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TNA Blog Zone – AJ Drops a Dixie Pipebomb

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I have to say I was shocked when I heard that mag wasn't going to be able to compete this week on Impact. I don't know what that's all about, but I have to admit that I'm interested in finding out. But looking back at last week, I am very confused about it being Devon who was pinned and left TNA. To me there was at least three others in A&8's who are much more expendable than Devon. The whole thing is just very confusing if there's not other things going on in Devon's life. I will say that Bully and Devon have played the whole politicking game quite differently, and look where they are. Bully is at the top of TNA right now, and Devon is out. On the other hand, there's no way Bully will ever step foot in the WWE because of the bridges he's burned, but Devon is another story. The whole thing is just very confusing to me, but right now about everything TNA does is very confusing to me.

Show Starts

Backstage Segment > C+

I'm going to say it once tonight. Tessmacher is so sway backed that I worry that she could develop health issues from it. Her back is so curved that it looks painful to see her move sometimes.

In Ring Segment > B

I have to admit that I don't understand why Bully was so upset about Devon losing and leaving if he has such distaste for him. On the other hand, that was a great way to get some serious heat from the fans. I loved the interaction between Anderson and Bully, it further showed the dissension in the ranks, and that Anderson might still be, as I have said all along, the mole in the group. After the big show of patching in Tito so quickly, and with Devon's vest, I see A&8's crumbling very soon.

BFG Series – Hardy vs Kaz > B-

I was actually quite impressed with the work between Kaz and Hardy after the quick change in the card. Kaz came on strong and looked great all over Hardy. But then Hardy came back with what was supposed to be a fig 4, but it made Miz look stellar! That was a completely clusterfluffle of a fig 4, and to even call it that is a travesty This match was predictable, and looked like Super Hardy took the win after his five moves of doom. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but it really wasn't much better. To me Kaz actually looked solid and creative at the start of the match, but when Hardy took over, the match took a nosedive. This was very Cena, and I'm not impressed.

Winner – Hardy +7 (6:08)

Backstage Segment > B+

A&8's is crumbling behind Bully's back. When they're talking behind the president's back, things are falling apart! We were discussing A&8's splitting into Anderson leading the group, and Bully running with Tessmacher and Tito as his little entourage. After this little segment, looks like that's going to happen. I also have to say that Garett was piss poor here too, but he was miles ahead of his own mic work in the ring at the start of the show.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match – Gail Kim vs ODB > B

ODB looked strong with that delayed vertical on Kim, but I have to wonder how Kim didn't loose her bottoms with that move. Some of the ring gear these women wear makes me wonder how they do it. I understand that Kim is big on submission holds, but I have to admit that I get bored when an entire match is all about one one body part.

ODB taps out, Kim gets first fall (3:06)

There's something about Kim working over ODB's leg wasn't anywhere near as boring as ADR working over his opponent's left arm. They really handled some solid back and forth work, and I love the way ODB stole the win.

ODB sneaks a pinfall on Kim (8:26)

I loved ODB's big comeback during this match. It was booked well, handled well by the two of them in the ring, and the outcome made a lot of sense. But the best part of this match was how both of them stayed in character and worked it beautifully through the entire match. They told a story through it all, and that sharpshooter to end the match was solid, and I'm impressed.

Winner – ODB (11:27)

Backstage Segment > A-

I loved how Velvet Sky worked the mic here! She sold her personality and feelings well, and also handled her personal relationship in a very classy way – much classier than the cameraman!

Backstage Segment > B-

Daniels whining is a bit much for me. Roode is solidly pissed and sells it, but Daniels' whining made me just want to see him get slapped around by Roode for it.

Backstage Segment > B

I love Aries, but I think Bel Biv Devo is a bit far back for many wrestling fans these days. There are many of us who remember them, and I actually laughed aloud when he started quoting, because I knew it from the first line. Aries with BBD was so much better than Daniels talking about Miley's flat ass. And why did they bleep out ass? Aries was on, Daniels fell flat – like Miley's ass!

Backstage Segment > D


Video > C

I loved how AJ came over to MEM and stole that match. What a lovely swerve and match – but recap videos receive a C unless they're spectacular.

In Ring Segment > B+

Rampage is getting better on mic. He's more believable, and really seems to be taking to TNA – a lot better than I expected from him. He's honest and endearing, and I don't hate him. It almost kills me to say that, but it's true.

I love how AJ is handling his walk to the ring. He leaves us questioning, but then blasts out of to be the AJ we love. He's trimmed up his hair a bit and looks really cute, but not too emo for his own good. But then AJ started talking. He came off as very Punk. He dropped pipebombs, sounded great, went after Dixie. He was doing great, but then suddenly lost the fans in the arena. They were right there with AJ. They were screaming, chanting "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" for AJ, but he talked for too long, ranted too much without saying enough, and he lost the fans in attendance. When he did that, the promo crumbled. I really thought I was going to be giving AJ an A for this segment, but he lost it in the middle and it fell apart for him. Too long, with too little at the end. Impact has felt slightly off for much of the show, and this was another one of those moments.

BFG Series – AJ vs Roode > B+

AJ was on Roode like stink on poo! There's no question that AJ is The Phenomenal One, but Roode still reminds me of a young Triple H. They both looked sick in the ring at almost every move, until AJ hit that piss poor spinebuster on Roode. That's Roode's signature for a reason, as I'd hate to see Roode hit pele. But the back and forth work between these two men was lovely. They've worked together for so many years, and it shows in their ring work. That this was only seven minutes wasn't enough for me. I love watching those two work the ring together.

Winner – AJ +7 (7:11)

BFG Series – Aries vs Daniels > A-

Aries is sick in that ring, no matter who he's facing. That deep arm drag, that headstand and then the kick! That man is a joy to watch in the ring, and while he's flashier than Bryan, I'd love to see them face off at this point in their careers.

These two men really worked it hard, and I cringed when Aries ran into Daniels' kick through the ropes. That was painful to watch! They just continued to go at it, through everything. The moves were sick, right down to that double clothesline that left them both on the mat. They really left it all out there, and it seems to me that Aries brings out the best in everyone he faces in the ring. The drop kicks from Aries was sick, but honestly, I just sat and watched this match more than talking in the Impact Open Thread Party, and more than writing this. I just sat and enjoyed the match, and I don't do that very often.

Winner – Aries +7 (11:02)

Backstage Segment > C-

It sounded to me that Tessmacher called Bully 'Daddy' in this segment. Bully is 17 years older than her, so it's very possible, but the whole thought of it turned my stomach! Other than that, it was nice to see Bully taking Anderson seriously. This could be a lot of fun, and very soon.

In Ring Segment > B+

Hogan wasn't bad as we haven't had to listen to him for a couple weeks, but it was Bully who stole this segment. He was on his game visually, emotionally, and on mic. When Hogan threw those divorce papers at him, he was crushed, though tried to hide it in front of Hogan and his new Brooke. The fight of emotion across his was strong and believable. Hogan stole it back a bit using Bully's phrase, "Do you know who I am?" But that was brief, and not enough for Hogan to really be worth the time or the money – not that Alex would agree with me on that. Yes, I will agree that the fans were wild, but they're always wild the first time he comes out. Hogan is one of the biggest names in the industry, the fans are going to be wild for him, but next week when he rambles on and on he will kill the show – or make it worse than it will be if written like this episode. And I have to call Hogan on stating that Bully's WHC Match with Sting was this week, not next – OOPS! And then there's the fact that Sting has lost any chance of fighting for the WHC. Did everyone in TNA forget this? Because the fans sure didn't!

Post Show

This episode was a train wreck! There was very little continuity to the show, and segments that should have been good, fell apart for various reasons. Two that stick out in my mind are Aries and Daniels backstage, and AJ on mic in the ring. I think Daniels rushed things after Aries had set things up wonderfully. Aries made me laugh for the only time tonight, and gave me a blast from the past, while Daniels brought me images of Miley's ass.

Then there's AJ. Those fans were right there with him, and he was dropping pipebombs that even AJ (Lee) would be proud of. AJ was hot on that mic and the fans were all there with him! But then he started rambling, saying the same things over again, and not staying on point. He needed to state what he needed to state and get out, but he was booked with too much time. Because of that the boring chants started. I don't know what the problem was – scripting, timing, AJ working things wrong somehow – but halfway through it fell flat and the fan went from screaming "YES!" "YES!" to chanting, "BORING!"

I have to admit that I'm quite worried about next week's episode of Impact after what we just witnessed.

Queen of WNW

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