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Bully Ray

I was thinking about all the writing I do for WNW, and the new sister sites that have been created recently, and I started thinking about where I saw myself in 10 years. Will I still be spending Monday nights feverishly writing RAW Results? Will I still be plugging away at the RIB? Where will our sites be? I was thinking all this through when I realized that I hadn't thought once about TNA. I don't know if I was just overlooking TNA, or if I really thought TNA might not be around in ten years. Angle stated that he thought TNA would be going after the 'monster' WWE in five years. Only time will tell, but after Lockdown, I almost think TNA might have a chance!

For the first time in a very long time I wished we had a Live Blog for Lockdown. Normally TNA PPVs are not worth the time to Live Blog, but this time it could have been a lot of fun. I will say I had fun hanging out online with a couple friends while watching Lockdown, because parts of Lockdown were just that fantastic. Much of the PPV was strong, but it was the last two matches that about brought the house down.

Something just hit me – if the roof of the cage was set up to be lowered for the Lethal Lockdown Match, how would EY have hit his finisher off the top? I guess things were changed around when it was discovered there wasn't going to be a lid. I must admit I'm thrilled as EY flying off the top of the cage was a wonderful way for him to win the match for Team TNA.

But it was the main event that was the show stealer, as was expected. Bully and Hardy really worked that cage something fierce! They pulled out all the stops, as was expected. It was great when Hogan and Brooke came out and cheered on Bully, but when A&8's came out I had my fingers crossed. They had been building to this possibility for so long, and that was the perfect time for Bully to make his turn. I have to admit that I was expecting to see Brooke turn on her father outside the ring, but she sold her horror over it all really well ringside, and then online, she continued to sell stating that Bully's heel turn at Lockdown was not scripted and she knew nothing about it.

All that was wonderfully handled, and I have to say that Brooke has been taking Bully's turn to a whole new level with social media. I have to give that young woman serious props for taking her storyline with Bully to a whole new level, and a place that the WWE is really dropping the ball compared to TNA. I'd love to say the same for her father, but I can't. Again today Hogan stepped up and publicly stated something very negative about TNA and how the company is run. While it might appear that he's taking some of the blame upon himself, in all honesty it looks to me that he's just continuing to show how inept Dixie is.

It appears that Hogan keeps slapping down Dixie in the media at every turn. On 2/8/13 Hogan was quoted by the UK Daily Star as saying, "It’s either hold ’em or fold ’em. You’re either in the wrestling business or not. Is Dixie Carter really in the wrestling business, or this is just a hobby? You either make the move or you don’t. You’re at that point now. It’s the same place we were with WCW – you either run with the big dogs or be a little dog and stay on the porch. The destiny of this company is in her hands. It can stay TNA, a powerful little company, or she can make the decision to move on to greatness." After all the hits Dixie has publicly taken over her management of TNA, questions about what business she has running a wrestling company without any experience in the industry, and all the problems she's had running the company, the last thing she needs is for someone so recognizable in the wrestling industry, and someone working for her company, to go after her is really low.

Then Hogan stepped up and stated that he thought Roode should have been TNA Champ, over the likes of Jeff Hardy, when they went to the UK, I thought it was a really underhanded way to undercut his boss, someone who's been openly under fire for her lack of management ability. I can't say that type of talk would garner good feelings around the office, but then today Hogan stepped up and stated that he worked ten days without a contract,and that both he and Dixie didn't notice that his contract had run out. Okay, maybe he appeared to take some of the blame upon himself, but after his previous comments about the TNA Champ, and then the very serious contract issues TNA has been having, Hogan appears to be shooting Dixie out at the knees, and in a very public way. If I knew nothing about TNA, other than what I was reading from Hogan, I would not be at all interested in a product that was getting trashed by someone so involved. Further, I wouldn't want to be hiring anyone who so openly trashed his boss and the company while he was working for them. It's a very proven way to lose all respect of the fans, and the company you're working for – just ask Matt Hardy and Zack Ryder. I know Hogan enjoys stirring the pot, but if he keeps this up he's going to stir himself right out of a job, contract or no contract.

Show Starts

Opening Video > A-

(My TV went a bit Crazy as Impact came on, so I asked Jesse Sherwood to react and grade the opening video for me.) TNA usually does a terrible job with these videos, as they normally over emphasize the Hogans. Tonight, though, it worked well! Starting with the speech from Hogan to Bully Ray about “doing something memorable”, then going to the still shots of the numerous high points in the match, and finally ending with the video of the turn and the reveal of Bully as the President of A’s and 8’s, this was probably one of the best video packages TNA has done in a number of years. It showed everything a fan needed to see if they couldn’t watch Lockdown, without being bloated by Hogan filler.

In Ring Segment > A

Now that is how to start a show! That was brilliant booking, and even better mic work by Bully. I have to say that I smile at Bully saying about nine months he fooled us. I've been saying for that whole time that Bully was A&8's, so I'm giddy. The one comment that impressed me was Bully's bash of nWo. That was inspired!

Backstage Segment > B+

Sting sold that well. His pain and anger at betray was great, and he showed it well, but it was yelling at the odd person as he walked off that made it that much better.

Video > B

It made absolute sense to recap Lockdown, it's needed for moments like the issues between Kim and Taryn going into this next match.

Gail Kim & Tara vs Mickie & Velvet Sky > B+

I am going to be a bit cranky here, but then I will get to the really solid ring work from the Knockouts. Mickie came out looking like a trashed out version of ODB, and while her body looks more ring ready, her outfit isn't. First off, the transition on the tron between Kim and Tara was really rough. When they were in the ring Velvet dragged Kim to the wrong corner to tag out, so I wonder if things were change up for some reason. TNA went to commercial in the middle of a big move happening in the ring. That's bad booking and timing, but I can't blame that on the Knockouts, I have to blame production.

Now for the Knockouts, they're looking stellar in the ring. I'm thrilled that the first match of the night was a well executed and longer Knockouts match. Tara locking on the tarantula brought back memories. How many years since we've seen that? And that wasn't the only good move. It seemed like almost every move hit was solid. Mickie's hurricanranna on Kim was lovely from both of them!

The ending of this match was fabby from all five involved. The chemistry between Taryn and Kim is great, then the hitting of all the finishers while the crowd was all into it, just beautiful! This and more is what I want to see from the Knockouts because we know they can give it!

Winners – Velvet & Mickie (9:39)

Recap Video > C

Already? One match and they're already showing a recap?

Backstage Segment > B

They could have gone to this segment without the video. I was getting a really bad boy gritty APA from them sitting around the way they were. When they were in the Impact Zone the A&8's had a decent place to hang out, but now that they're on the road, their club house might look at bit cheesy, like it did here. But I will say calling Brooke was really well executed.

Backstage Segment > C+

At least Hogan didn't suck up too much time? And he really is in the middle of the biggest storyline. As long as he doesn't take too much face time, I'll be fine with it.

Robbie E vs Rob Terry > B-

Terry really abused Robbie E in the ring! Other than the the rather kinki way Terry pinned Robbie, it did a great job of making Terry look strong. I do have to say that I'm not on the TV side of things watching Terry do those wide legged pushups. That's something I never want to see!

Winner > Terry (1:19)

Backstage Segment > F

Or not... Someone is off somewhere when it comes to going to commercial!

Backstage Segment > C+

There's no A&8's merch? That's not what Gesus tells me!

Backstage Segment > B

And here's the segment they cut out of to go to commercial. Wow, Hogan looked really good here. He sold his segment well, possibly a bit too well, because telling Sting he makes him sick seemed a bit much for me.

Recap Video > B

That was a solid recap of AJ. I got a very cool IM this week that a FB friend (Emory) saw them taping that AJ segment, but didn't really know what was going on until he saw the clips on Impact and everything clicked. Guess AJ does look different all scruffy. Thanks to Emory for brightening my day with his tale of seeing TNA taping.

Backstage Segment > B+

I love the bravado from Aries and Roode. They're a riot, and such chemistry! Not sure about those shirts, but not everything works on everyone. Roode ducking out on Aries was just lovely and made the segment that much better.

Daniels vs Storm > B

LOD? Daniels = Hawk and Kaz = Animal Wait, Legion of Boom? The fans weren't thrilled by them, at all. I have to say that Storm said what I'd been thinking about them being a bit short, a bit small, but the over comment made me grin.

Daniels stomping Storm in the corner looked really horrible. He was nowhere near touching Storm on most of the stomps. Otherwise they both looked solid, but not stellar. Daniels really recovered from the BME that was avoided, and Storm looked great in his win.

Winner – Storm (3:44)

In Ring Segment > A-

AJ looked fabby in the ring. He really came out with tunnel vision on Bad Influence and really stared a hole through them. He looked totally different, but it really works on him. I waited and just had a feeling he was going to take Storm down. I don't know what's up with AJ, but it will be fun to find out!

Video > C+

I know after a PPV they need to recap certain events, but we all know what happened with Angle and A&8's. It was a decent video, but could have been much shorter or completely cut out and it wouldn't have been missed.

Backstage Segment > C+

That was a kind of lame hit from A&8's. They really didn't seem to do much to Angle.

Video > C

Why recap so soon?

In Ring Segment > B+

Joseph really had the fans. They loved him, and he was so much fun. I will say I was shocked to see Morgan to the ring. What he said made a lot of sense. Joseph sold his character wonderfully, but I could have gone without Morgan's snot rocket. That was a bit much for me. My only worry in all of this is that while Morgan came out strong, and was well spoken, what do we know about this character other than he's pissed at Hogan and is going to destroy Hogan's mistakes. There's a goal, but who is the man behind the goal. Morgan has had Morgan Syndrome for so long that I really don't know who the man behind the goal is supposed to be. So I'm going to hope we will find out, but I have to say I won't be shocked if his character changes in two weeks.

Backstage Segment > C-

Why does A&8's want to be fired? That makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. This group spends nine months building to this point, now they're begging to be fired? I have issue with this.

Video > B

I know I'm crabby about recap videos, but this one worked for me because it is the biggest storyline right now, and there's so many sides to this story. Brooke made this video that much better.

Aries vs Sting > A-

Sting looks better than most of his contemporaries in that ring. Yes, he doesn't go out there to really beat himself up, but he still puts on quite a show. It's also great to see Sting in the ring with guys who will work with Sting and make his matches look even better. Aries is a pro at helping his opponent look that much better.

Throwing Roode out was great, but then the camera barely caught Aries kicking the ropes to crotch Sting. Then the hard cameras caught the suicide dive. Not the best shot for that move. They did replay it from a better angle, but they dropped the ball a couple times with major production calls.

Sting took that bump, where his drop kick did land, hard! Then Sting was really on with Aries. They just worked wonderfully together in this match. Aries' missile drop kick was jaw dropping. It was perfectly landed. The announcers talking up Sting's strength as he struggled to get Aries high in the air, but Sting muscled through it and proved he had it! What always shocks me is how Sting bounces back. It's not like he's Super Sting, it actually works for him. I cannot put my finger on why it works so well for him, but it does.

Winner – N/A (15:15)

In Ring Segment > B-

I have to say that Hulkamania across that huge tron looks just wonderful. I wasn't thrilled to see the Limelight Thief coming out, but it looked great when he did.

I was a bit annoyed that they felt they needed to end the show with an nWo type brawl the way they did, but I see the direction they're going with it. It's a little nWo for my taste, and I hope they pull it back from there soon. The other thing that bothered me was that the group of TNA guys sent to the ring seemed a bit small. I went to TNA's website to take a look at their roster to see who was in the ring and who wasn't brought into this melee, but discovered that A&8's had taken over, as well as TNA's Facebook and Twitter. I have to say it all looks really good, except the bottom of the webpage where all the TNA All rights Reserved.

Thinking about the guys who hit the ring, Joseph is the first to come to mind because he looked like a pinball being bounced around in there. I also found it interesting that he was in his track suit and ready to go, even though he ate a carbon footprint earlier in the show. Then there was Sting who was already in the ring, Chavo, Hardy, Hernandez, Magnus, Terry, Joe,and Angle. That's not enough people to take down A&8's. My question is where was EY, Storm, Williams, Aries, Roode, Daniels, Kaz, Jessie, King, Ion, and York? Yes, I know some of them are heels, but they are TNA and should feel threatened by A&8's.

Post Show

Rather than my normal wrap up, I'm going to hand this part over to Gesus who was lucky enough to go to the first live Impact since TNA left the Impact Zone!


I had the opportunity to see this show live. This is the first step in the right direction for this company. I have been to several house shows but nothing beats seeing a televised show. While I admit I haven't seen the show in months, this was quality. The only time I looked at my phone it said 8:52. Basically two hours of entertainment. When was the last time TNA entertained start to finish? The final segment seemed to drag for a minute but ended great. The crowd while stupid with "feed me more" and next weeks "hug it out" chants, it's still better than a dead impact crowd. This show renewed my interest in TNA. While there are many things that need to change internally, they have the roster, the knowledge, and the money. So like I said, this company took it's first step in the right direction. The first one in a long time. I hope they roll with this moment. They are years away, but could provide the competition to WWE that the industry and all us fans so desperately need.

KB & Gesus

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