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TNA Blog Zone - Brain Busters To The Left Of You, Brain Busters To The Right...

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I have to admit I'm a bit confused by the whole thing. A Hogan sex tape came to light last March. We all had our heebie-geebies, and Hogan claimed he didn't know who the brunette in the video was. Now, when Bound For Glory is coming up, the biggest TNA PPV of the year, new information is coming out about Hogan's sex tape, and he's doing this media blitz. Every other time I've seen Hogan doing the talk show circuit he's been talking about his video games, or other stuff with nary a word about TNA, yet this time he's wearing his Impact t-shirts and talking about Bound For Glory, in between being woefully upset about this sex video.

Now that things are coming out about that video. The formerly 'unknown brunette' is the estranged wife of one of Hogan's best friends, Bubba The Love Sponge? How did Hogan not know who the 'unknown brunette' was? To me that really sounds shady. Actually, from what I've read – and yes, I know media is warped, and not to believe everything I read – it sure seems as though BTLS was not the best friend he seemed. Further, that it feels like Hogan is using this sex tape thing to push BFG and it makes me feel a bit dirty.

Thanks for being patient for my Blog Zone this week. Covering for Alex was the least I could after he covered for me last week. I have to admit that writing the Live Results gives me a different perspective to the show, and pushes me to notice things I wouldn't regularly recognize. Hopefully that translates here.

Show Starts

Pre-Impact Commercials > B+

I have to admit that I wasn't impressed with TNA taking this from RAW, but I love what they did with it this week. Normally, for RAW, it's just Cole talking about what's to come, but TNA had both Bully and King Mo talking about both Impact and BFG. I thought the segments were well executed, and really did a great job to bring interest to the shows.

Video > B

Decent little recap to start the show. I can't say I'm thrilled with every Impact starts with a recap video, but going into BFG it does make a lot of sense.

Storm vs Aries > A-

I was quite impressed with this match. Both of these men went all out in the ring, and really filled the time they were given. Sometimes it seems as though wrestlers work a bit soft going into a PPV, possibly out of fear of injury, or maybe to leave us wanting more so we will buy the PPV, but these two didn't. They went all out and left my whole family (the in-laws were over and watching with us) watching intently. There's not a lot that completely shuts my family up, but this match did it beautifully.

I knew from the start that neither of these guys could go over clean so close to BFG. They're both such strong competitors that it would have hurt their BFG matches if they lost. It made complete sense that Roode would get involved, but it was the way Aries got Storm up for that brain buster that impressed the heck out of me. Just when I think Aries has reached his pinnacle, he hits a move so beautifully that I have to stop and stare. I will really be bummed if Aries drops the strap at BFG.

Winner – Aries (7:20)

Backstage Segment > B-

This segment came off as rushed and confused. I think they needed to break this up into two segments. One with Brisco, and one with AJ. Personally, I think Brisco has to be part of A&8's, and they needed to put a tiny bit more influence on him tagging along to BFG. And then there's the issues between AJ and Angle. I think this is great going into BFG. Problems between these two will only lead to a more interesting Tag Title Match at the PPV.

Video > C

The match between Hogan and Sting at BFG, with Garett as the ref was quite the interesting moment, but not one that should have happened. When I watched Hogan on Today w/ Kathie Lee and Hoda, Hogan was really stiff and uncomfortable because of his back. Sara Haines, a lovely young woman who is part of that final hour of The Today Show, was dressed as a wrestler and faked like she was tackling Hogan in their fake ring. Sara is rather petit, but Hogan looked nervous when she caught him around the waist and backed him into a corner. If a woman under 120lbs can make Hogan look that nervous, then I don't think that last match with Sting was at all worth it.

In Ring Segment > B+

Because of all the changes – mostly for the worse – that Hogan and Bisch have wrought upon TNA since their arrival, I automatically don't want to like any segment with Hogan involved. I admit that I'm totally biased against him because I think his time is done and he's done more to hurt TNA than he has to help. Beyond all that, adding in Sting, Bully and the World Tag Team Champions of the World made this segment quite entertaining. Bully did quite the job trying to convince Hogan that he's reliable, and the World Tag Team Champions of the World were hysterical to watch when they freaked out at the prospects of having to face the team of Bully and Sting. All in all I think this segment worked, and helped further set up for two matches scheduled for BFG.

AJ vs Hernandez w/ Chavito > B+

I have to say that both AJ and Hernandez worked this match hard. Further, AJ and Chavito worked the emotional side of things to remind us of their issues going into BFG. This whole match came together in a lovely way, further raising the tensions all around for this coming PPV. Honestly, I hadn't been overly excited about the impending Three-Way TTC Match at BFG, but seeing the hard hitting work in the ring, and the excalating tension between everyone, this could be a lot of fun. Doesn't hurt that everyone involved is just fabulous in the ring. And that last shoulder block was sick!

Winner – Hernandez (3:54)

Backstage Segment > B

I find it interesting, and possibly too telling that A&8's doesn't have a problem with Bully tagging with Sting at BFG against them. I will say that this time I didn't get that uber creepy terrorist video feel from Joseph, and I thought the whole thing was handled well. I can't wait to see what happens with Joseph at BFG.

The one thing that was mentioned was that no one could tell if A&8's were locked in or out, but nothing came about from it. I guess a false swerve now and then works, but I expected more from that one little comment.

In Ring Segment > F

Ion just doesn't do it for me. And then there's TNA's crappy disregard of of the X Division Title and the Division as a whole! I really hope that RVD takes Ion apart into pieces and doesn't end up another tragic mistake in the hospital because Ion is too green to be carrying gold. It sickens me that they've taken Ion's uselessness in the ring and made it into a storyline!

Backstage Segment > B+

I actually really enjoyed this fight between Hogan and Bully. They both handled it better then I thought possible. Sting getting in the middle of it all, and losing his temper at both of them made it all that much better.

Backstage Segment > C+

I have to say that Brooke was better than I expect her to be. She handled things well with both Taryn and Tara. I have to admit that I can't wait to see who Tara's a-list bf is. I'm sure he's going to be a virtual nobody, leaving Tara looking like a joke.

Daniels & Kaz vs Bully & Sting > B+

I know both Sting and Bully are veterans of the industry, and both have worked tag matches – especially Bully – but the way they worked that match was lovely! Bully did most of the work, but Sting was in and out a lot to keep each other fresh – or that's the claim the announcers make. All four of them worked the ring well, but for me the best part was 'Bully, get the tables!' I was roaring with laughter at that, and think both of them handled it wonderfully.

Winners – Kaz & Daniels via DQ (10:07)

Video > C+

At the following commercial Stacy and I explained what Hardy was talking about. That he was so screwed up going into a Title match with Sting, and how mad everyone was over Hardy pulling something like that. And while I'd love to give Hardy the benefit of the doubt, I will admit that I'm still not fully trusting in him.

Backstage Segment > C+

Snow just doesn't have the charisma of so many others of his generation. I adore Snow, and I'm thrilled that he's going to have a match at BFG. The thing I worry about is Snow being made a joke of. I hope that he puts Ryan over, but I hope it's not at the expense of Snow looking the fool.

Backstage Segment > B+

I'm loving the interactions between Joe and Magnus. I knew when their team broke up that they would have a lovely feud, I just hoped that their teaming would have lasted longer then it did. Their match at BFG should be amazing!

Tessmacher vs Kim > D

Ugh! I was not at all impressed with this match. I expect so much more from Kim, but both of them seemed off their mark and barely managed to make most of their moves look even decent. Tessmacher's finisher looked horrid, and Kim sure landed badly.

Winner Tessmacher (5:31)

Backstage Segment > B+

Roode and Storm really set up well for their match at BFG. I really wish that this was for the Title, but it will be jaw dropping in any way. I'm still not sure how I feel about King Mo being involved in all of this, and I smell a Mike Tyson coming on. Maybe with Mo involved Roode and Storm won't finish up their feud at BFG?

Video > C+

The only reason Hardy dove 33 feet through Abyss on a table is because it was BFG? Since when did it take a big PPV for Hardy to put his life at risk?

Video > B

I'm thrilled Sting is being recognized for his accomplishments in the wrestling industry, but I'm more interested in seeing him inducted into the WWE HOF. Then again, I guess I should be glad it's Sting being inducted first over Hogan.

Roode vs Hardy > A-

Again, it was obvious that this match couldn't end clean with either of these guys coming out on top. Beyond that, these two were sick in the ring. I can't say I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Aries versus Storm. I think I enjoy the move sets of Aries and Storm more than I do Hardy and Roode these days. And then there's the fact that I really like Storm and Aries more than I do Hardy and Roode. All in all, they all really set up well for BFG and the matches that they're scheduled to be in.

I was very impressed that TNA scheduled such a long match to end the show. It feels as though we haven't seen a lot of long matches lately, though TNA has been better for giving us longer matches between better wrestlers. Much better than the WWE. Hopefully this is just a taste of the wonderful matches we'll see at BFG.

Winner – Hardy via DQ (16:30)

In Ring Segment > A-

I really liked how Aries made a point of throwing the script away, though I admit it felt a bit like he was trying too hard to follow in Punk's footsteps. But I think the best part about the whole segment, other than the brain buster on Hardy, was how Aries talked about how TNA made it want to seem that he was so overly jealous of Hardy. That they're trying to portray him as something, and that's not who he is, then he turned around and said and acted exactly the opposite of what he was claiming. I also liked that Aries made such a big deal about TNA setting him up for a fall. That they're setting him up to lose the match at BFG. Makes me wonder what's going to go down between them at BFG. I will admit that the way Hardy said his balls hurt had me giggling like a 5th grader. It's one of those things that the WWE is missing out by being so overly PG these days.

Post Show

I have to admit that I thought last week's Impact was a much better show, and would have been a better go-home to BFG. Honestly, I thought last week's Impact was one of the best TNA has given us, and this was a step backward. Hopefully they'll pull BFG out, and make it as good as it could be considering how great the card looks.

Make sure you check in for TNA Predicts – Bound For Glory, and leave your own predictions for who will win what matches, and who all will be in A&8's!


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