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Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan

I was planning on going to go into this Impact, but then I watched Impact and lost all the hope I'd had for Dixie as a heel. The overall show was better. The matches were not as good, but the flow of the show was solid, and a step up from last week's Impact. I understand where they're trying to go with this new move, Dixie's heel turn, but I'm not sure it's far enough removed from the WWE storylines with Trip and Steph to mean anything to the viewers other than looking like bush league copycats.

Show Starts

Backstage Segment > B

I have to say that Dixie came off much better as a heel than last week. Only time will tell.

In Ring Segment > C+

That arena had to be VERY heavily papered. There's no way real wrestling fans would react to Bully in such a lackluster way. The fans really killed that segment for me. Bully was solid, and Knux was not bad, but the segment went over like a lead fart!

Backstage Segment > B

I love Joseph and ODBEY together! The chemistry is great, and I love the way ODB grabbed EY by his beard.

6 Person Tag Match – Bromance vs JODBEY > B

What was wrong with Gail Kim's face? Alex said he received a text that she had surgery, so I'm not off my rocker, but she really didn't look like the pretty woman who has enthralled us with her wrestling for so many years. I hope it was needed surgery of some sort, not that she was messing with her lovely face in any way.

Beyond that, this match was very much JODBEY playing their characters well and having fun. It's wasn't a horribly wrestled match, but it sure wasn't fantastic in any way. The way Robbie ducked when Joseph was trying to throw him from the ring shows that he still has a long way to go in the ring. For a comedic match, it wasn't bad, but I hate to see solid wrestlers in the ring with guys like Robbie and Jessie who still can't seem to get things right on a regular basis.

Winners – JODBEY (6:22)

Backstage Segment > B

Aries was decent here, but not his best.

In Ring Segment > B+&D+

Was King serious? I understand that they're working this storyline, and it's good that they revisit it, but King on the mic compared to Aries is like watching Ryback verbally spar with Foley! It's laughable that anyone would even book them to talk so much between them as they're skills are so far removed from each other. Aries only proved to make King look that much worse.

King vs Aries > B+

I can't say that this match was great, but it wasn't horrible either. Honestly, I think I can blame the problems I had with this match on the WWE. During this match we spent so much time talking about how King got busted open, and blading, and how much you will bleed if busted open in certain spots, that the match was almost secondary to the color. All that being said, there was some lovely moves hit in this match, and Aries looked as strong as ever. That man is such a wrestling star that it's almost a travesty that he's not in the main event most weeks. I can't say the same for King, but I think he just has more learning to do. I thought he was better than he is before he came to TNA, but I appear to be wrong on that front. I don't know if he lost something in his jump to TNA, but he just doesn't seem as dynamic as he used to.

Winner – Aries (4:47)

Backstage Segment > B+

Sabin is really stepping up his mic work and proving himself. I'm impressed.

Backstage Segment > B

I don't like Magnus coming off as so weak in MEM. I like that Sting pumped him up, but I didn't like that Magnus has such emotions over EGO.

In Ring Segment > B+

I will give Hogan huge props for waking up the fans in attendance. They were dead until he came out, and he got them riled up about AJ. I don't know if it was really for AJ, as the fans seemed to only care about what Hogan cared about, not really seemed to have a clue about what's going on with the storylines. But as dead as the crowd has been, Hogan did a solid job of getting them into the show.

Backstage Segment > B+

Solid AJ, even if he was a bit angsty.

X Division Title Match – Sabin vs Manik > B+

Compared to Aries vs King, this was on par, though a very different match. There were some great moves in this match, but this match was more about character development and storyline than the actual ring work. I was very impressed with how both men worked the ring, but I worry that Sabin is already looking too much like the wimpy and wormy heel. The way he kept putting Velvet in harm's way, when she didn't seem to be in on the plan, makes me wonder if we're going to be seeing a lovers quarrel, or if we're going to be Velvet get pushed around by Sabin, or even if she will go to the dark side to join him. Only time will tell on that front, but I worry that Sabin so quickly turning into a wormy heel could be a bad thing for his character – though he's playing it off pretty well so far.

Winner – Manik (5:44)

Backstage Segment > B

Wow, A&8's really has crumbled! That being said, I kind of like these three together. They're not main event material, but they could be a good little mid-card team, like 3MB, but less creepy – sorta. The one thing that I do have to say, Knux is getting stronger and stronger by the week. I'm almost impressed.

Backstage Segment > B+

Dumpster fire? Diaper explosion? They've done more in the past month than Angle's entire career? I have to say that EGO has some serious stones, and are great together on mic!

A&8's vs MEM > B

Huge "We want Sting!" chant shows that he really still is the man. Sadly, other than Knux the A&8's team were virtually useless, though did any of us expect anything less? Garett and Wes just are not trained and ready to be in the ring with the likes of Sting, Joe and Magnus. Only because Magnus was taken out by EGO was there any chance that A&8's could win this match. They did a solid job of booking it, but we all knew what the outcome was going to be, the only question was which of the A&8's would be going home.

Winners – MEM (10:05)

In Ring Segment > B

I wasn't at all surprised that Wes lost this match. It was either him or Garett. I didn't see as it would be Knux at this point. What did surprise me is that Knux and Garett didn't completely turn on Bully in the ring. They've been setting up for it, but I don't think it will work if it's just Knux and Garett, or even worse, just Knux. Maybe Devon will return? It's not like he's really expected to stay away.

In Ring Segment > B-

I honestly don't know how to respond to Dixie on mic, so I've turned it over to Jesse this week.


Now, hear me out here before we run to the comments and ask if I have hit my head again. This segment is probably the toughest thing I have had to grade in the 7 months I have been writing for WNW. While the subject matter of this storyline is something we have seen in WWE with Punk's status in 2011 and even with the current WWE Title feud, it's being twisted into a realm where I actually am becoming interested again. Hogan did exactly what he needed to early on, despite the fact that he stumbled a bit on the delivery of talking about AJ at Bound For Glory. And Dixie's interruption was actually pretty good until she started shrieking for AJ to get out of the ring. She was firm, cool and a perfectly collected heel. In fact, I am willing to say that she is a totally different kind of heel than we have had in years, as she is like that evil stepparent that is doing what is best for herself in the guise of it being “for the family”. At the point she started shrieking, however, the segment started to turn for the worse. Part of that can be blamed by her trying to talk into hard camera with her promo, part of it can be blamed on the fact she went on a bit too long, but the biggest issue is the disconnect she had with the live audience. Now, I am not bashing my home state's fans, but that promo was ill timed. The bulk of the latter half of her promo was about “the 99%”, which is obviously linked to the Occupy Movement that occurred in 2011, as well as she tried to tie in her #AskDixie debacle into this. That kind of talk just doesn't resonate with the people in this area, as almost everyone here is in the 99%, even the business owners. Granted, I follow national politics a bit more than most, so I caught it quickly, but it is a direction that has me wondering what they are planning to do with it. Are they going to use Dixie as the example of when power become too much for a person? Could we see stars protesting Dixie's regime? Maybe it will lead to some of the released stars recently coming back for a couple of dates to “vent” on how Dixie is all about TNA's financial bottom line and not the fans or the workers? While it wasn't something I would ever expect to see in a wrestling company's storylines, this could open up something we haven't seen before. And while the fans in attendance, and I'm sure at home, were starting to give up on this segment, Dixie roped it back in and saved this whole segment with the ultimatum she gave Hulk. Dixie telling her biggest draw, as easily evidenced by the crowd reactions tonight that he has to decide whether or not he will kowtow to her agenda or be fired was honestly a complete surprise to me. And while I am looking at it as a possible way to write Hulk off of TV in case they can't come to terms with him for a new contract, this could also open up Hogan for another heel turn, which I fully expected tonight, or even a turf war with Dixie. TNA is finally looking like they are killing A's, and in its place they are adding yet another long term storyline. That, my friends, is a good thing.

Post Show

I have to admit that I don't completely agree with Jesse's thoughts and theories on the ending segment of Impact, I'm glad I gave him the time to get that off his chest as I would have ripped Dixie to shreds and moved on. He peered deeper than my absolute frustration with TNA as a whole, and Dixie in particular would allow. It is always good to get a different perspective on things, and I think Jesse gave us a hugely different and unexpected perspective, and for that, I thank him greatly.

Queen of WNW
KB & Jesse

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