The Smackdown Breakdown - Start & End With Rollins & Cesaro


Welcome once again everyone to the Smackdown Breakdown on WNW. Another week has gone by and we saw the exciting news revealed that for the first time ever Summerslam is going to be a 4 hour event, and that isn't even including the pre-show. It's great a show like Summerslam gets similar treatment to Wrestlemania, as it is pretty much the second biggest show of the year. I hope that means that we get longer matches as opposed to having more matches on the card, and I guess the next few weeks will determine that. The other big news this week concerns Hulk Hogan being fired by WWE following some disgraceful actions. I won't be addressing that here either due to the sensitive nature of the subject, but I did write a piece on Tuesday about it if you want to check that out.

Following on from that I'm going to head straight on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and give my thoughts on the show.

Seth Rollins and Cesaro Opening Segment - 3.5 Stars

It's a little strange now seeing Seth Rollins walk down to the ring on his lonesome without J and J Security, without the Authority, and without Kane to back him up. Not that he needs them though, especially when he can stand up for himself by breaking John Cena's nose (accidentally of course). His match on Raw with Cena was a great watch, and I like how Seth managed to use breaking Cena's nose to his advantage and work the already hostile crowd. Those images of Cena's nose were kind of harrowing to see though. Cesaro would interrupt Seth and remind him of him tapping out on Monday night, causing the two to bring their scheduled meeting later that night forward to right now. The segment served it's purpose and these two would light it up in the ring.

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro - 4 Stars

From the opening bell Cesaro and Rollins really went for it, with Seth having to fight his way out of several early submission attempts. Kevin Owens arrival at ringside wasn't entirely unexpected and goes toward helping advance the ongoing feud he and Cesaro are having. These two wrestled a pretty solid match with one another, with both men using their great technical in ring skills to their advantages. These guys are two of the top talents in WWE, and they showed exactly why in this match. Sadly the match would end in a disqualification win for Cesaro after Kevin Owens would interrupt and beat down Cesaro. Rollins and Owens would leave Cesaro a beaten man, although I feel this won't be the last we see of these three tonight. A solid opening match.

Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons vs. New Day and Ascension - 4 Stars

I get the feeling that at Summerslam at least three of these four teams will compete in a Fatal Four Way match for the Tag Team Championship. I say that because this is usually the subtle way of WWE saying that when they just sling people together randomly at times, and the only team I don't see being involved is Los Matadores. I enjoyed the entertaining promo cut by New Day before this match started, and they showed verbally why they are such a fun team to watch. The match itself was a good mix that I think played to the strengths of all four teams, with a good mix of pace, power, wrestling and high flying action on display. The team of New Day and Ascension actually worked really well with one another, while the team of the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores worked like lightening when the pace would pick up. It was the team of Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons who would pick up the win after a very inventive roll up by Kalisto. A well worked match that I enjoyed watching.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger - 3.5 Stars

It doesn't feel like all that long ago these two were facing off with Swagger trying to end Rusev's undefeated streak. Things have indeed changed over the last year, with Swagger not really going anywhere and Rusev having now tasted defeat. Summer Rae does indeed look very much like another version of Lana, but I can't complain cause I have no problem looking at either at ringside! Rusev (who I noticed was actually wearing boots in the ring) addressed the actions of Lana this past Monday on Raw (I so wanted to see Lana hit Summer with that headless fish) before vowing to cheer up Summer and her new pet dog after the match. Thankfully Jack Swagger would soon come down to the ring and this one would get started. Rusev pretty much dominated Swagger during this one, showing why the big Bulgarian is still a major force to be reckoned with. Swagger would try his best, and had his moments on top but it wasn't quite enough as Rusev would eventually pick up the win via the Accolade. These guys have had better matches in the past but this one was still a well worked match that had a good combination of wrestling, strength, and a sheer demonstration of power from the big Bulgarian. Swagger would have the last laugh though as he evaded an attempted beat down from Rusev to lock in the Patriot Lock as a measure of revenge for his loss.

R-Truth vs. Stardust - 3.5 Stars

You know I'm sure every time I see Stardust he just gets weirder and weirder. I'm really liking the feud he and Neville have got going on right now and I think those two can have a real entertaining feud. R-Truth perhaps wasn't quite on the same level of competition that Neville can provide but this was still a good match for the bizarre one to test himself in. Truth gave it a good go, but ultimately it would be Stardust who picked up the victory. Stardust would then cut an interesting promo post match that would see him try to put a Stardust/Goldust style mask on Truth, before Neville ran out to make the save. A good match and things between Stardust and Neville continue to build up nicely.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro and Dean Ambrose - 4.25 Stars

And here we again. I did say I didn't think it would be the last we saw of Cesaro, Owens, and Rollins and I was indeed proved correct. The addition of Dean Ambrose wasn't a huge surprise but it received a great reaction from the crowd and seemed to be a way of maybe hinting Ambrose and Rollins are not entirely done with one another just yet. From the opening bell this one was a fast paced and hard hitting brawl, and that did not seem to change at any point during the match. What was really good about this match is it contained four guys who know how to have a great match. We got a little preview of what Owens and Cesaro can do in a ring together, while we got to enjoy Rollins and Ambrose face off one more time. This one kept a high pace throughout and really was a treat to watch. We saw some great back and forth action mixed with some great counters and some great wrestling to watch. Cesaro and Owens both displayed some awesome power and moves, while Ambrose and Rollins would bring their usual high flying action into play. All four men worked well as teams during this one but it was the team of Ambrose and Cesaro who would pick up a huge win in this one as Cesaro would roll up Owens for the 1-2-3, before he would head out into the WWE Universe to celebrate. A great wrestling match to watch and one heck of a great way to end the show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

Another solid edition of Smackdown comes to an end this week. It felt like there were not exactly many segments to really watch but the quality of the segments helped make the show feel like a good watch. I'm going to give my segment of the show to the main event. I thought that all four men involved worked a solid main event and proved to the WWE Universe why they are all going to have huge futures in WWE. And with that another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown comes to a conclusion. I will be back next week with another edition of the blog, and will be back next week with a brand new interview with New Generation Wrestling champion Nathan Cruz, as well as a brand new article. Until next week thanks for reading the Smackdown Breakdown and please leave your thoughts on the show in the comments section below.

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