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During this episode of Impact I learned that TNA is going to be in Massachusetts on December 29th for a PPV. I was excited that they're actually close enough for me to possibly see the show, but then Jesse told me that tickets had been on sale for two months, and I could get two tickets in the second row center, and be on the side to be seen on TV, I realized just what a mess TNA is right now. Further, I knew nothing about TNA coming to New England at all. I missed the last time they were up here because I promised my youngest daughter that I would bring her to the next local WWE show, and they were on the same day. Didn't TNA even bother to check where the WWE would be before scheduling their PPV within 200 miles? To me it seems like smart business, but maybe Dixie knows so much more about business than I do? Doubt it after seeing how much of that arena was tarped off, and I heard a number of people at the local WWE house show say that they thought about going to Boston for the PPV, but they decided to stay home and see WWE at a tiny house show. Seems to me that TNA dropped the ball yet again.

Impact Starts

Backstage Segment > C-

Dixie with Pacman? Okay. Anderson looked like a hobo! I didn't know it was him at first, and he wasn't as strong as usual, but if he faces Bully, I'm great!

In Ring Segment > B

Sting was so lovely on mic. He was strong, eloquent, and so perfectly Sting. Joe was sexy to start, but hit the point quickly and told it as it was. Magnus was strong as well. He really put it out there, and makes me wonder where he might go from here. But Angle looked off. His eyes were darting around in a strange way, were quite red, and almost glazed. I'm not saying he was on anything, as I have no right to do that with such little evidence. I couldn't even question it at this point. What I saw had me wondering more about his physical health than anything else. Between the way Angle's hands shake and curl when he's not specifically paying attention to them has me worried. Would Angle be able to pass the physical part of WWE's Wellness Test right now?

In Ring Segment > F

There's a lot of things I could say about this entire segment. I could say – Wee, Al Snow! I loves me some Al Snow! Anyone know where I could get an in package version of his action figure with Head? I could say - Angle and Roode working together would be fine if I wasn't worried about Angle's health right now. But I want to say -
Pacman and his buddy taking out BI was just disgusting! It's one thing to have football players come in and do something lame to out muscle a crappy tag team, but to have them come into the ring and take out the best tag team on the roster is beyond total crap. I understand what Dixie's character is trying to do, but this is beyond the Dixie character, this is BAD booking all the way around! During the Impact OTP a comment was made that I just have to pass on.

The Breaker

And it's not like they just tackled them. They actually outmaneuvered them and took them out. That's what makes me ill.

ODB vs Velvet Sky vs Tessmacher > B

Twerking in the ring? ODB's double bronco buster at least made sense! Honestly, this was a decent match, and while it's nothing for the 'Best Of Knockouts' highlight reels, it sure as heck was better than seeing the likes of Summer Rae and Eva Marie in the ring!

Winner – N/A (9:54)

In Ring Segment > C-

Because Kim has Tapa she can defeat anyone? I want Cheerleader Melissa! I'd love to see Roxxi, Daffney or Kong, but I highly doubt they would return to TNA under almost any circumstance. If it keeps Kim off mic, I'll be happy. Honestly, the Knockouts Division needs something at this point because it's in sad shape, but Tapa's not the way to do it.

Video > B&F

So, AJ left TNA, Dixie says he's not the TNA WHC, yet they're showing him defending said strap in Japan. If Dixie wants nothing to do with AJ who no longer is with TNA, why is she allowing these videos to air? Bravo TNA! The B is for AJ's ring work, which looked great. Alex Barie said TNA needed to show this video, but I think they could have shown it in a way that really looked like it wasn't part of TNA. The way it was, I didn't believe it wasn't TNA showing us this.

Backstage Segment > B-

Knux standing up to Bully? FINALLY! (Please remember that I write 90% of this during the show, not knowing what's coming next.)

Backstage Segment > F

So now Dixie is tweaking about AJ being shown? Well, at least they're following through there, or it would be if she hadn't screwed it up so bad. That went out nationwide, so it couldn't be an affiliate issue. Then again, it's a cable company, so there are no affiliates! They really screwed the pooch on that segment, and I haven't even mentioned EC3's lack of charisma. He had it before taking the Carter name for his character!

Again, in the OTP, a comment was made that I can't hold back. I actually asked The Breaker if he's trying to steal my job with these great comments about Impact.

The Breaker

-Dixie, with the most obvious statement of the night.

In Ring Segment > B-

While I'm ready for A&8's to be done, that was a decent swerve. The problem I saw with it as it happened was that Taz stayed in the ring and let Bully blow past him without taking his cut. I was confused about Taz taking that, until DTA came up and it was obvious. I will give them credit for going with the swerve, and I expect Knux and Garett to turn on Bully in Orlando, but until then they will stay with A&8's.

EC3 vs Dewey Barnes > D-

The talk in the OTP about EC3 isn't good. It seems to me that he signed away most of his talent and all of charisma when he joined TNA. So sad to see a talented kid go the way of the dodo. He got heat on mic, but not as much as Dewey got in pop during the match.

Winner – EC3 (2:21)

Backstage Segment > B

I love Chris Parks, no matter which character he's playing. I love that they're playing this Abyss/Joseph storyline so slowly, because I think it's working. I know a number of WNW readers don't agree with me on this, but I think the payout at the end will be worth it. Look at his face, how can you not enjoy this expressive oaf and wonder when and how he's going to realize that he's also Abyss?


EY & Joseph vs BI > B

EY looked really strong in this match. He seemed really on tonight, and was lovely to watch. Both Kaz and Daniels are top notch, as I said earlier, and EY was on in this match. Not sure how I liked his yellow ring gear, but I love the way he works with Joseph. Hopefully their relationship will continue to be interesting as the whole Abyss/Joseph evolves. What I didn't like about this match was that BI thought they needed to cheat to win. I know that they're heels and it's what they do, it's just lazy booking for me. If the rest of the show had been strong, then I wouldn't bat an eye at this, but after all the other chaff, this was just one more piece for the growing pile.

Winners – BI via appletini (5:37)

In Ring Segment > B

Aries and Angle? I'm so torn! On one hand it's a match I'd love to see, but I don't want to see Angle in the ring unless he's healthy enough to be there, and right now I have my doubts.

Full Metal Mayhem > B-

I can't say I was overly impressed with this match. There were a number of times that things felt wonky, and killed the flow of this match. Further, if you're going to advertise a Full Metal Mayhem Match in TNA, I really expect to see a Full Metal Mayhem Match, not a No DQ Match. In my eyes there's a huge difference, and the biggest part is that they viciousness and intensity just wasn't there for this to be called a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Honestly, the match would have received a better grade if not for how it was named and advertised.

Winner – Hardy (10:37)

Post Show

I hope things bound back once TNA returns to Orlando, because after this episode, I'm not sure how interested I am to watch next week, and I love TNA – no matter how much smack I talk. I really want to see TNA succeed, but I'm not sure that's going to happen with Dixie at the helm. I think it's time Panda cut bait and sell TNA to someone who both cares, and a has a clue. Their experiment with their daughter wanting to play at running a wrestling company has failed and cost them more than I'll see in my lifetime!

Queen of WNW
KB & The Breaker

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