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The Smackdown Breakdown – Seth Rollins Returns From Hell


Hello everyone welcome to the Smackdown Breakdown! As you can tell, I am not Jamie Welton. I am Zack Krasney! I'm covering the Smackdown Breakdown this week, while it's my first time on the Breakdown I'm no stranger to Smackdown, as I used to do the live coverage for Smackdown! Let's get this show on the road!

Opening Segment Kane and Seth Rollins- A

Seems like WWE is going to go the "split personality" with Kane, at least for now. I have to admit, I think it's a fun storyline and Kane does it really well. It seems like Glen is really having fun with it, which makes it more fun for me as a fan to watch. Corporate Kane continued to skirt the appearances of Demon Kane to a hilarious level. Seth Rollins is such a talented worker and sometimes I forget when he's cutting 20 minute promos because they feel long winded. Working against a veteran like Kane on mic only reminds everyone how extremely talented Seth Rollins is. Seth did a great job in this segment and I have to say, every time we see Seth Rollins he gets better. We still haven't seen the best from him and that's incredible based on the level he's currently performing at.

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper- B+

This was a great match between two really talented big men. Luke Harper never stops impressing me when he gets in the ring. It will just be a springboard senton or something that reminds me how agile he is for such a big man. Roman Reigns and Luke Harper is a program I'd be fine with for the WWE Championship down the road. Their match tonight had Dean Ambrose and the Wyatt Family banned from ringside so we got a nice clean match between the two talented workers. I have to say it was refreshing to not have to worry about DQ, distractions, or whatnot. WWE has relied on those things so heavily lately that this match was a breath of fresh air and I loved it.

New Day vs. Neville and Lucha Dragons- A

We actually got to see Xavier Woods wrestle tonight! It's been a while, and I'm happy to see him in the ring! That said, I missed his annoyingness on the outside. He did jump down and play trombone a bit, but it wasn't the same. Kalisto is so underutilized as a worker and the more time goes on the more I think Sin Cara is starting to hold him back. Neville is also being underutilized and the United States championship needs to start getting put back in rotation among the workhorses of this company, not to say Cena isn't a workhorse. New Day's rivalry with The Dudley Boyz is fantastic and I hope they continue to wrestle each other over and over for years.

Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas- B-

Cesaro needs to get management fully behind him. Right now he's gaining momentum with the fans, or reawakening their love of him. He's also showing just how extremely talented he is in the ring by showing not only extreme strength, but incredible agility for a man his size. Having him going under constantly is mind-blowing. It seems like a no brainer to everyone except for WWE. Bo Dallas, I see as sort of a younger Miz. He's not bad enough to be a jobber, but he's not good enough to really break out right now. This match got more time than it should have. Cesaro should have made quick work of Dallas, but like every great worker, he made his opponent look good throughout. I can't say it enough that WWE needs to do something with Cesaro or they're missing out on gold.

In-ring Segment Paige, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Natalya- B

Paige's turn was expected but still awesome! She dropped some pipebombs on Raw and fans ate it up! Tonight we had another confrontation between the girls but we added Natalya to the mix. I am loving the addition of Natty to things, it's great to see her center stage. This segment wasn't over the top amazing like Monday, but especially for Smackdown, we got good solid stuff from these ladies. The only thing that I'm not loving about how things are going is that Sasha Banks seems to be going on the back burner, but to be honest, she has her hands full with Bayley right now. Sasha and Bayley are going to make history with the FIRST EVER Iron Woman match, and they'll show that they are worthy of that history.

Kevin Owens and Rusev vs. Ryback and Dolph Ziggler- B

This match features 4 of WWE's best workhorses. As much as I absolutely hate the storyline between Rusev and Dolph, I do enjoy their work in the ring. If you just silence the noise, these guys are great together. And Kevin Owens...oh Kevin Owens. I adore Kevin Owens, he's worth every drop of the hype that he has. Owens is an old school heel, and he works it like an art form. Watching Raw, one of the things that was most entertaining throughout the night was Kevin Owens on commentary. For Rusev, we've dropped the unbeatable Rusev gimmick, and unfortunately Rusev has been saddled with a terrible ex-boyfriend gimmick. That said, it's time for Rusev to come into who he really is as a superstar, to learn who he is going to grow into, it's an exciting time for Rusev. Hopefully we move past this current storyline that he's in so he can grow. I also love that this was the 2nd or 3rd time that Kevin Owens has walked out on Rusev.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins- A-

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins will never ever be a bad match, it just won't be. These two guys are so good, know each other so well, that you might as well call them FedEx because all they do is deliver. It's funny that WWE seems to realize that Ambrose/Rollins is a "go to" match yet Ambrose is mid-card and Rollins is sky high. Not to say Rollins doesn't deserve it, but Ambrose deserves to be higher than he is. As far as Kane/Rollins goes, I was sour on the idea at first, but Kane is a guy who shows up to every Raw and Smackdown, just like Rollins, so I'm really warming to it. Rollins has worked too many guys who don't work as often as he does like Lesnar, Cena, and Sting. They're all huge names, but it puts a lot of work on Rollins to "fill in the gaps" so to speak. It also leaves a lot of segments and matches feeling pointless. Working with Kane will insure that Seth Rollins isn't carrying a rivalry on his back. Seth Rollins gets pinned by Dean Ambrose, so he's #1 contender right?

Overall Show Rating- A

This week's Smackdown was ridiculously good for no reason other than WWE played to their strengths, their real strengths. The rivalry between Kane and Seth Rollins transitioned smoothly from Raw to Smackdown, and for once Smackdown felt like it was enhancing the story telling between these two superstars. Smackdown has the reputation of being the "workhorse" show and tonight really drove that fact home. Between Reigns, Ambrose, Owens, Ziggler, Rusev, Ryback, New Day, Harper, and Rollins the show didn't feel like it was the "B" show. Honestly it felt like the "wrestling" show. I've watching many Smackdowns in the past and tonight was one of the best to be honest. It was a pleasure to watch it and I hope that it means the WWE is getting back on course with their programming. Be sure to comment with what you thought of the show and give it your own rating!

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