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I know Kevin Nash is with the WWE, but since he was with TNA, and he's making such waves this week, I thought I'd comment on it here.

Honestly, I can't get over how much he's riled up the IWC! While I understand fans wanting to defend the likes of Eddie and Benoit, as I also disagree with what Nash said, but this is Nash and he's only doing it to instigate fights and keep his name talked about. He said that social media is his PS3, yet people, including other wrestlers (Jericho), are freaking out in all directions about what he said. I understand that Jericho was friends with both Eddie and Benoit, but he should know Nash by now and understand who he is.

I actually think it's a little funny how everyone freaks out whenever either Eddie or Benoit are mentioned. I know there's a lot of issues that surround Benoit, no matter what is said about him. I was in the middle of that firestorm when I wrote my Royal Rumble Series last winter and did not skip Benoit's win, I don't want to be in the middle of the firestorm again, so please don't drag this in that direction.

Show Starts

Video > B-

Starting with Clair yelling about being an addict was a bit annoying, but going to Aces & 8's was a bit better. I hope they get to who's behind the masks soon as it's getting a bit monotonous.

In Ring Segment > B

Lucky us, Bully is all about his calves again and his Twitter machine again. I love how he says Twittah! I know it's his New York accent, but it makes me think of our Maine accent as well. We seem to drop as many R's as possible. As annoying as Bully can be, he is solid on mic, and it's a different way to start Impact. Yes, it's talking in the ring, but it's not Sting, Hogan or Roode, so I'm happy!

I find it interesting that Longnecks And Rednecks is both Storm's entrance music and the theme song for SCSA's Redneck Island. Nothing like making one song into the 2012 wrestling anthem – no matter the company involvement.

Storm was just wonderful with Bully in that ring! Between punking Bully out, and not taking any crap.

At first I thought the A&8's member talking was Luther, but then I wasn't quite sure. It wasn't JJ, D-Lo, or Masters, so I'm not quite sure who it was. Thoughts?

Video > C-

Why are we recapping A&8's already? Their time and their terms. Lucky us!

Backstage Segment > C+

Hudcuh Justice? That took me a moment to figure out. Pope wasn't bad in this segment, it just felt very disjointed. Yes, he's in a match at HJ, but we've seen so little of him since the BFG Series started that I barely remember he's even involved in it. TNA needs to either step up with Pope, or let the man go! He's done so little in so long that I keep forgetting he's on the roster!

BFG Series Match – RVD vs Magnus > C-

Anderson on announce quickly brought Taz to a level he hasn't been in over a year. Taz actually had a funny moment there that wasn't forced! Then there's Magnus who impressed me right from the bell in this match. Yes, he was the heel and had to work to be the heel, he did a solid job of it against RVD. He looked strong and creative going into the first pin attempt with RVD, something I wasn't expecting from him. Of course RVD put in the work and the moves that he's so famous for, but I really didn't expect him to pull out the win after how Magnus looked in there.

I was expecting this match to go a lot longer because the build early in the match made it feel like it was going to be ten minutes or more. That RVD got the pinfall so easily after Magnus had looked so strong through the majority of the match, it felt like a cheap win. Oh, RVD needs extra points, let's put him in an easy match, but then Magnus didn't look like a pushover and the whole thing fell flat for me. It wasn't like Super Cena hulking up, one moment Magnus was holding his own, the next RVD gets the three. I liked the ring work, but I did NOT like the ending of this match. Badly booked in my opinion. I did think the work was good, very good and surprising from Magnus, but the ending felt so off that I could not give it the grade the ring work deserved. I blame TPTB on this one, not Magnus and RVD – they deserve a solid B/B+ for their ring work.

Winner – RVD (3:23)

Backstage Segment > B+

Roode sure knows how to play the heel! That man is so good, and the way he's dressed echoed that. The dark suit with the dark shirt and tie, all he needed was a dark hat to round out the look. The longer he's been a heel, the better his suits fit, and it's probably because he carries himself with more attitude. It's little things like that which makes a character so much more than what the wrestler says or does. Flair is the one I have to think back on when talking about this. That man knew how to style and profile in the most beautiful suits. He was the man, and it seems Roode learned well from him.

Video > D

No sane pregnant woman would get in the ring with the likes of Daniels and Kaz during this storyline. Then again, it looks like Clair is in cahoots with Daniels and possibly has been all along. But more recap video we don't need. This has nothing to do with Clair, so why did they show that? And they started the opening video with her!

Tag Team Championship Match – Kaz & Daniels (C) vs Devon & Garett > B

So much for seeing the TV Title defended tonight if Devon is in this match! I will say that Daniels verbal blunder when he and Kaz won the TTC has become their thing, and I'm willing to bet that it's all Daniels' doing. He's the one who screwed up saying World Tag Team Champions of The World, and then said that he meant to say that when he realized his blunder – he has to be the one pushing to be announced that way and making that their own. Very, very smart move!

I had really hoped that Garett's time with Devon had helped his ring work, but he still looks like he's thinking through each component of each move before he does it, which makes his work look mechanical. Daniels looked better than ever in this match. He hit a couple very creative moves, and directed the match in a very easy and knowledgeable way. Even though that's how it was booked, Daniels made the whole thing flow in an effortless way, even their cheating looked like he planned it even though it was Kaz who did it. Very smart on Daniels behalf to push himself as the smarter of the two of them, the leader of the group. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from Daniels, but he still impresses me over and over. He really helped round out the match and smooth it over so I remember his work more than how mechanical Garett looked in his moves and bumps.

Winners – Kaz & Daniels (4:07)

Video > C-

Can we please stop with the recap videos? I feel like I'm losing an hour or more of my wrestling entertainment each week to recaps. I don't think I am, but it sure feels that way!

Backstage Segment > B

Oh, Sting is in business mode – no makeup. He's so good at playing the various roles, with or without the makeup.

Video > A-

I really like the HJ promo for the BFG Series. All the guys talking about wanting to win and what they're going into was perfect.

In Ring Segment > D

Nice spray tan on Robbie E's hand! He was so good in the promo before this, but this was back in that persona and people weren't giving him heat for him, they just didn't want him there. And where did numbers 2&3 go? Stacy commented that Robbie E isn't looking very pretty right now, and he's right. And while I rarely root for Hardy, I was here. What I will give E is that he lucked out in how the table broke that he was able to balance over Hardy the way he did. So, will E get the 20 points if T is the one to put someone though a table at HJ? Then again, they got the upper hand here, so there's no way they won't be pummeled at the PPV.

Backstage Segment > B+

Dang! Love the 'bad sex' comments toward Clair! Then you add in AJ not drinking and you really have to wonder what happened. This should be a lot of fun now that AJ is back. I wonder where they're going with this from here. I feel like the story might be picking up again after that segment.

Announce Segment > A

I love Joe! That was a perfect Joe segment and I'm impressed with how intense he was there.

BFG Series Match – AJ vs Angle > A+

Now Clair is cheering for AJ? Last week she was spewing venom at him through the camera. The start of this match seemed a bit tough for Angle. It seemed like he was a bit off his mark. Both AJ's drop kick and flying out seemed to hit Angle in a strange way, but coming back from commercial they both seemed to be on and giving us all they have.

Stacy asked if Angle is one to work stiff if his opponent is one willing to work that way. I said that Angle can work stiff, but it depends who he's in the ring with, and he and AJ know each other well, inside the ring and out. Watching them, I have to say that Stacy is impressing me more and more, he's picking up things recently that I've said in the past, but he's been watching wrestling long enough to really see what I've been talking about these past (almost) five years.

The reverses, back and forth, knowing each other so well, really working the ring together, they're the match of the night, but they would be on any given night. I will be shocked if anyone can top this match tonight. These two always give us so much, but this was above and beyond their norm. To me that was worth much more than seven points, and I'm so glad Clair didn't get involved! I would love to thank each of those men personally for that ten minutes (three of it was commercial time) they gave us all.

Winner – Angle +7 (12:51)

In Ring Segment > D

I wanted to split this off from the match because I couldn't let Clair's terrible acting to ruin that wonderful match. It wasn't what Clair said, or her facial expressions, it was the way she leaned against the barrier. I've had Crohn's Disease for as long as I can remember, and I do not lean my abdomen against any railing or bar of any sort. Because I'm so careful with my belly, and have been told I walk like a pregnant woman (right hand against my belly much of the time) I have paid more attention to women who are showing, and they don't lean in that way either. When you're pregnant you want to protect the baby, not lean way over and squish him/her against a metal railing.

Backstage Segment > B

Maybe the first speaker was Luther, because I thought that the man in that plaid shirt was him, but looking at his eyes in this segment, it obviously wasn't him. And who's the guy with the longer blondish hair? I think not knowing who he is irks the most. As I was writing that last sentence I flashed back to twenty plus years ago when we would have had to wait to find out who each of these guys were, as we wouldn't have been online volleying our thoughts, ideas and actual knowledge around of who these guys are. How times have changed – for the better and the worse.

Backstage Segment > A-

Storm sure is taking a lot of crap from everybody. I don't think he's at all involved with A&8's, but all of these accusations could really turn him heel before he goes after Aries and the Title at BFG.

Backstage Segment > A-

All this legal and contract conversing makes me wonder if Joseph is involved in some way.

Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher > B+

Kim was hard on Tessmacher from before the bell. I guess married life is treating Kim well. I saw the pictures Dixie posted from the magazine article about Kim's wedding and I have to say I was drooling over the fresh mozzarella, and swooning over Morimoto being there.

Actually, I shouldn't be talking food as the Knockouts really worked that ring compared to what we saw from the Divas on Monday. Tessmacher is still not quite right in the ring, but seeing how far she's come, she's really doing a solid job of proving that she does deserve to carry that belt. I didn't like that they strapped Tessmacher at first, but her ring work has continued to improve and I see that she could really go far on more than her looks. Kim didn't have to work had to make Tessmacher look good, Tessmacher did that on her own. (Just wanted to mention that I graded this match on a curve, comparing it to what we've seen recently on TV. I didn't want people having a wicked freak out at me giving this match such a high grade.)

Winner – Tessmacher (3:40)

Backstage Segment > A-

I have to say that I'm so impressed with the language that comes out of Joseph. He speaks so well and rarely stumbles over his legalese. I knew he was good, but I didn't think he had this in him. I think it's great that he's allowed to work such a different character to Abyss. Yes, Abyss has various personalities on his own, but Joseph is verbose and sometimes almost eloquent, something Abyss has never been. I cannot wait to see how they meld the characters together, (as I think they're going in the multiple personalities route and Joseph will be just another of Abyss' personalities) even though I think it will be quite a while in coming. To me this is one of TNA's better storylines right now and they need to spend more time pushing it along rather than letting it flounder for a month or more between anything happening. While we might see what's going on with these characters, they need to keep us engaged, and that's where they've struggled as of late.

Video > C

I understand that the contract signing is imminent, but I'm bummed out by the recap videos.

Video > B

And no, they went to another video! I will say it was a nice little video about Kenny King, but I wasn't looking to more of the show not being live. I know I'm not there booking or writing the show, and that the recap video set up for two segments, not just one, and it really did make sense for them to play it first, then going to King's video and to the signing, but recap videos smell and taste like rotting bacon.

In Ring Segment > A-

I will give them props for changing things up. Of course there was going be a lot of grandstanding, talking smack and threats, but they took it in a different direction than I remember seeing. There were no punches thrown and it was all settled with a handshake. In some ways it looks a bit like TNA is the hick company that runs without a contract, only on a handshake, but I like that they were willing to go that way, when nothing can happen in the WWE without a signature and first. To me it feels more real.

Backstage Segment > B

I thought Chavito was lovely in this short segment, as was Kidd. Both came across well and sold their characters as well as their coming match at HJ.

BFG Series Match – Bully vs Storm > B

These guys match up really well together. I thought it might lean a bit more toward Bully than it did. He did have control of the match for longer than I was comfortable with, but he handled it well and looked solid for the losses he tool. This was a solid match, but nothing compared to the previous one. Hopefully the feel of this match will carry over to HJ this Sunday.

Winner – Bully (8:03)

Backstage Segment > B

I am ready for A&8's to do something interesting. They need to leave their APA poker table and cause some trouble, either backstage or in the ring. Hopefully they will handle the whole thing well and not screw the pooch in a big way


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