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The Smackdown Breakdown - Welcome Back To Dudleyville

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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. We're coming into this week off a very hot week of wrestling action that all kicked off last Saturday with NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. You can read my full thoughts on the show here but in brief I thought that once again the stars of NXT excelled themselves and the show overall was really strong. So expectations for Summerslam for most fans of course went higher, and that may have affected some peoples enjoyment of the show. Again, you can check out my full thoughts in written format here, and for the first time ever in audio format via my Soundcloud page. Real quick I thought it was a pretty solid show from top to bottom and would encourage anyone who didn't enjoy it to maybe watch it again, without having the thoughts of NXT Takeover in your mind.

Raw this week saw the return of several names to WWE, including the Dudley Boyz, Ric Flair, and "the Vigilante" Sting. I was blown away by the return of the Dudley's more than anyone because while there had been rumours of a return, it all but seemed like it would never happen. But boy am I glad it did.

We also heard this week that for the first time ever, NXT is coming to the UK, and one of the shows from the tour in London will be shown live on the WWE Network. I'm excited about the prospect of being able to go and see NXT live in it's new format, and look forward to seeing names like Fin Balor, Bayley, and Tyler Breeze live for the first time. I'm hading to the Sheffield show on 12th December, and you can expect a review of the night in the near future.

And lastly I wanted to remind everyone here that there are currently three writing jobs for WNW available. These are writing the Raw is Blogged on a weekly basis, a Smackdown live results writer to recap the show as it airs live on SyFy, and individuals to cover the news throughout the week and at weekends. This is a fantastic set of opportunities for anyone looking to break into journalism, or into this aspect of the wrestling world and I can hand on heart say it's one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done as it has given me some wonderful opportunities. I'm sad to see Kendra give up the responsibility of Raw is Blogged, as she was simply fantastic at what she did. But sometimes real life has to take priority and we sometimes have to let go of the things we all love doing. I would really like to thank Kendra for helping me get this opportunity to work on the WNW team, as it was her who took the gamble on me as a writer for WWENews.Net at the time, and since then I feel I have gone from strength to strength. So thank you Kendra, and I'm glad to know we won't be losing you totally from WNW as you are a true credit to this site.

With the introduction taken care of, lets head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and see what I thought of this weeks action.

The Wyatt Familly, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns Opening Segment - 3.5 Stars

How do you add to an already interesting feud? You bring in the Black Sheep of the Wyatt Family, Braun Stowman. The guy looked a monster on Raw, and while I would have thought he could have debuted at Summerslam, seeing him the next night on Raw was the next best thing. It almost certainly believe that Ambrose and Reigns will add a third man to their team and it's going to have to be someone big to help combat Stowman's size. Reigns and Ambrose were clearly looking for a fight from the off, and I liked how we had the standoff between Stowman and Reigns before the Wyatt's backed away to do this on their own terms. A decent opening to the show to set up a little tease of an encounter for later tonight.

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Ascension- 4 Stars

OH MY BROTHER...TESTIFY! After over a decade of being absent from a WWE ring the Dudley Boyz have come back to the WWE. What a reaction the Dudley's received on Raw, and tonight on Smackdown. It's clear that the fans are excited to see these men back in WWE, and it's great that despite problems in the past Triple H and Bubba Ray put differences aside to do what's best for business. It's not like they've been out of the ring since they left WWE over a decade ago but both Dudley's looked sharp in the ring. That oh so familiar cry of "D-VON! GET THE TABLES!" never gets old to hear. Credit to the Ascension for their work in this one but the stars of the match were without question the Dudley's. Great to see the Dudley Boyz pick up a win on their return, and it's even better to see Viktor take a trip to Dudleyville via a power bomb through a table. New Day did their best to distract the Dudley's, and those signs were hilarious, but I think it's only a matter of time before the New Day meet a similar feet.

Kevin Owens vs. Neville - 4 Stars

So I said it in my Summerslam review and I'll say it again; Stephen Amell really impressed me in the ring. He and Neville made a great team and I now would not be against Amell and Stardust facing off one on one. Owens also had a pretty decent match that night against Cesaro, so this battle of former NXT Champions promised to be a good watch. Owens took the control for the majority of the match, almost making it look effortless to take down Neville. Neville to his credit looked good in this one too when on the offensive, hitting some nice moves including that German Suplex out of the ropes. Sadly for the jumping Geordie it wasn't enough as he ended up the victim of a Pop Up Power Bomb, and Owens picked up another big win. An impressive match to watch from two of WWE's top stars of the future.

The Bella Twins vs. Charlotte and Becky Lynch - 4 Stars

It was entertaining how the Bella's tried to predictably cause dissension in Team PCB, but that kind of back fired after the whole Summerslam 2014 and "I wish you'd died in the womb" incidents were bought up. Team B.A.D. were on commentary for this one to check out the competition, and they would need it after Team PCB won at Summerslam. Some great action from all four Divas in this one, with Team PCB being th every close standouts. I thought the way Charlotte pinned Brie Bella was really unique and unexpected. The Divas continue to go from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing who can possibly dethrone Nikki Bella at Night of Champions.

Seth Rollins In-Ring Segment - 4 Stars

Seth Rollins came out of Summerslam looking even better than when he went into the show, with him coming out as both WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion. So when Seth thought he was going to get a statue in his honour on Raw it was obvious something was going to go down. Sting's return received a huge ovation and it's going to be interesting to see Sting go up against Seth at Night of Champions. Seth seemed pretty unhappy that Sting ruined his party on Raw, and seems fired up to get revenge on the Vigilante. I would love to see Stinger hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, even if it's just for one month, as it would be something he has earned over the years of sacrifice he has given. It'll be interesting to hear what Sting has to say in retaliation to Rollins before Night of Champions, or even just some mind games headed into the show would be enough. A strong promo from a very determined Seth Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler and Ryback vs. Big Show and Rusev - 3.5 Stars

So you had the three big guys and the man who steals the show (and your girlfriend) in action. I wasn't overly impressed by the triple threat Intercontinental Championship match at Summerslam, but I did enjoy the Rusev and Ziggler match. So I had mixed feelings about this match, but I was willing to give it a chance. And overall I have to say it wasn't a bad match. When you have three big guys in the match the pace is going to be a little slower, which I think hindered this match from being as good as it could have been, but when Ziggler came into the action that all changed and the pace picked up. Rusev wanted to punish Ziggler and tagged himself in out of nowhere. But instead Big Show decided to hit Rusev with a KO Punch, meaning Ziggler could cover the Bulgarian brute and pick up the win for his team. The ending made this match for me, otherwise it wouldn't really have felt like anything special.

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus - 4 Stars

It's interesting how Ambrose and Reigns were seen talking before the match backstage, almost expecting some shenanigans from the Wyatt's in this one. There was always that feeling something would go down before the night was through and it did by the end of the night. Sheamus and Ambrose were pretty physical in this one, especially when things went to the outside of the ring. Neither man seemed to be holding anything back and gave it their all, and despite everything they threw at one another they would keep on coming back for more. Ambrose would eventually build up the momentum to the point it looked like he would defeat Mr. Money in the Bank, and it was then that the Wyatt Family would strike. Their distraction would be enough for Sheamus to hit a Brogue Kick and pick up the win. After the match the Wyatt's would have their way with Ambrose and Roman Reigns, who would attempt to save Ambrose but would fall victim to the power of Braun Stowman. The Wyatt's would stand tall over their fallen victims to end the show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

Overall I think we saw a pretty strong edition of Smackdown to end what has been a pretty impressive week of action in WWE. There were not many moments to pick fault with during the show which made it all that more difficult to pick out my favourite segment of the show. I'm going to give that distinct honour to the returning Dudley Boyz, who received a tremendous ovation from the crowd and had a great first match back in WWE. Is there one last run with the WWE Tag Team Championships in their future? I sure as hell hope so.

That just about wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Please come back again next week for another edition, although it won't be with me as I'm having myself a well deserved week off on holiday. If you have any comments about this weeks edition then please leave your comments in the discussion area below.

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