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TNA Blog Zone - Bully Gets Bullied Rather Roode-Ly

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Ric Santos here for Wrestling News World with another edition of the TNA Blog Zone. IMPACT Wrestling has just ended and Magnus is still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. More on that in the Blog Zone, so let's get right to it as we have much to discuss.


Not a bad way to open up the in-ring action tonight. EC3 is a TNA staple at this point with a fun entrance everyone seems to enjoy. Tell me you don't get even a little hyped up when the voice over comes in! The match itself was pretty solid. A little bit on the slower side than what we're used to for EC3, but it was fine as the program opener. The story coming out of this match is Willow attacking EC3, causing Lashley to take the loss. Willow involving himself is fine to progress his particular battle against the Dixie Carter clan; however, it was at the expense of Bobby Lashley. If I were to continue something with Lashley, it would be with Willow. Something along the lines of getting in his business and not appreciating it. With the hype surrounding Lashley, he should have atleast taken a clean win before an attack by Willow onto EC3. Hopefully the handling of Bobby Lashley is better the next time we see him in the ring competing.

Another solid outing by Gail Kim in her matchup against Lei'D Tapa. With Gail picking up the win, Tapa is gone from TNA Wrestling as per Gail's promo before the match. With a couple of back to back losses Gail has suffered through, a win was due. The Knockouts Division, as fitting as it is for Gail Kim, almost seems to push her aside at times. During her feud with Taryn Terrell, she put on some of the best matches out there and it took a bit before she was rewarded with the TNA Knockouts Championship. Granted, she did just face Madison Rayne for the gold at Lockdown, but it again feels as if she will have to establish something before getting another shot at the title. I may be absolutely wrong and I hope I am. Gail Kim should be getting involved in that Knockouts championship scene and getting involved in Beautiful People business.

Glad to see the BroMans coming out as the victors. They needed the win tonight in order to remind the TNA faithful as to why they are the champions and how they work hard. As established as The Wolves are, they are still new in TNA Wrestling. They don't need seasoning, but they need to develop their TNA fanbase a bit more before TNA pulls the trigger and goes forward with an eventual tag title reign. Tigre Uno and Sanada work very well together, but are not seen as a long term tag team. I imagine that once Kenny King returns, the X-Division will be a focus again. DJ Z also teased aspirations for the X-Division title during the match while distracting Sanada. It's all on Kenny King now to return and re-establish his dominance in the X-Division. He and Sanada should have some very interesting matchups. Plural.

In the main event, Magnus defeats Samoa Joe with help from Abyss. Abyss and MVP were chained at the wrist, scuffled, released by MVP unlocking himself and then Abyss getting the upperhand to help Magnus. Magnus is a great heel character that always keep your attention. However, every bout he has had has been won by interference. The entire situation is growing just a bit stale. I am a huge Magnus fan and enjoy The Reign of Magnus, but he should be picking up wins without so much interference. Shady tactics like an unseen low blow or brass knuckles in his tights are perfectly fine because it's Magnus picking up the win by himself. No matter how a win is won in terms of no interference but any means necessary, a win is a win. Same goes with interference without a doubt, but the cycle is just repeating and there should be some shift coming soon. Magnus is already established as the top heel in TNA Wrestling, so let's move away from wins like tonight and, if he needs to get a shady win, let him pull a Ric Flair and play dirty himself in the ring. A quick note on a backstage exchange between EC3 and Magnus much earlier in the night and after EC3's match. It's great to see these two still getting at one another and how they will eventually come to blows. It may take some time, but these two will meet in the ring.


The very beginning of the show brought us Eric Young fighting Abyss from the back to ringside before EC3 came out for his matchup. Now, as physical as this was, it's a bit too late. The issue with the Abyss/ Joseph Park storyline was that it took way too long to gain traction. Even though it looks like Abyss is back full time, it's still a Joseph Park story. I am not interested in Abyss/ Joseph Park. What I am interested in is the progress of Eric Young. The only good thing to come of this program is Eric Young coming back as not just a comedic character, but a straight up fighter and competitor. He will hopefully continue to be showcased on television, but TNA needs to get him out of this Abyss situation and focus on maybe even adding him into X-Division action. He could be a major help in bringing X-Division prestige back. The helping Abyss or stopping what he created program is part of a long story that just won't go away when it should have went away at about one year after it began or less.

We get a video package for Knux on tonight's broadcast. Not sure what they are attempting to do with Knux at this point, but it looks like they may be reintroducing him as a babyface. Could it be a hard sell? Could it be easy to introduce him in this way? We'll have to continue to see the Chronicles of Knux to find out.

GREAT segment with James Storm, Gunner and Gunner's father. Quite the shift in character for James Storm from last year and it fits very well. Storm is saying some very touchy things in his promos to draw heat and it's working like a charm. As good as James Storm is as a babyface, he's fantastic as a heel. It's never good to be too sappy as a babyface and Gunner is a victim of this kind of booking. A watered down Gunner is no good.

The Beautiful People are reunited in an official capacity minus Madison Rayne, as we all saw tonight on IMPACT. My hope is that the 2014 version of The Beautiful People lives up to the legacy. In this new TNA direction, it can look to be the case. With Velvet suggesting Angelina Love speak to Madison Rayne one on one and then Love attacking Rayne, what does Velvet Sky think of these turn of events? It could be interesting to see Angelina Love denying attacks and Velvet in the middle. However, too many times have we seen Velvet Sky portrayed as the girl trying to figure out what to do with her life. It's also a bit strange to see Angelina Love turn so quickly after her return. I would have preferred if Love and Sky team for several weeks before the idea of asking to bring Madison Rayne in is brought up. In this case, we establish the returning babyface Angelina Love but are then introduced to her vicious side she held all along, maybe even jealousy for Madison Rayne playing a factor.

We end TNA Blog Zone with the Bully Ray meeting in Nashville, which turned out to be a plan created by Bobby Roode to get back at Bully Ray. This is a great example of how Bobby Roode is just underneath Magnus as the top heel (obviously due to Magnus being the current champion), but shows the kind of viciousness he can dish out when he regains the TNA championship. Bully Ray said some very interesting comments to "Dixie" and this, I'm sure, stems from all of the internet bashing and real life opinions from people about Dixie Carter. Bully Ray always had a knack for delivering his promos in a way that seems to be coming from the heart. You can never truly go wrong with Bully Ray so it will be interesting to see how they progress this feud and if Dixie Carter emerges from the shadows. Also, how will Bobby Roode evolve in 2014? The It Factor is looking strong in 2014 so far.

Give us your thoughts below regarding tonight's broadcast and until next week, be safe and enjoy your weekend!

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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