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TNA Blog Zone - Gunner Can't Handle The Storm

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The 2/20/2014 edition of IMPACT Wrestling has just ended with a twist some would say was predictable and others would say was out of the blue. Besides the Dixie Carter/ MVP saga continuing, alot of progression was made with various players, most notably Samuel Shaw. As always, TNA Blog Zone starts now!

Samuel Shaw kicks off tonight's Blog Zone because, no pun intended, he was the MVP of tonight's broadcast. As uncharacteristic as this may sound when it comes to Samuel Shaw, it's the quiet nuances that can leave a lasting impression. While the major story of tonight's show was the build up of Team Dixie versus Team MVP at Lockdown, Samuel Shaw played a major role in generating interest outside of the main event scene. He beat up a stagehand for flirting with Christy Hemme and followed it up with an attack on Mr. Anderson as he and Hemme were simply looking at pictures of Anderson's children. Though vicious, Shaw showed a somewhat softer side by carrying Hemme, who was knocked out accidentaly, to somewhere safe, or "safe". Hmmm, softer side or more of his dark side in the guise of a protector? Samuel Shaw is the most intriguing character on the TNA roster without question. Whoever is in charge of this particular storyline is doing a masterful job at pacing and building up the Samuel Shaw character the right way. Shaw himself seems to be taking in his character profile with every passing week and is truly becoming much more comfortable in the role. If everyone will remember the outcome of the main event or the build to Lockdown between Dixie and MVP, Samuel Shaw should be considered the unsung hero of tonight's broadcast. Thoughts?

Magnus and Ethan Carter III just can't get along! Right from the start, Magnus tried to rally his team with EC3 reluctant to participate. Even after their pow wow, Magnus left EC3 to The Wolves when things got hot in the ringside area, causing more cracks in the Dixie camp. There was even a hint of tension between Dixie and Magnus to open the show and that's the kind of story telling that keeps the main event boat sailing. There is alot going on in TNA television, but things are moving along nicely. Surprisingly, illogical booking hasn't been seen in some time considering all of TNA's happenings and kudos to them for staying on par. What this also does is give much depth and character to EC3, Rockstar Spud, MVP, The Wolves, even Austin Aries who's now considering a role in the Lethal Lockdown match. Everyone involved is getting the right amount of time to shine and get their message out there. Could there be tweaks here and there? Sure. Any tweaking to improve on something can be considered, but for now, the building of tension within Team Dixie is telling and further brings intrigue to the main event scene and TNA Championship picture.

This was a good way to keep the number one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on television as the road to Lockdown continues. As well as The BroMans and DJ Zema Ion have been gelling, they are still paying their dues as a unit and a loss doesn't truly lessen their stock. Ion is getting his time and The BroMans are the tag champs of course. They played their roles in giving Joe momentum, and that's what was important in this case. Not to worry BroMans fans, the champs will have much shine. As for now, Magnus and Joe both needs momentum in their feud in order to make their match as important as can be.

Not a clean win for The Ninja Gail Kim, but a win is a win. Expectations were a bit high for this contest, considering Gail's great track record when it comes to gimmick Knockout matches. However, this match left just a little bit more to be desired. The girls had a pretty good showing and a story was told in the ring, but this could have been match of the night if given the proper time for Kim and Rayne to showcase what they could do. Kim left the match with a bloody nose, so it certainly was a tough match where it counted. These two will certainly continue their rivalry and here's to hoping a rematch at Lockdown for the TNA Knockouts title not only happens, but blows this match out of the water.

Catching up with Bobby backstage throughout the night, seeing Roode reconcile with James Storm and finally hearing his announcement of tonight being his last night as a wrestler made his agreement to join Team Dixie after an ownership offer, should Team Dixie win at Lockdown, that much better (apologies for the run-on sentence). Or was it predictable? In the sense of how good it is, it furthers the Bobby Roode character in a different direction and places him as a potential contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with or without Dixie. It was only predictable in that there was no way Roode would be retiring this way. It was very much in storyline only and Roode is too good to retire with a whimper. The offer of having a 10% ownership if Team Dixie is successful can complicate things and will make Roode flip out. What else will he want should Team Dixie not be successful? Will he not want anything and simply retaliate? Though agreeing, he clearly advised Dixie not to screw him or else, so what if he is the one that screws Dixie? As was mentioned earlier in this piece, this is the kind of story telling that keeps the main event boat sailing. Stirring the pot is Bad Influence wanting to join Team Dixie at Lockdown but Roode denying them and instead telling them to prove it sets up...

The Wolves have charisma and presence, two very important factors in main stream professional wrestling. The skills are not even to be questioned, as they have proven that they have skill in and outside of TNA Wrestling. This bout seemed to be billed with a focus on Bad Influence earning a chance at participating in the Lethal Lockdown match at the Lockdown PPV. However, it actually felt like more of a way to showcase more of The Wolves to the TNA audience. That's certainly not a bad thing, but in the case of Bad Influence, perhaps another backstage meet with Roode about the main event and his response after their loss would have been an interesting moment. At this point, with all of the main event hoopla, it would be wise to insert Bad Influence in some way to give it even more meat and complicate things further to the delight of the home and arena audience. Just a thought.

After several Gunner and Magnus video packages hyping up the main event and Gunner getting his final pep talk from James Storm, we have our main event with the usual outside interference but with a little balance with The Wolves and James Storm out. In a twist, James Storm turns on Gunner and hits a lovely Superkick as he splashes from the top rope, giving Magnus the victory. A few questions are raised because of this: Was the turn made because of the tension that was never truly settled? Did Storm's talk with Bobby Roode also turn on the light bulb in his head to act and slap the business back? Is this a sign that Storm and Roode will team up as Beer Money once again at Lockdown as part of Team Dixie? Lockdown is shaping up very nicely. As far as the match itself, it was very solid with both Magnus and Gunner taking opportunity and running with it. The outside interference is growing a bit stale, but it builds heat towards Magnus so, classically, this is what will happen. As the tension within Team Dixie grows, the outside interference should hopefully subside. Unless otherwise stated, look for Gunner to involve himself in the main event at Lockdown.

Tonight's IMPACT Wrestling deserves a solid A- as the show was very entertaining and progressed storylines very well. It didn't feel like characters or events were all over the place, which is ideal for the casual fans who may be watching. The Knockouts Street Fight could have been better and Bad Influence should have gotten a chance to progress in their own way, but the show was well done and deserved the positive messages received from fans on social media.

What are your thoughts on the 2/20/2014 edition of IMPACT Wrestling? Sound off below and let us know what you think, but please show respect to your fellow readers. It's okay to disagree and discuss in a civil way. As WWE's Wade Barrett would say: "Some decorum please!"

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
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