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I was really looking forward to this episode of Impact. Putting AJ in the ring with Aries should have been an easy A. Putting Roode in the ring with Magnus should have been an easy B+/A-. Then there was (hopefully) AJ in the ring with Magnus for another solid easy A. I thought they had this one wrapped up with a neat little bow, but the only one that really worked was AJ in the ring with Magnus, and that's disregarding EGO getting involved. I also didn't get why they put the WHC Match in the middle of the show – though it was fantastic.

So Impact didn't live up to my expectations, but that seems to be the norm lately. Something needs to break, needs to change, needs to go back to their roots so that maybe they have a chance of survival. At this point it looks like it's time for the rats to flee.

Show Starts

Video > A-

I said I wouldn't be talking about the opening videos unless they did something that really deserved it. Tonight they really deserved it, and the production crew deserves it all. What a wonderful opening video for No Surrender! Bravo!

In Ring Segment > B

Bully was solid on mic, as usual, but then Hogan killed it. That man has the following, but he's so arrogant and overdone! Anderson came on strong, is back to the Anderson I love and have missed for so long, and hopefully will give a great match with Bully. But then Hogan had to steal from Anderson? Brother! Brother! Brother! We got the hint the first hundred thousand times Hogan! Am I going to bash Hogan all night? I hope that I don't have to, but if he makes stupid stips for no reason, I'm going to be on his bum like his old man diaper!

BFG Series – AJ vs Aries > B+

I expected this to be an exciting match from the bell, but it wasn't! Before the first commercial Aries botched getting up on a corner – shocker! Then, after the commercials AJ landed badly outside after bouncing off the apron with his head. The second botch was just an accident, but he bounced back quickly!

Then they really picked things up and parts of the match was sick! They hit moves that could have really hurt each other if things had gone at all wrong. Sadly there was a lot of build, but not a lot of excitement from these two. Two botches, and a lot of build, but only the ending was really what we expected from them.

Winner – AJ (14:47)

Backstage Segment > B+

I like how Magnus bucked up and showed his confidence without getting arrogant about it. He works seamlessly with Sting, and that's impressive.

BFG Series – Magnus vs Roode > B

I don't understand why the landing from a missed drop kick is worse the the way you hit the mat after you land a drop kick. I know a missed move is supposed to hurt more, but that one never made any sense to me. And compared to the last match, this one just didn't stand up as strongly. I really expected a lot from these two matches, hoped that they would be at least A- level matches, but sadly neither were. Do I want to blame Hogan? Yes. Should I really? No, I doubt I should. I don't know who booked these matches, but they just were not up to what these guys can do. I'm rather bummed as I expected this to be the best episode of Impact we've seen in a long time, instead badly booked, rushed and not very exciting matches from some of the best in the company.

Winner – Magnus (6:56)

Backstage Segment > C+

Roode and his boys sound like five year olds who can't take their own losses and have to blame it on someone, anyone. They were good on mic, but this was lame!

Backstage Segment > D+

Yawn! Dixie and Hogan are just boring! What they really need to do is keep TJ unmasked and give him his own name. He's not Manik, he's TJ and we've seen his face!

Backstage Segment > B+

Bully is grasping at straws with A&8's. Bully was great with the A&8's boys, but that's Bully on mic for you.

Video > D

We saw parts of this recap in the opening, but it was done well there, not all dragged out like here.

Last Man Standing TNA WHC Match – Bully Ray (c) vs Mr. Anderson > A-

Why did they put the WHC match in the middle of the show? To me that's daft booking, something you'd see from someone who had never booked a show before, of maybe from someone who helped bring down one of the biggest wrestling companies from the inside? Hey, Russo isn't there for me to abuse, so I have to go after someone for this absolute crap!

Hemme was really lucky she taped in well or she would have flashed everyone! I honestly don't know how much tape she goes through each year, but she almost always wears clothing that requires taping! If you've got it, flaunt it?

Actually, I have to say I'm enjoying this match more than I did most of the other two. It might be because I'm waiting for the color to show, or the tables to come into play, but Anderson and Bully really hit it hard and worked the entire area to its fullest. Then they took it to the next level. The ref bump bothers me because it is so clichéd, especially when it comes to Earl, but it goes along with the way Impact has been booked all night. But Bully, and especially Anderson, really left it all out there in that match. Both sold everything, and hit some solid moves. The best was the way Anderson sold that spear through the table. Impressive!

Looks as though we're going to see a sick feud between Bully and Anderson – when Anderson returns from this beating.

Winner – Bully (17:31)

Backstage Segment > B

ODB a little less raunchy? It worked because she's going after the Knockouts Championship, but only because of that! And she wasn't completely serious. I guess I just like ODB.

In Ring Segment > C-

Someone in the OTP asked if Chavo was drunk for the Hernanderson thing, and I'm actually wondering. Chavo looked really red eyed and blew this segment in a huge way. I'm not stating anything, more like worried about Chavo and the condition he was in, because he wasn't right in this segment, and it was more than just flubbing a line. Gunner was so much better on mic than Chavo, and he's rarely allowed to speak!

BFG Series Final Match – AJ vs Magnus > A

This match started the way I thought AJ's match with Aries would start – strong and hard hitting. AJ came to the ring looking a bit tired after his opening match, but Magnus didn't work the time and difficulty that AJ did. But then they screwed up what could have shaped up to be even better than the WHC match from earlier. I understand storylines and integrating them into matches, but to have EGO attack during the match killed the flow and took a lot out of both AJ and Magnus.

But then AJ and Magnus really stepped up and worked that match! Those two need a feud at some point because they tore it up in that ring! I was very impressed with the way they worked together and see a huge future between them. AJ hitting the spiral tap to end the match was icing on the cake. What a jaw dropping move from The Phenomenal One!

Winner – AJ (15:08)

In Ring Segment > A-

To me this is the most interesting part of the show, and set up for such a huge possibility for the next episode of Impact. I love that AJ is back to being the AJ we all know and love, but edgier, and more willing to slap that bitch up on TV. I know Dixie doesn't doesn't have the grapefruits McMahon has – literally or figuratively – so I wonder if AJ will be allowed to drop a true Punk-worthy pipebomb, but I would pay good money to see that happen live *sigh!

Post Show

I'm very depressed by huge parts of Impact. There was so much they could have done with this show, and it could have been the best Impact of the year, instead it looked like it had been booked by Russo. The first two matches should have been so much stronger, and EGO attacking in the middle of the main event did nothing by hurt the match. AJ and Magnus pulled it out of the pit of despair, but the mess shouldn't have happened in the first place. Maybe I had my hopes too high, but I really don't think I did. I know anything can happen in the wrestling industry, but I did expect the show to be stronger from start to finish, especially being the No Surrender Impact. Now all I have to hope for is that AJ doesn't wimp out.

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