually gain control but Dolph would not go down without a fight and would rebound with signs of life throughout the match. The action would eventually spill to the outside and would see Ziggler launched by Owens into the time keepers area, which looked pretty brutal. Dolph somehow made it back into the ring, much to the ire of Owens who would then hit Dolph with a Super Kick. Just as he was about to Power Bomb Ziggler onto the ring apron out came Ryback to attack Owens. Owens would pick up the disqualification victory here but he certainly knows he has a big challenge ahead of him Sunday against the Big Guy.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Sheamus - 4 Stars

Who will partner Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at Night of Champions to face the Wyatt Family? YES! YES! YES! I have my thoughts on who it could be but we'll have to wait until Sunday to see who the mystery man is. The team of Rollins and Sheamus looked like it was ready to explode at any minute, with Sheamus walking down to the ring while proudly displaying his Money in the Bank briefcase for Seth Rollins to see. Sheamus let the crowd get under his skin early on which would allow Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to take the advantage early on in this one. Rollins and Sheamus somehow managed to gain control as we came back from the final break and seemed to be at least in the same page for the time being. I was impressed by all four men in this one, as they all bought something different to the match and made it entertaining to watch. You could sense the lack of trust between Rollins and Sheamus, which is something I wanted to feel as it's no good having Rollins trust Sheamus when he could turn his back on him at any moment. The moment Reigns came into the match the pace soon picked up and he looked like a fired up animal who simply owned Seth Rollins. Rollins was right not to trust Sheamus, who would drop down from the apron to get away from being tagged in. Somehow Seth managed to get a tag to Sheamus whom he then left high and dry to be beaten by Ambrose and Reigns. A solid main event to end this weeks Smackdown.

Things weren't quite over though as a promo video from the Wyatt's and Braun Strowman would play to try and get into the minds of Ambrose and Reigns ahead of Sunday. Will Sunday be the apocalypse for Ambrose and Reigns? We will find out the answer this Sunday.

Overall Show Rating - 4 Stars

The final edition of Smackdown heading into Night of Champions this Sunday was a solid watch and I enjoyed every minute of it (minus the Bella-bration segments. They just ruined my enjoyment of the show hence why I didn't want to include them in this weeks Breakdown). I think everyone really stepped up their game this week and all were determined to head into Sunday night strong. It's incredibly hard to pick a segment of the week for this weeks show but if I'm pushed I would probably give the nod to New Day's promo prior to the Kofi and D-Von Dudley match. New Day remain one of the most entertaining forces in WWE right now and I'm looking forward to their Tag Team Championship match against the Dudley Boyz this Sunday.

That wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Please come back again next week for another edition, although it won't be with me and will be with another special guest host as I'm out Friday night on my best friend's stag night which could get awfully messy. But the person I have in mind to fill in for me is certainly more than qualified to bring you some great insight into Smackdown and the wrestling world in general. If you have any comments about this weeks Breakdown then please leave your comments in the discussion area below.

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