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The Smackdown Breakdown - They All Fall Down


Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown, right here on Wrestling News World (Cheap Pop!). I'm back and feeling pretty rested up from my week off in terms of writing. Mentally it's been a long gruelling two weeks with two kids waking me up early on my week off and then having early starts with my sons first day of school in the middle of the week. I'm looking forward to a well earned lay in tomorrow morning, though I doubt I'm gonna get one.

But enough about my problems. I want to thank the ever awesome CJ Blaze for stepping up last week and covering for me. I'm sure you will all agree he did a fabulous job, and I have no doubt CJ will be back doing more Smackdown Breakdown's in the future when I'm not available. I'm still trying to catch up on all things wrestling at the minute. I think I just about got up to date last night (apart from Total Divas) and intend to be back on track by the weekend.

I have a big interview coming up on Saturday with Dan Spivey, who many of you will most likely remember as Waylon Mercy back in his WWE run. I'm going to be talking to Dan about his career, his time in WWE, how he got his start, his thoughts on the current product, the Waylon Mercy character and the similiarities to Bray Wyatt, and his current ongoing real life saga with former WWE wrestler Billy Jack Haynes. If you have a question for Dan then please send them over to me by e-mail by no later than 5PM ET/12PM GMT to and I will be sure to include your question. You can also tweet me your questions to @jamie_welton on Twitter, or post them on my Facebook page or send them by direct message there if that's your thing. And if you want to check out my interviews with Kevin Gill, Nathan Cruz, Liam Lazarus, the Rude Boy, and Paige's dad Ricky Knight then head on over to my Soundcloud page to check them out.

But enough with all the introductions. Let's head on down into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown, and let's talk about this weeks edition of WWE Smackdown.

The Wyatt Family Opening Segment - 4 Stars

We kicked off this weeks episode of Smackdown with another creepy promo from Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. I'm loving that horny head gear (no jokes please) that Bray wore down to the ring and hope that becomes more of a feature of his entrances in future. The Wyatt's look creepier than ever, something that only adds to the mystique and aura they bring. Bray cut another typically strong promo on both Reigns and Ambrose, trying to expose them as the sheep they are. Wyatt sent out a warning to the mystery partner Ambrose and Reigns may pick, which after Monday's actions could be Randy Orton, and made it clear Night of Champions will be their doomsday. They all fall down ladies and gentlemen, but this promo certainly stood tall. A great start to the show.

Cesaro vs. The Miz - 3.5 Stars

What has become of The Miz? A former WWE Champion and now he has gone to dressing like Maryse has told him what to wear and he's stuck going nowhere. It's a shame as I like Miz, but he doesn't seem to be able to catch a break as of late. There isn't much I can say about Miz in this one other than he did manage to take a pretty good beating from Cesaro if that counts for anything but he did have his fair share of offense before the end. If anything I actually thought Cesaro could have done with more offence in this one. Cesaro picked up a win with the Sharpshooter that almost came out of nowehere. A decent match but I would have liked to see more from Cesaro in the middle section.

Paige vs. Sasha Banks - 4 Stars

Things certainly are heating up in the Divas division as Team PCB and Team B.A.D. had to be separated from almost brawling before this one kicked off. That's the kind of intensity I love to see from the Divas as it certainly makes things more interesting that's for sure. Once the two teams separated and the remaining members of the teams were removed from ringside the match was able to take place, with Paige looking for revenge after her controversial loss on Monday night. Paige didn't hold back, going aggressively after Sasha from the opening bell. This one saw both Divas going back and forth with one another, exchanging advantages time and time again. Sasha did gain control toward the end of the match, but this would soon break down into a really intense and exciting brawl between Team PCB and Team B.A.D. with no clear winner at the end. This was a pretty solid Divas match and I hope to see more from Team PCB and Team B.A.D. in action over the coming weeks against one another.

The New Day vs. Jimmy Uso, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose - 4 Stars

I liked the subtle "family" element in this match with Jimmy Uso being involved as he is related to Roman in real life. Uso could have been a good choice for a partner at Night of Champions but it's evident that spot is being potentially primed for Randy Orton. I was disappointed New Day came down to the ring with no instruments, tables, or signs, as they have been hilarious these last few weeks to watch but I was pretty happy to see some instrumental work during the match from Xavier. I was happy to see Jimmy Uso back in action and hope that he will see more action while we await the return to action of Jey. The team of Ambrose, Reigns and Uso worked very well together, while New Day were their usually entertaining selves. I think the New Day certainly met their match in this one as Reigns, Uso, and Ambrose dominated the majority of this one, but they proved they were not going to be push overs and the Tag Champions gave as good as they got. Unfortunately they didn't count on Jimmy getting a hot tag to Roman Reigns, who came in and cleaned house. As you would expect the finish saw a melee between all involved but Reigns would hit a Superman Punch to make it appear like they had the win. It was cool how the Wyatt video hit and showed Braun Strowman choking out Uso, who would be left laying at the top of the ramp before Ambrose and Reigns could get to their partner. A good match with a pretty cool ending.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension - 3.5 Stars

So it appears Stardust and the Ascension have aligned as a faction, something I feel could be a good thing for all involved. Stardust can teach them a lot and can hopefully help make the Ascension the successful team they should be. These two teams have had some cracking matches down in NXT and they didn't have a bad time here with both teams having their fair share of offence. Unfortunately for the Lucha Dragons the addition of Stardust at ringside proved enough of an advantage for the Ascension to pick up the win. After the match Stardust and the Ascension asserted their authority by beating down on the Lucha Dragons, before Neville came out to save the day. It appears as if the two tag teams are being added as an extra dimension to the Stardust and Neville feud. You can maybe expect this feud to continue headed into Survivor Series, hopefully with a traditional elimination match taking place. A pretty quick match but a good watch.

Seth Rollins vs. Ryback - 4 Stars

Given the rumours coming out of Raw that there are plans to put a third strap on Seth Rollins I thought this was an interesting choice of match. Can you imagine Seth holding three major championships in WWE? That would make certainly write him into WWE history in a big way. This wasn't just any kind of match either. It was a Lumberjack match with a good mix of stars outside the ring including Curtis Axel, now back to his standard character (I can't possibly think why). Good work in this one from both Rollins and Ryback, who put on a pretty solid performance throughout this match. Seth oozed confidence in this one, while Ryback showed that he was just as much a threat to Seth as anyone else. The Lumberjacks had their fair share of bumps in this one as at one point Ryback threw Seth out the ring onto them. That then saw Ryback laid out by Stardust before an all out war between all the lumberjacks broke down. Ryback looked like he was about to put Seth away but Kevin Owens would trip the big guy, allowing Seth to counter with a Pedigree for the win. A solid main event to end the show this week.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

I thought this weeks episode of Smackdown was pretty solid. We saw some great matches and segments all round with some memorable standout moments from all involved. I have to give my segment of the week award to the Paige and Sasha Banks match. These two had a pretty solid match and it didn't matter that there was no clear winner as I just didn't want this one to end. There were a few strong contenders for the top segment but I had to give the Divas the nod here given their hard work.

That just about wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Please come back again next week for another edition. If you have any comments about this weeks Breakdown then please leave your comments in the discussion area below.

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