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The Smackdown Breakdown - The Wyatt's Continue To Dominate


Welcome everyone once again to a somewhat sombre opening to this weeks Smackdown Breakdown. I say sombre because while WWE began it's final two week tour of Europe for 2015 the news emerged yesterday that Seth Rollins had torn his ACL, MCL and Medial Meniscus during a match with Kane on Wednesday night in Dublin, Ireland. This injury is a serious loss for WWE, who have a thin roster right now as well as a major blow for Seth Rollins, who was probably on one of the most amazing runs of his career since becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 31. I'm sure everyone at WNW and around the world will join me in sending well wishes to Seth Rollins, who I hope makes a speedy and safe recovery. When he's back I'm sure Rollins will be better than ever.

This weekend sees the start of a pretty hectic week for me as I'm attending three WWE live events in the space of 6 days. First up I'm in Leeds tomorrow for the WWE live event there, and will also be attending the Meet and Greet at Smyths Toys to meet my favorite WWE Diva, and hopefully a future guest on my podcast one day in Paige. Monday I will be attending the Raw taping in Manchester, as well as a VIP party prior to the event to mingle with other journalists, celebrities and possibly a WWE Superstar or two, which hopefully I'll be able to snag a few quick words with for my podcast. And then a week today I'll be attending the WWE live event in Nottingham so it's all systems go for me wrestling wise. I'm looking forward to seeing a few shows this year as it's been a while since my last one. To be fair three shows is about the same amount of WWE shows I've probably been to in the last four to five years so I'm making the most of this week before I have to wait until December to attend the NXT live show.

Before I leave for Raw on Monday though I will be releasing my highly anticipated podcast interview with WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana for everyone to hear. It was a real pleasure talking to a genuine WWE Hall of Famer and legend in Tito about his career, his life growing up, his time in WWE and life after wrestling. The interview lasted around an hour and was without question one of my most favorite and high profile interviews that I really enjoyed doing, and I hope you guys will really enjoy hearing it too. Hopefully Tito won't be the last WWE Hall of Famer interviewed on the podcast either.

Now let's head on into this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown and see what went down.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville - 4 Stars

MexAmerica is in the house as Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio kicked off the show with a promo about how MexAmerica is the start of a state of mind, where haters are not welcome. I'm too sure the crowd is what to make of the whole MexAmerica stuff at this stage but let's give it some time to get going. His opponent was the jumping Geordie and the man that gravity forgot, Neville. You'd at least think WWE would have Del Rio beating American's for the gimmick but I guess that's a bit too logical. Del Rio took it to Neville from the opening bell, showing the aggressive side we all are familiar with seeing in Del Rio. Neville had some fleeting glimpses of promise like he may steal the win but it was the veteran Del Rio who picked up the win to continue his run of form since returning to WWE. That double stomp in the corner from the top rope is a vicious looking move and is a much better finisher for Del Rio. Inevitably Jack Swagger and Del Rio faced off in a stare down after Del Rio assaulted Neville. This is obviously the start of their feud being planted and looks like it could be interesting to watch unfold. A solid start to Smackdown.

The Uso's vs. The Ascension - 4 Stars

When we say Uce, ya'll say O! Great to see Jimmy and Jey in action together again on Monday and it's great they are back here on Smackdown. The Ascensions aggression and power allowed them to isolate Jimmy Uso early on, making it appear that the Usos were going to lose this one. Of course that wouldn't be the case and once Jimmy hit the hot tag, Jey came in like a house of fire and looking better than ever, showing no ill-effects from his injury. And not long after the hot tag it was the Usos who picked up the win. These two will be due a shot at New Day and their Tag Team Championship sooner rather than later, which could prove to be one heck of a great match.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Lucha Dragons and The Prime Time Players - 4 Stars

The Soul Harvesters were in action, preparing themselves in another warm up for Survivor Series where I expect we will see them take on Kane, Undertaker and two additional partners of their choice. In their path in this one were former NXT Tag Team Champions and former WWE Tag Tem Champions. We saw some good work from all involved but it seemed the Wyatt's had that fear factor over their opponents, and with good reason cause they are four scary individuals. The Wyatt's toyed with their opponents at times, like an animal tormenting it's prey before committing that final act of ending them, with Darren Young being the first man eliminated by the monstrous Braun Strowman. Despite what looked like some strong fight backs from the Lucha Dragons and Titus O'Neill the eliminations of Sin Cara, Kalisto and Titus O'Neill soon followed, leaving the Wyatt's standing tall with all four members of the family surviving. Can they be stopped by anyone? Or will they truly begin to take a dark grip on the WWE? Hopefully as we draw nearer to Survivor Series we will get our answers. A good outing for the Wyatt's who continue to exert their dominance over everyone else.

Ryback vs. King Barrett - 3.5 Stars

Ryback picked up a win in this one despite the match largely being dominated by Barrett for the majority. Barrett has so much more to give than to be squashed by Ryback, or anyone for that matter. Winning King of the Ring should have been the start of another push for Barrett. Instead he lingers around, lost in the ether like time had forgotten him. A solid performance by both Ryback and Barrett in this one but I would have liked to see a little more effort from Ryback here, as he didn't do a great deal to justify the win for me. Other than that there is very little else to say about this one.

Natalya vs. Tamina - 3.5 Stars

In a match where Natalya was looking for revenge after being attacked last week by Team B.A.D. she went up against Tamina, pitting two of WWE's most powerful Divas against one another. Tamina spent the majority of this match in control and when Natalya did eventually fight back the numbers outside the ring proved to be too much for her to deal with. However Natalya managed to pick up a surprising victory after Tamina missed the Big Splash from the top rope, which may I add looked pretty dreadful, and saw the Queen of Harts hit the roll up from behind to get the victory. The match was alright but Tamina missing the splash could have been a bit more dramatic for me.

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose - 4 Stars

This one has the makings of a main event on Pay Per View, never mind on this weeks edition of Smackdown. I'd love to see both of these men involved in the Survivor Series tournament to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion but I'm not sure what plans WWE have for both men that night at this time. Things started off at a slow pace but as the match progressed the pace would quicken, with both men exchanging devastating blows and not giving an inch. The action didn't just stay in the ring either, with things spilling to the outside briefly. It became difficult to tell at one point just who was going to walk out of this one the winner with both men hitting some pretty impressive and big offensive moves, but in the end it was Owens who would pick up a cheap disqualification win after he fooled referee Charles Robinson into thinking Ambrose hit him with a low blow. Luckily the referee saw the replay and would reverse his decision, making Ambrose the deserved winner and sending the crowd home happy. A good main event to end this weeks show.

Overall Show Rating - 3.75 Stars

This weeks edition of Smackdown was a pretty solid watch with some good quality matches on display. The roster for the show felt a little light at times but that would be due to some of the regulars being on a flight at the time to Europe. My segment of the week this week goes to the hard worked main event between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. I liked the way these two kept us guessing who would win and the way the end of the match unfolded was interesting to see. It was a close call between this match though and the performance of the Wyatt Family, who gave a great account of themselves headed toward Survivor Series.

That wraps it up for another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. Please come back again next week for another edition, which with me being out at the WWE live event in Nottingham will mean a special guest host will be covering in my absence. If you have any comments about this weeks Breakdown or Smackdown itself then please leave your comments in the discussion area below. Thanks for reading and I will catch you back here again in two weeks time.

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