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TNA Blog Zone – Dixie's So Made, She Prints Her Own Money

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Dixie (1)

I was hoping for a lot with this go home to Bound For Glory. TNA has had such a long time to build for the show, so I expect a lot from the go home, other than the facts that TNA has been struggling, and this was a taped show. I will say at certain moments TNA came through, but a lot of others fell flat. They would have been solid for a regular show, but not a go home to BFG.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B-

Dixie is not a heel, and shouldn't be trying to be one. This segment blew chunks before Bully, and then Magnus came to the ring. Bully and Magnus really made this segment a lot of fun to watch. Nothing against AJ, but I'd love to see a solid feud between Magnus and Bully.

Backstage Segment > B-

Bully on mic in the ring, but talking to himself here, even though he's supposed to be talking to A&8's, was just odd.

EY vs Hernandez vs Daniels vs Robbie E > C+

Hernandez usually looks great coming in over the top, but this time he looked very slow, and ineffectual. EY looked fantastic, and not only in comic relief. I have to say that other than Daniels, it was EY who carried this match. I wasn't very impressed with Hernandez, and Robbie was his typical blah in the ring. That Robbie was able to win this flies in the face of all that is good and belongs in wrestling.

Winner – Robbie (5:17)

Backstage Segment > B

Jessie attacked AJ and thought he was going to get somewhere?

In Ring Segment > D

AJ will take them all on, then flees? That made no sense! AJ gets his bum handed to him, and then flees so Storm and Gunner can deal with A&8's? Doesn't look good for AJ's booking at BFG if he's made to look that weak in the ring.

Gunner vs Knux > B

I have to say that Gunner's thighs scare me. They're like defined tree trunks! That man is scary solid. I really enjoyed the work between him and Knux. Hard hitting, lovely moves, and some shockers. That fallaway slam on Knux was awe inspiring. Then there's the cross body on Gunner from Knux, but that last spear brought a smile to my face. It's nice seeing some of the bigger guys hitting solid moves and making them look really good.

Winner – Gunner (4:54)

Backstage Segment > B-

Troubles in paradise with Sabin and Velvet?

Backstage Segment > B+

Of course they're pissed at Bully. Like we didn't see that coming! I love how it's all about Knux and Garett shining, while Bully was right up front in the view of the camera, and they were back and in the shadows.

Backstage Segment > B-

Is Kim turning a bit face here? Possibly building for what they hope will be another fantastic run between Kim and the monster of the Knockouts? Sorry, but Tapa can't hold a candle to Kong.

Backstage Segment > B+

Joe on mic is so great. I enjoy Joe when he's like this. He's scary, but not wielding weapons.

Joe vs Sabin > B+

What a lovely match. This is setting the stage for the match that Ultimate X Match at BFG. These two men worked together in such a lovely way, keeping in their characters, especially Sabin almost taking Velvet's dress off her in his fear of Joe. Their work might have been short, but it worked really well to set the stage for BFG, and then adding the rest of the wrestlers into the ring only helped seal the deal that I'm very excited for this Ult X Match at BFG.

Winner – Joe > (5:14)

Backstage Segment > B

Solid use of the fire extinguisher by AJ on BI!

Backstage Segment > D

Aunt D? I heard rumors that EC3 was going to be playing Dixie's nephew, and I'd hoped it was only rumor. Ugh!

Bully vs Magnus > B+

I love that Magnus is getting pushed further and harder. He really has what it takes to be the future – in the ring, on mic, and as a person. He held his own wonderfully against Bully, and only lost because of Bully cheating. I didn't like that TNA took so much time from this match with commercials. I also don't like that the main event of the show was over before 10:30! There was anything above and beyond in this match, but it was solid, entertaining, and a joy to watch.

The growing issues between Sting and Magnus will only help to push their match at BFG, but I think they needed more of it before the PPV. They don't have time to do more, so at least they did some.

Winner – Bully (10:42)

In Ring Segment > B+

Roode did a great job of saying that it doesn't matter what HOF it is, it's a HOF. Is he referring to TNA versus WWE? I will say that Roode's crossface on Angle looked really uncomfortable. Angle's neck doesn't bend at all, and it's a bit creepy. Beyond that, the mic work was quite strong. The problem I have is that this should have gone down before the main event, not after it. The TNA WHC is pandering to Angle? I know he's being inducted, but it shouldn't matter, the WHC and his match at the PPV should be top priority.

In Ring Segment > B+

I know that it's almost obligatory that there's a contract signing before the bigger PPVs. As TNA only has a couple of PPVs each year now, they really had to have at least one contract signing a year, but I wish it happened before the go home to BFG. I will say that other than Dixie being out there patting the money and making faces through the whole thing, I thought Bully and AJ were strong. I don't quite get why Bully decided to talk about two wrestlers who are quite locked into the WWE right now, but that's TNA for you. Yes, I know both Dusty and Flair have spent time with TNA, but neither are anywhere near the company right now, and firmly entrenched in the WWE. Also, I don't understand why Bully told AJ that he's not AJ's father. Maybe he was trying to say something else when he said that he was Darth Vader, but that's what I got from it.

What I did like was how heated both Bully and AJ got at the end. They both felt quite realistic, except AJ cussing. The man doesn't cuss, its a known fact. He took a long pause before he did it, so it felt off, but knowing that he really tried means a lot to mean, even though others thought it broke the flow.

For me the worst part of the segment was Dixie on the mat trying to scoop up all the fake money. I thought, until that point that it was the way she was patting the case the money was in, and the strange looks she was giving, but the way she was tweaking about the fake money made my eyes roll. I didn't see it, because I don't have a huge HD TV, but Jesse does, and he could see that the fake money had Dixie's face on it. Now, McMahon doing that wouldn't shock me, but coming from TNA who some call bush league, and Dixie, who is too nice to be a heel, it felt very strange, and like she was again trying way too hard. It was just too much for me to bear.

Post Show

I have to say that the go home to BFG wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but nowhere near as good as it could have been. Hopefully BFG is as strong as it should be, and as I hope it will be, but only time will tell. Please stay tuned for our TNA Predicts – Bound For Glory this weekend. I'm sure everyone will have a lot to say about TNA and the BFG PPV.

Queen of WNW

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