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TNA Blog Zone - Dixie Tables, Respect And "Assume The Position!"

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Welcome back to another edition of the TNA Blog Zone here on Wrestling News World. Tonight's blog should be a fairly easy one, considering the night revolved around matches set for the TNA Championship and the build up within that particular story. Let's get right into it, but I'll leave the title picture for last, considering it was a very important aspect of tonight's show.

Let's start off with Magnus. With his loss on Sunday, it was a little surprising not to have much of the former champion on tonight's show. His in-ring with Abyss continued that part of the Magnus Chronicles, but we saw someone else enter the picture. A mysterious man is welcomed by Magnus, but looks to be here to set Magnus straight. There's obviously history there and it will be interesting to see where TNA takes Magnus. The man is questioning the way Magnus has handled himself and even the way he dresses now. There's something there to be discovered which can add more layers and complexity to the Magnus character. However, Magnus shouldn't stray too far from the character he has become. It took a lot of effort to build Magnus up this way, so it will be fine to see what their relationship is and what history will be uncovered, but let's stick with the Magnus we've known for some time. If anything, only build up his vicious side. The mystery man is there for Magnus' own good apparently, and is sure to get physical with members of the TNA roster or even with Magnus himself in the middle of the ring.

Bully Ray and Dixie Carter's issues look to be the secondary storyline in TNA Wrestling. Ray and Dixie have good chemistry together and you can't help but applaud Dixie for getting physical in this back and forth between the two. From Sunday when she caused Bully to go through a table while she was dressed as a male to allowing Bully to almost pick her up for the Powerbomb through the table with Dixie's name on it. That's admirable and gets the feeling that Dixie will go through a table eventually, but that's only a feeling. Thanks to MVP, we didn't see Dixie being taken out, but the build to something happening continues between the two. Speaking of MVP, he had his hands full with setting up the structure of what would lead into the main event, Bully Ray and Dixie Carter & also the situation with the former tag team champions The BroMans. So far, MVP is being utilized nicely on TNA television.

The Beautiful People segment was very much the filler of the night. Aside from building up Gail Kim to face Angelina Love for the Knockouts title at the end of the "celebration", not much else was left to marinate in. Beautiful people teased a striptease and were royally embarrassed by Kim, Madison Rayne and Brittany. I recently posted a piece for concerning my thoughts on Madison Rayne and the Knockouts Division. You can read the article by clicking here and that will pretty much cover what my thoughts are when it comes to what's going on with the Knockouts.

Ahhh, Rockstar Spud and EC3. How is it that the two never disappoint when it comes to their interactions? The wrestling exhibition turned rather awkward with EC3 telling Spud to "assume the position" with Spud on the ground. Always fun watching the two interact and show how good their are infront of the camera while giving glimpses of how they work off camera. Angle interrupts the two and next week, we have EC3 Vs. Kurt Angle, which was originally scheduled for Lockdown. This is a long time coming and with a healthier Kurt Angle, it's looking more like EC3 will have a hard time picking up the win. He could pull off an upset, but Angle deserves to pick up a good win against EC3 and cement his return to the TNA ring. I completely forgot EC3 was undefeated in singles competition, and a loss would be a good thing. They could use a loss to give the character fire and continue to build on a very entertaining feud. If this were a blow off for the feud, I'm not sure it's time to do so yet. Let's have a couple of matches between the two and end the feud the way it should, at Slammiversary.

A very quick word on Knux and his storyline. I am interested to see who his carny friends are, but I am not especially invested in his particular aspect to TNA television. That could change come next week, but we'll just have to wait and see.

On to the matches. The bouts on tonight's program were entertaining and continued where Sacrifice left off. Touching on the tag team contest first, it was exactly as it should have been. Even though the X-Division wasn't showcased by itself, it was good to see the X-Division represented in Sanada tonight. The Wolves looked good as they always do, but I feel they've deviated somewhat from their initial viciousness upon their arrival to TNA. They've certainly gone full face, but they should be careful not to come off as too cheesy or predictable. They are the biggest names in TNA's tag division for sure... The first match of the TNA Championship match series was Mr. Anderson Vs. Gunner with James Storm causing Anderson to lose. Was it a mistake? Was it on purpose? The smirk by James Storm can be dissected in a few ways, but we can only wait to see if he reveals why he did what he did. Gunner picking up the win was well deserved and looked at as a little nod for his big win at Sacrifice. Facing Bobby Roode next, Gunner continued to showcase his abilities in handling a main event caliber match for a main event spot. Though it's not quite Gunner's time, losing to Roode in the bout, he has a bright future in the main event soon. Bobby Roode looked great as always on his end and continued to do so in his main event match against Eric Young for the title... Shifting for one second, we have to touch on Willow Vs. James Storm. A contest made to build upon the opening contest with Mr. Anderson and James Storm. After a DQ loss to Willow and a continued altercation on the outside, Mr. Anderson exacted a little revenge by taking Storm out on the stage. Their feud is set, which might be a little disappointing. Not because it's James Storm, I'm a James Storm fan, but because the Anderson/ Shaw feud might be over. Hopefully there is a follow up, but all signs point to Anderson moving forward towards James Storm and vice versa. Not bad, but it leaves the Samuel Shaw story with a little gap.

Main event time and Eric Young successfully defends against Bobby Roode with a little respect at the end, as Young helped Roode up after the match. This serious Eric Young is what I've been wanting to see for a long time. I was a huge fan of his during World Elite, an unexpected leader taking charge and doing it well. Things became a little kiddy, which actually worked because EY is so darn talented. We now have him as a credible world champion and he's serious again. Not like World Elite, but serious enough where he's putting people on notice like never before. Who will MVP consider the number one contender? Will Samoa Joe come back soon? Is Magnus still in the hunt? These questions and more will be asked and answered next week. Stay tuned!

Give us your thoughts on tonight's IMPACT Wrestling broadcast. Please remember to respect yourselves and others in the comments section. Thank you for reading the TNA Blog Zone and have a great rest of your week!

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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