The Smackdown Breakdown – WrestleMania Needs More Hype

WWE has created some real controversy this week with Punk’s “desecration” of the Urn and the ashes of Paul Bearer. And while I was very vocally not happy with how the angle played out on Monday night, after looking back on it, I realized that I reacted exactly like Vince and the Creative team wanted. I was utterly outraged over it, and I wanted blood. But why? I knew that those weren’t Bearer’s actual ashes. I knew that the family had to have said that it was ok to take it as far as the WWE did. But it was the idea that Punk was doing it to disrespect Bearer that made me snap. And it was that reaction that made me realize that there are buttons for each and every one of us fans that can make us go over the edge and completely forget about what we know of the business. WWE needs to find these buttons, as they are what WWE has been missing for so long. When was the last time you were really invested into a storyline? For mpst people, it has been way too long.

Considering this week’s broadcast was a cut down version of our normal show due to WrestleMania, I am keeping this week’s Breakdown brief. I am combining all of the Recaps with one exception and all of the Axxess videos into one grade.

Break it down!

Opening Video – 10!

They brought back the musical montage opening! This is a step in the right direction, as their normal opening videos are typically just an awful mess.

Recap Videos: 6

I wish that they would take the Smackdown before WrestleMania and actually use it to be a go home show for Smackdown’s feuds. I know that they wanted to recap everything leading up to Mania, but it made the show really drag on just to get to some new material.

Axxess Videos: 7.5

Now these videos I didn’t mind so much, as it showed the live experience that you get by going to WrestleMania. I do want to say that Cole and JBL’s constant bickering during these segments was very annoying, and it really make me think back when Cole was a heel and we had to put up with it from Cole and The King. I really hope we don’t go back to those dark days.

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Ryback vs. Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendes: 7.75

I really like the tandem of Matthews and King, as they worked very well off one another tonight. And I am glad that the Colons were in action, if only to see Rosa! But I got a surprisingly decent 2-on-1 Handicap Match! The competitors got in some solid offense, and while it was still a shorter match at around 5 minutes, it still was good. My biggest complaint was that Ryback didn’t get Primo up on his shoulders as well as he normally would for a double Shellshock. But we did see the ref correct Ryback for covering the illegal man, instead of the ref counting him out like they tried to do on Impact this week!

 “Tons Of Funk” segment: 8.25

Sandow and Rhodes yet again prove why they are the masters of the mike! Although I didn’t like the fat suits and the butt “enhancements” on the Bellas, they did do well in immatating Tons of Funk and at least built up their match somewhat. The attack by Tons of Funk was expected, but did make it more of a coin flip on will win at WrestleMania.

Replay of Cena and Rock from Raw: 2

There was absolutely no need for this recap of Raw, as it ate up over 20 minutes that they could have used to highlight some of the other matches on the card. One thing I did notice that I wanted to point out was that WWE changed the Boring chant at Cena to a Cena Sucks chant. I’m sorry, I may understand why they wanted to change it but I do not agree with it. The Boring chants really showed how the crowd felt, and makes Smackdown look bad for anyone who watched Raw.

Del Rio Interview at Axxess: 6

Del Rio showed some good passion, but this “interview” was too short to really do anything other than be a way to show the attack on Monday yet again. But Del Rio did irritate me with the fact that he held the WHC upside-down after he pulled it off his shoulder! That just looked awful!

Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter vs. Kofi Kingston: 7.5

Honestly, this wasn’t a great match, as we have seen both perform much better, but it was a decent one. Kofi is really trying hard to impress people in the back after being buried, and it shows in his work. I do have to have to say that I love how Swagger is applying the Patriot Lock by lifting his opponent off the ground! It looks much more painful, and gives his opponent less of a chance of escape if he locks it on in the center of the ring. That’s just a smart play by anyone.

Overall Show Grade: 7

With this week being such a recap laden show, I felt like it was only fair to judge the show on its actual contents rather than to drag it down due to the recaps. While I had accepted the fact that it was going to be rough last week, I have to admit that writing up such a lackluster show was very difficult. I hope that we will see a better show next week, as we will be getting new feuds and the start of the build to Extreme Rules.

After last week’s quickly answered question, I wanted to make sure this week’s was a bit tougher for people answer!

Who has had the shortest career in WWF/E, and how long did they last? Tryout matches and one jobber appearances do not count, but time in developmental does. They must have made at least one appearance on WWF/E TV. See you for next week’s Breakdown!

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