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TNA Blog Zone: An Education In Devaluing Champions

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Welcome to the Blog Zone. This episode of Impact was strong. I felt the storyline were well built as long with the new faction. TNA is heading in the right direction and with shows like this it will build excitement. Now on to the show.


MVP group is shown walking through the back and attack Kaz because they thought Kaz said something to them. I felt this was unnecessary. I understand the point that they were trying to make but I felt it wasn’t needed.

MVP, Lashley, King

MVP was great on the mic. I loved his opening line when MVP said “let me give you something you never got before…an education.” I liked how MVP made the point of it being the wrestling BUSINESS. Being a wrestler isn’t good enough anymore, you have to be a great politician. I think this was a great variation to a character we have seen over and over, heel being in power. I do have a problem with MVP’s new motto, “Money, Power, Respect” to me it reminds me of Cena’s “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.” I’m not accusing TNA of copying WWE, as I don’t think they did. I don’t think creative was watching WWE tapes and was thinking “hey Cena’s Hustle Loyalty Respect is cool, lets copy it a little bit change it so no one knows.” All I am is saying is it is very close for my taste. MVP handle the crowd well when they started chanting “You sold out,” his response was great “Yes I sold out. I sold out arenas all over the world!”

Wolves interrupt MVP and gang. While it was good back and forth between the Wolves and MVP, a couple things stood out. I like that MVP eluded to life of a wrestler and made TNA a big time place. But what I didn’t like, I tweeted this out as I was watching it, is MVP saying “The Indies is probably were you belong anyway,” If the tag team champs belong in the Indies what does that say about the rest of the divisions? Or the titles for that matter? I took that as the titles being down played. Lashley’s spear to Davey off the ramp was crazy. It was a cool spot.

EY Calls Out

EY comes to the ring to call out MVP. MVP comes down and then says he needs his friends so out comes Lashley and King. This was a typical back and forth promo. EY did get a little personal with Lashley mentioning his military experience and Lashley’s son. EY shows he is a fighting champion by attacking all three members of the group. Aries comes out to help EY and they clear the ring. Is the beginning of the face stable? EY and Aries to begin, will Roode join? Or Joe?

Love’s Announcement

Love is in the back with a big announcement an open challenge for her title. Kim says she is accepting the challenge. Love says it’s not allowed and Kim attacks her. Good little fight with Gail getting the upper hand. Makes Gail a stronger contender while pushing her more as a face.

BP come to the ring and say the challenge is for anyone except form knockout champions. Something like this was expected as it is obvious Love does not want to face Kim.

Love vs Brittney

Ok, for starters I have never seen Brittney much less heard of her before she came to TNA, so I have no knowledge of what she “can do.” So far in TNA she is horrendous. My first time seeing her, I was like this girl sucks, but I played it off to nerves. But watching this match with Love and I am still not impressed. My girlfriend who doesn’t even watch wrestling, seen this match and said this girl sucks. This match was hard to sit through and most of the time I sat with my head shaking. Brittney blocks reminded me of a cheap cheesy Wonder Woman movie. Hopefully Brittney will get her chance to shine as some think she is the future of the knockout division but how long do we have to wait?

After the match Gail attacks the BP in the ring. I like that they are making Gail a strong face. She is carrying over her conceited attitude during this turn. So far she has gotten the best of the BP for the last couple of weeks. It is creating a strong Knockout’s challenger for the title.


Dixie is shown backstage and is asked why is she there since MVP has banned her from the Impact Zone. Dixie stated that because of MVP’s actions she had to come back because she is still the president of the company. This made me question is Dixie going to go after MVP? Is she turning face again? But how if she is still feuding with Bully Ray?

Storm & Anderson

Storm and Anderson in a bar, weird situation since these two are starting a feud. Anderson wants to do something competitive and a drinking contest is agreed upon. Entering into this we knew something whacky was going to happen especially with Anderson being involved.

MVP vs Aries

This match wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special. Aries had the upper hand for most of the match, while MVP got some shots in here and there. I agree with the DQ here as both guys need to be built up. Aries is returning and in order to feel that the wrestlers can fight back against MVP wrestlers need to be built up. MVP can’t lost because he is in the main event at Slammiversary. Good decision here.

MVP, Dixie, & Bully

Dixie is out to confront MVP. When Dixie first came out she was upset with MVP. Having two heels battle for control of the company does not seem like a very good idea. The fans have no one to cheer for. Eventually Dixie says she can help MVP. It makes no sense for Dixie and MVP to work together. The only way I see this working is if it was planned all along and Dixie wanted someone to watch the Impact Zone while see took care of business elsewhere. Is this where the story is going? I doubt it. But it would be awesome if it did.

Bully Ray comes out and Dixie and EC3 flee. Bully Ray was great on the mic. I like his character right now. I love how he has the same attitude he did as a heel. While he is a little mellow now, he still has this Bully mentality, the “I am going to beat up who I want when I want,” attitude. EC3 has now gotten the upper hand on Bully Ray 2 weeks in a row. EC3 is still an up and comer and needs to built up. Bully has been distracted the last two weeks but hopefully soon he can put his focus on to EC3.

Magnus vs Willow (falls count anywhere)

Magnus getting his knees up when Hardy went over the top rope was different. I don’t think I have ever seen that counter before. This match wasn’t bad for a Jeff Hardy match. Probably one of his better in a while. I still wish the Willow character was completely different from Hardy. Magnus seemed confused when he had the bar in his hand.

Gunner & Shaw

Gunner is shown with Samuel Shaw. I don’t get this story. I don’t understand why Gunner is there. This whole thing seem awkward to me. After Gunner’s story it made a little sense how Gunner relates to Shaw, but why is he willing to help? I understand this is just the story to bring Shaw out of the “looney bin” but to me it feels forced and awkward.

Edwards Call Out

Edwards calls out King Lashley or MVP. King answer and they proceed to fight. Nobody breaks up the fight. Kenny King showed off his athleticism, when he jump up to the apron and then did a moonsault to the floor. Really cool spot. Kenny ends up getting the better of Edwards which is needed. MVP, Lashley, and King needed to be built up this episode.

MVP is talking to Brian Hebner apologies for last week and say this week he is in the main event and needs to do the right thing. MVP is throwing around his power and even getting to the refs now. MVP is doing a little manipulation, this character could be entertaining if it continues.

Anderson & Storm

Anderson’s plan was genius. He used Storm’s enjoyments against him. I love how Anderson outsmarts his opponents. I am really excited for this Anderson Storm feud.

Eric Young vs Lashley

The announcers play up that the champion is coming out first because MVP is throwing around his power playing mind games. Lashley is very dominate most of the match. EY got some offense in quickly toward the end even hitting his piledriver. When MVP and King interfere Hebner does nothing thus leading to a Lashley victory and this is where I have a problem. I understand that MVP’s group needs to look dominate but leading to Slammiversary the Champion should not be pinned by anyone. It would not hurt Lashley to be pinned by the Champ. He’s the champ for a reason, he is supposed to be the best the company has right now. I don’t care what the circumstance was I do not believe that EY should have been pinned.

Quick notes

3 Glaring Issues

  • MVP saying the Wolves belong in the Indies, he shouldn’t down grade his champions like that makes the rest of the division look bad.
  • Love vs Brittney match. Worst part of the show.
  • EY being pinned. The champ should not be pinned in the build toward one of the biggest events of the year.


With the exceptions of the three issues I mentioned I really enjoyed this show. I know every show can’t be perfect, so those issues didn’t ruin the show for me. One great thing that I really notice was there was a chaotic feel to the show, that I feel has been missing from any wrestling show in a while. I like when I can get the anything can happen feel from a wrestling show and that is what I got during this show. Hopefully, it continues this way and I think TNA will be on the right track. I think MVP’s group came off really well during this show. It has been done really well. While I am still not excited for MVP vs EY at Slammiversary, I am excited for this group and the storyline.

Thank you everyone for joining me in this blog. This was my first time doing this so leave comments on the format of it and any suggestion you may like to see. Also let me know what you think of the show. Please refine from any spoilers as many readers do not read spoilers.

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