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TNA Blog Zone - A Bad Influence Throughout Impact

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With all the big stuff going on with the WWE – SummerSlam, Young coming out of the closet – TNA seems to have been pushed aside, but Nash took care of that on Twitter. Nash stepped up and said what so many of us think about TNA, when we think about TNA. It's funny, sometimes it feels as though TNA is rarely spoken about by wrestling fans, other than the minority who really follow TNA and have for quite a while. I will say I was shocked that one of Triple H's besties talking about TNA, but then I looked at what he said and felt like I was reading what some of us say on a regular basis.

Kevin Nash

TNA has great talent just no direction. Let Jeff Jarrett become part of the process and watch the numbers.

When WWE show cases a reality show around Mania how can the TNA show not look weak.I work indy shows every weekend that out draw TNA ...sad

@SctMcG WCW had much deeper pockets. TNA never used the benefits of s studio.Green screen could have made The Impact Zone 15 000.

@Marco_Hibbins Spike has to much control but Dixie gets the heat.

Putting UFC guys in TNA makes less sense then putting TNA guys in UFC

Looking back to when JJ was in charge of TNA, the numbers might not have been huge, but the creative direction was strong, and the wrestlers JJ developed TNA for were getting the pushes they deserved. The X Division was the shining star of TNA, as it should be. I also have to say that I'm really missing the six sided ring. Hogan and Bisch came into TNA and the X Division crumbled, creative direction went wonky, and the ring looks like every other ring in the industry. Yes, they're on the road, something they really needed to do, and have needed to do for a very long time.

I was going to say that the indy show I saw Nash at up here in Maine didn't draw more than TNA, but thinking back, I think that BTW show did draw at least as many, of not more than the one time TNA came to Maine, and TNA was in Portland in a much bigger arena than BTW in Augusta. More people to draw from, and you'd think a bigger company name all the way around, yet not the numbers.

While I hadn't really thought of it, a green screen is no a big cost, and really could do so much for TNA. It's a bit of a throwback for promos, but why not try it? TNA is great for trying now and creative things, so why not? Seems like a simple thing, so why aren't they trying it?

Okay, I will admit that Dixie is getting a lot of the heat for Spike's pushing the MMA guys on TNA, but Dixie is such an easy target after all the daft things she's done with the company. First and foremost, lack of advertising! She's supposed to know marketing, yet the company hasn't done any! It seems so basic, yet they don't do it. For that, among so many other things, I do blame Dixie. After all the crap she's brought down around TNA, it's hard not to continue to blame her for all these other crappy things as they happen.

Last, but not least, I completely agree with Nash about TNA and UFC guys. Taker and Punk have both been involved in MMA from the outside looking in, and while it's a natural for them to go to events and know some of the fighters, they're not forcing their way into the octagon. Then there's Rampage and Ortiz who seem as though they're ready to try to work the ring, even though their training is for the octagon. I'm not sure if I agree with Nash or disagree on this one, but I will say I don't like the direction TNA is going right now with all the MMA fighters taking up so much of the shows, and seeming to be there long term.

Hardcore Justice Impact Starts

BFG Series 20 Point Ladder Match – Aries vs Kaz vs AJ vs Hardy > B+

This match started hard and fast with all four going at it as if it was a PPV. Honestly, Kaz felt like the odd man out of this match, not quite up to the level of the other three, but he took what I thought was the first sick bump with his leg through the ladder. There were a lot of really sick bumps in this match, but the first to make me cringe was Kaz's leg through the ladder being tossed over. To me that's some solid work for a live show.

Kaz's over the top corner DDT on AJ was also really unexpected and solid. While there was a lot of high flying, there wasn't as much creativity as I'd expect from these guys and TNA. Honestly, either MITBLM at the most recent PPV were more jaw dropping and creative than this match from the company I expect to give us some seriously awe inspiring work. Not saying the work was bad, just not what I expect from guys like Aries, AJ and Hardy, especially for 20 BFG Series points. Yes, bodies were strewn, and some of the bigger, though expected, moves were hit, there wasn't as many moves that left me gaping.

The fans chanting 'Holy shit!' after the power bomb off the top was warranted, but not anything we haven't seen quite a few times. These guys are some of the best in the business, and it sounded as though the match was awesome in person, but on TV it missed a lot for me – until later into the match. As I came in during the middle of Impact, I knew who won this match, and I heard what was being said about this match. I'm not saying that they were talking this match up in a huge way, but I really expected so much more from the whole match. AJ's springboard onto the ladder was something new and unexpected, and looked as I'd expect from these guys, but that and the couple other moves wasn't enough to really make my jaw bounce off the floor. This was a solid match, and they worked hard, but from these guys at Hardcore Justice – even if on Impact – I really expected so much more. I expected a solid A from them.

Winner – Kaz (17:53)

Backstage Segment > B

Sabin has stepped up on mic more and more these past couple weeks. I'm respecting his personality and charisma more and more.

In Ring Segment > A&B

Dixie did a lovely job on mic talking about Angle. That was a really classy way to handle Angle going to rehab and the long road he has ahead of him. Rather than not saying anything about it, Dixie did the right thing, and I'm very impressed.

There's been so many possible angles thrown around for this big match between MEM and A&8's, and most of them are that someone in MEM is going to get pinned in their coming tag match. I really wonder why that is when A&8's is crumbling as it is. There's so many in A&8's who are expendable at this point, even Eric Bischoff's baby boy! But Anderson was solid on mic in his character, even though I am still calling for Anderson to be the mole. That being said, Magnus was so much better on mic that Anderson, the man who was expected to go so far because of his mic skills.

Hardcore Knockouts Triple Threat Match – Gail Kim vs Mickie James vs ODB > B-

There aren't enough womens hardcore matches. Roxxi was a solid hardcore wrestlers, and I still miss seeing her on TNA TV. Kim and Mickie might be strong wrestlers, but neither of them are really hardcore the way ODB is. Heck, the only hardcore Divas matches I remember in the WWE was between Victoria (Tara) and Trish. Survivor Series 2002 and RAW on January 27, 2003 where the two had a Chicago Street Fight. Both were sick matches, and what womens hardcore matches should be working for. I normally don't care about color, but if we're going to see it, this is the time for it.

As much as I love ODB, the use of her under-bra as a weapon was a bit much for me. I know I was complaining about creativity in the Ladder Match, but this was somewhat lame for me, though I will admit there's been times I've wanted to take my bra off and choke someone out with it. When Impact was airing live, I walked in when ODB's bra was hanging out and I didn't know what I had missed. I think my expectations were too high when I actually watched the match. The three of them did work fairly hard, but nothing like I know they can do. ODB is one seriously hardcore woman, and we saw what Kim could do with Taryn, so why didn't they? I personally don't think Mickie should be in a hardcore match, but I've not been impressed with anything she's done lately, other than finally looking ring worthy, so I wasn't expecting anything from Mickie, and that's what we got. But I know the other two could do more, so I think they should have done more. I will admit I was thrilled that ODB got this win. It will help her in a huge way going forward.

Winner – ODB (6:46)

Backstage Segment > B+

I love the thought of Aries in MEM. He makes perfect sense, and now that Roode is with BI, why not turn Aries semi-face to join MEM? To me it's the right move at the right time. I loved the passion and the length of this segment. It was strong and worked really well.

Backstage Segment > B

Sting was solid talking to Aries. Sting was honest, and Aries handled it well. Decent segment, but I thought there could have been a lot more too it.

Video > C

Recap of the Ladder Match, yay.

Backstage Segment > B+

Roode was solid on mic again. He seems to have found his spark, something that's been missing for a couple months. Finally!

Backstage Segment > C

MEM sitting around talking about nothing was boring. Wait, Aries said no? I don't see that holding for very long. And Rampage has a solution? Lucky us!

Video > C

Anyone watching Impact who doesn't know how Sabin won the WHC and Bully's crankiness since then? Doubt there's many!

Backstage Segment > B

More between Bully and Brooke? I am not sure I believe that phone call, but that's TNA for you.

In Ring Segment > B

Rampage on mic kind of won me over. I really thought he came across as very honest and endearing, even though it was obvious that no one there wanted to be watching him. He has a charisma that I didn't expect from him, and he felt really honest when he was speaking. It was kind of an unexpected swerve. The way he talked down A&8's was nice, and continued to win over a few fans. They didn't all like Rampage, but some did change their tune a bit. I'm not saying I think Rampage should be in TNA, but I will say that I like the man more than I did before this segment.

The fans seem to like Tito, who I know very little about as well. I don't follow MMA, so I don't know much about these guys beyond their names, so I don't know what to expect of them. Bully did a solid job of continuing to rile up Rampage, Tito and Joe, but I didn't believe Tito even the first time through. He just didn't come off as at all believable.

And because I am who I am, I have to comment on Rampage's suit. It was nice to see that Rampage has stepped up and isn't in a t-shirt any longer, but anyone who makes clothing should know that a light weight satin does not lay flat over a solid heavyweight cotton cotton/poly blend that Rampage's camo blazer was made out of. The satin on the lapels puckered so badly that I couldn't look at anything else while he spoke. The pink edged button holes were a great addition, but beyond that, whoever made that jacket should be ashamed of themselves, and the satin is just the first glaring issue that slapped me in the face.

BFG Series Tables Match – Joe vs Magnus vs Roode & Anderson > A-

After seeing Kaz get the win in the Ladder Match I was automatically wondering how Roode would get the win, and if BI would be helping him as well. Joe was sick with that snap slam. It's almost as if since Orton has picked up the move, Joe is trying to prove his speed. I truly believe Joe is faster than Orton with an equally weighted wrestler, and possibly heavier. I wonder if there's a way to prove that, Jesse?

Roode had Stacy and I both laughing when Joe hit his inverted atomic drop on him. Roode, just before taking the move yelled, "Oh god!" We all know that Joe is a stiff wrestler, and the way Roode yelled that felt more like a shoot than a work. Further, the way Roode sold Joe ringing his pee-pee bell about put Stacy and I on the floor laughing. Later when Anderson hit the low blow on Magnus we heard the bell again, and had to laugh, but I wasn't laughing when Joe hit that chop on Roode. Then Taz actually said something funny, "I think I actually saw Roode's areola go flying by there." Joe was really hard hitting and looked sick, but it was Magnus' strength that shocked me! The way he caught Anderson flying through the air was shocking for a guy who really isn't that big.

I'd have loved to see either Magnus or Joe win this match, as both of them really worked that ring, and outside, in such a lovely way. The fans were right that this match was awesome, and looked so much better that the Ladder match did earlier in the night. This was so much more creative and impressing all the way around.

Winner – Roode (10:21)

In Ring Segment > C

I have to comment on the cage being built because so much was said about it the two times I watched it happen. The first time there was some comments in the Open Thread Party about how the WWE has made us spoiled by dropping the cages from above. I commented that I once went to a local NWA show (I think it was my first wrestling date with Stacy, and I'm lucky he kept taking me after this) that they spent twenty minutes building a wooden and barbed wire cage for a three minute match (thank you Mario Savoldi for such piss poor wrestling shows, he should feel lucky to have great wrestlers like Brian Fury). Further, when I watched it the second time through Stacy commented about how much better the WWE's ring looks compared to TNA's and that we really are spoiled in that way as well.

Backstage Segment > B

Sting is normally a smart man, but not with this segment. I will say that he did well selling what we know absolutely was not scheduled to happen. Or is it a double swerve? No clue, and I'm not reading the spoilers!

Backstage Segment > B+

I love the chemistry between Bully and Anderson. Anderson is one of the few 'younger' guys who can hang with the bigger boys on mic, and he proved it in this segment with Bully. Anderson says he's not Bully's enemy, but I still think he's the mole!

TNA WHC Cage Match – Chris Sabin (c) vs Bully Ray > B

I know Bully outweighs Sabin by 56lbs, but if TNA didn't believe in Sabin enough for him to have a solid WHC run, why did they strap him in the first place? Sabin has grown by leaps and bounds since his return to TNA, but I still would have preferred to see him go to the E with Shelley. Or was it TNA's way to try to get Sabin to re-sign with TNA, and it didn't work. When is Sabin's contract up? Is it next month? The month after? I thought it was coming up pretty soon. I can't see as they would strap Sabin knowing he was just going to leave, so maybe it was a negotiating weapon, but I was under the impression that the storylines had been worked out through at least October, and would they make such dramatic changes just to try to keep an X Division wrestler with the company? They fought hard to get Morgan back, and now he's gone. They got Velvet Sky back, and they rarely use her – possibly injured or not. Looks as though all of TNA's work to get and keep wrestlers isn't working out as well as they had hoped.

"Taz, crossface!" from Bully brought this match back from commercial pretty well. It was moving a bit slowly there, but that was a lovely little moment. What I didn't like was that Bully so easily dominated over Sabin, and made him look weak through the entire match. Sabin was supposed to be the TNA WHC – even if such a short time – so why do they make him look so out-classed? Wrong on so many levels! Sabin finally got some solid moves in and proved he deserves the strap with big moves, then beat Bully with his own vest, but it sure didn't last long enough to mean anything. And hello, we all knew that the ref was down!

I really thought they were going to wait for next week's show, actually in the Tag Team Match next week, and maybe make it look as though MEM might lose a member. To me it looked as though Tito turned too quickly, but thinking about it more, if he had waited until the next episode of Impact to turn, we'd have ridden his ass for turning on a taped show. It really was a catch 22, and I can't say which made the most sense. I love that Taz got in the ring to celebrate with Bully at Tito. As much as we complain about Taz on announce, I still really like him.

Winner & new WHC – Bully (18:00)

Post Show

So much for Brooke turning heel on her father and joining Bully with A&8's. Honestly, I think if they were planning on getting rid of one of the 'kids' it should have been Garett taking the pinfall in next week's match and having to leave TNA. That would have made a lot more sense in the long run. Maybe Brooke was making more money, and maybe she has other things going on with her fiance, but at least she was solid on mic, was nice to look at, and has great chemistry with certain people, and was actually in a storyline. What's Garett done lately besides stand in the ring with his goofy hair and tried to look tough while every person around him towers over him. The storyline was there, why not run with it? That to me would have made a lot more sense if they wanted to cut one of the 'kids' from the roster.

Queen of WNW

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